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10 Relationship Tips for Same-sex Couples

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May 25, 2020

Just like normal couples, people who are engaged in a same-sex relationship also go through difficult challenges. Moreover, it is more difficult for them since same-sex couples undergo discrimination in the community.

There may be a lot of people who are going to judge your relationship. These external factors create an impact on the relationship when not managed well. It will turn out worse the moment you let the negativities control the relationship.

In the beginning, it will look like it is very easy for both of you to face the hurdles together. However, as time pass by, the environmental factors will slowly break down the foundation you built.

You may start thinking that you aren’t ready for the challenges and can’t just fight them together. It will be very hard the moment you start to point fingers upon what could probably go wrong in the process.

It is no question that same-sex couples dream of having same-sex marriage in due time. However, there are a lot of stressors that will block all your plans. It includes friends, workmates, strangers, and even your own family.

There will be a lot of stereotyping thrown to you, disabling you to be who you are while dating in public. So, if you are still at the start of the relationship or trying very hard to make it lasts, we have compiled all the relationship tips for same-sex couples like you. You can check them out below!


1. Be supportive

2. Carry out the same goals

3. Face the problem together

4. Communicate

5. Don’t decide quickly.

6. Be open to each other.

7. Respect your partner

8. Surround yourself with positive people

9. Embrace freedom

10. Seek professional help when needed

1. Be supportive

This is the first thing that you have to possess for your relationship to last. There will be many doubters you will both face in this relationship, and even on your individual life and career. So, it would be best if you reached each other’s hand to hold when things aren’t good.

You must act like his #1 fan so that you both can fulfill each other’s insecurities in life. Not all same-sex couples are lucky enough to not being discriminated by the community.

So, if you experience this in your relationship, you must be both ready to share the burden and accept the outcomes together. Supporting your partner is something that you should do consistently.

It may take a lot of effort, but aside from love, it is your support that gives your partner the strength to get through the storms and find your happy ending.

2. Carry out the same goals Carry out the same goals

It would be best if you committed to a partner who has the same goals as yours. For example, if you want same-sex marriage to happen, your partner must also be willing for that type of setup in the future. It will be hard for you to settle in a relationship where you know it’s only you who wants it to last.

We understand that the goal of same-sex marriage is not as easy as 1,2,3. There are still a lot of countries that don’t agree with the path you are about to take. It will be hard to plan things most, especially if there’s no such law that allows you to marry each other.

However, it will be lighter on your side when you know that your partner is also helping you reach your goals.

Your relationship will only be meant until a lifetime if both of you are on the same boat with matching goals and plans. For example, your partner has not yet confessed to her family and friends about her true identity.

It will be hard for both of you to unlock the next level of your relationship. You don’t have to pressure your partner to come out because it will only create conflict in your relationship.

So before you commit, make sure that you know what you want and what you need.

3. Face the problem together Face the problem together

There are a lot of problems you will have in a same-sex relationship. People like you are not given the same treatment as normal couples in the community. You will hear a lot of judgment and discrimination regarding your relationship.

To bear one’s identity could be the most difficult thing to do for LGBT people. It will affect your relationship in a way that you start to hide about your relationship status, and you don’t date in public. It can develop anxiety for both ends since you don’t want to get caught.

So, during the coming out process, when her family does not accept one, you should be the first person who is with her to make her feel better. Your partner may start hating herself, self-doubting, and much more negativity that will affect the relationship.

In times that she starts overthinking, you must always remind her of your love and support.

4. Communicate


Communication is key for every relationship, no matter if it’s same-sex couples or not. It is one of the most vital relationship tips that could help your relationship last long. If there’s something that you want to ask about things that aren’t clear for you, talk about it. Stop assuming things because it will only ruin the whole relationship.

If there is someone you are jealous of, you can start asking her to stay away from that person instead of bringing the whole burden on your back. You need to understand the importance of communication in a relationship. In that way, you can save yourself from overthinking things that weren’t even there in the first place.

5. Don’t decide quickly.

Don't decide quickly.

It is important that you don’t make decisions right away regarding your relationship.

Most especially if you are angry or sad, don’t ever think of separation as a way to solve the problem.

You must be each other’s support system, so before deciding, you need to talk it out.

Don’t add fuel to the fire by trying to let out negative words that can only worsen your relationship’s status.

Instead of deciding, you should first have time off and think about what to do next.

Execute the plan together so that both of you have her fair share of opinions to express.

6. Be open to each other.

Be open to each other.

You must not let a single secret be kept without letting the other person know about it. You must build a foundation in your relationship where you must be open to each other, baring all the hidden secrets, and improving one’s self.

Your relationship will only grow if you are both vulnerable to one another. You can’t expect a relationship to last if there are a lot of secrets being kept.

Most especially that there are a lot of problems an LGBTQ+ face every day, you must know her whereabouts and the things that keep her up at night. In this way, you can both help each other and get your love stronger than before.

7. Respect your partner

Respect your partner

Your relationship will never go wrong once you establish respect for each other. If there are things that she isn’t ready yet to do, you must respect her enough not to push through if it makes her uncomfortable.

Of course, you have different struggles as an individual, so you must be willing to understand and support each other instead. Most especially if it’s an issue about her parents. We all know that family is the most important thing in life.

Respect is a vital key because you are making your partner feel loved and treasured once you accept indifferences and her flaws that she is not alone in facing the challenges.

8. Surround yourself with positive people

Surround yourself with positive people

There will be a lot of doubters, so make sure that you surround yourself with positive people. They will help you strengthen your relationship by reminding you of the better days ahead.

Their positive energy will help you forget all the problems in the society that goes against your same-sex marriage goals. You can easily find better companies by reaching out to the LGBTQ+ community or by some trusted friends who support your errands in life.

You must let go of the negativities by attracting positivity from the right people.

9. Embrace freedom

Embrace freedom

If you are in a relationship, there will be days that you will get tired of the doubters and rather live your life the way you want it. That’s correct! You should embrace freedom because that is offered for free since birth.

Hold hands in public, walk together, and have a date in public places, it’s your call! Don’t let the surroundings stop you from showing what you can do more for love.

You are not responsible for how they feel towards your relationship, so stop thinking about them.

You are only responsible for making her happy, so don’t waste your time trying to impress others if you can’t be free to love the person you value the most.

10. Seek professional help when needed Seek professional help when needed

There will be many storms thrown to you if you decide to love a person with the same gender.

So if you can no longer handle the blames and the discrimination, don’t reconsider seeking professional help.

It will save yourself from anxiety or depression and save your relationship from going down. Ask for counseling to keep everything better as before.



Always remember that every relationship will go through obstacles and challenges that will test your patience and love for your partners.

However, with the right relationship tips to remember, you can surely get away from the problems ahead of you and make your same-sex relationship work successfully!

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