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10 Signs That You Are Becoming A Better Person

Written by Aochealth Team

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May 22, 2020

As we age, we do all the best things to do in order to transform ourselves into the better — or best — versions of ourselves. Being the best is actually an achievement, but a little progress is already an improvement, so we tend to celebrate small achievements like that.

We continue to do those things until we find the best life lessons to learn that can help us to become the best people we want ourselves to be.

It is possible to turn yourself like that. But it sometimes leads to more questions like what is the best way to become a better person, or what the easiest but effective approach would be, and so on.

As you bring more questions to yourself, you will feel like you are getting more determined to do some self-improvement. However, you must remember that being a better person should not lead you to become overly harsh on yourself.

Becoming a better person is not about pressuring you to become one, but learning to turn you into that one at your own phase. The kinder and more compassionate you are, the more you discover that there are life lessons you should set as your guide that will not harm you in any way.

In reality, improving yourself includes making yourself happy and satisfied with your life. If you cannot feel any of the two, then you are not doing something ideal, yet.

Growing up, you know that you were not the best kid in town. But letting go of the past and embracing the idea that whoever you are before can be your inspiration will definitely help you grow tremendously. 

If you want to check if you already made progress, we listed the top ten signs that you are becoming a better person. Though you will surely know whether you are taking small steps or not, these can still guide you to work out the goodness within you.


You learn how to be grateful

  You can determine the cause of your problem

A better person knows that the best things in life are free, but despite that, they still know how to be grateful for everything that is happening in your life. Life surely moves pretty fast, and in order to move with it accordingly, you must start by letting go of the past and be grateful for whatever lessons it brought to you.

People always tell others that there is no harm in saying “thank you”, and sure there is not. You should not be picky when it comes to the things you should feel grateful for since it must automatically start in little things in your life.

If you have been recognizing small things and thanking everyone and everything for it, then you are not only becoming better for yourself but for other people, too.

Even when you face challenges, you find its positive sides and collect the life lessons to learn. That alone is already enough for you to at least say “thank you” to someone.

You admit your mistakes

You admit your mistakes

You can probably recall how you always shut your mouth whenever an adult would ask your siblings or friends whose fault an incident was before. You kept it to yourself since you were too afraid to say that you made that mistake.

But now that you saw all the life lessons to learn and apply it to your life, you might have already learned how to admit something terrible that you did. You no longer weasel out your mistakes just to defer attention away from you or deny anything went something went wrong.

The problem you used to encounter whenever you try to dodge a problem was that it hit someone else, someone innocent. Notice how failure stuck with you then and how you lost their trust since they had to pay for what you have done.

In the end, it helped you realized that your mess cannot be cleaned up like that. So you learned to admit your faults and took one step closer to dealing with it.

You never stop learning

You never stop learning

Becoming better means revisiting what made you end up letting go of the past and using it to find the best things to do to learn more about your past, present, and future. It is a sign that you are growing better when you choose to let your life teach you everything you need.

By learning to become a better person, or discovering anything that catches your attention, you are also improving your behaviour by challenging your understanding toward a knowledge.

You continuously enrich your mind with that while changing your perspective and honing your skills. But you must remember that education and learning are two different things.

There are things you can learn in school, but learning can teach you that the best things in life are free, and learning can give you the experience to have all of that.

You choose who you want to be with

You choose who you want to be with

When you become a better person, you start to choose who you want to be with. Not because you are picky, or you have got some anger management problems.

You began to do it because you learned that you already lost a lot of toxic people in your life when you discovered that letting go of the past can make you a better person without them.

By letting go of the past that offered nothing but heartbreak and pain, you have already predicted where you could be years from that day — and it is today, here, soaring high as you become a better person.

Choosing those people who you want to be with ultimately affected the person you are now, and you must have had chosen the best people out there. You see, if you surround yourself with better people, you can surely have long-term success.

You are now self-aware

You are now self-aware

Self-awareness is something that you have that made you clearly see your future. You have learned to give your inner self an extra thought by consulting what do you really want to be.

When you become a highly self-aware person, you are also improving yourself until you can see that you are better than before. You are now more appreciative that you see that the best things in life are free, but you do not take any of them for granted.

What made it even more important is that it is an aspect you are not born with. Instead, it is a habit that you learn as you become a better person. When you have this, you are able to listen more to people and be curious about what is going through their minds.

You also tend to be aware of what they are feeling and be sensitive enough not to cause distress to them. Becoming a better person is not about getting a list of the best things to do to achieve that for yourself, but you are also doing that for people around you.

You always say the truth

You always say the truth

As you age, you realize that you have got no time for lies anymore. You try to conquer your fear of facing the consequences when you tell the truth because that is actually how it should be.

After all, it is better to be hurt by the truth and its consequences, than to save yourself from heartbreak or pain but live with lies for the rest of your life.

You learn that telling the truth is not an easy task to do, but it is one of the best things to do if you want to be filled with fulfilment in your life. Not only it benefits you, but also brings something good to the person you are telling the truth, too.

No matter how painful the truth seems to be, you should take the risk because that is one of the life lessons to learn while you are still young.

You can control your emotions

You can control your emotions

You are not a kid anymore, and you tend to think about your feelings rather than letting an emotional upsurge to occur. Sure, we are always excited about new prospects, but you can now control everything about you now that you can no longer make decisions that you could have lamented in the future.

Remember that your feelings can become a dangerous extreme, specifically negative emotions, but you take control over it and stop it from dominating you and your daily life.

If you used to react right away before, you probably know now that refuting to trigger your emotional argument can make you feel calmer so you will not damage yourself or anyone around you.

The only technique you should always do is to stabilize your breaths by doing breathing exercises and thinking twice about your words and actions.

You ask for help when you need it

You ask for help when you need it

You see, you did not become a better person on your own. You become an ideal version with the help of the people around you and the life lessons to learn that they had given to you.

For example, asking for help when letting go of the past is not a sign of weakness to you anymore. You know now what you need and you are not afraid to ask for people’s help and advice to attain what you want. You also take notice that you deserve all the help and assistance that you need.

In fact, when you do so, you are also strengthening your relationships with other people since it can make you feel like you are being supported, and that is how you can get stronger.

By doing so, you also know now who deserves to know your story and who is not, since you discovered how some people can genuinely listen and care for you while some choose to criticize and blame you.

You do not suppress your feelings

You do not suppress your feelings

Part of letting go of the past and becoming a better person is to learn how to regulate your emotions without suppressing them. This is where your emotional intelligence works since it helps you be aware of your true feelings without promoting toxic positivity just to get you out of that situation.

You have learned that you can prevent provoking your negative emotions by feeling it while regulating it. This can be achieved when you try to talk yourself out of your feelings because it is one of the best things to do to practice mindfulness while boosting your emotional intelligence.

You understand that suppressing it in the unhealthiest way can only give you long-term health problems as it is like you are creating an inner pressure cooker.

Ruling your emotions is one of the keys to becoming a better person because once you realize your inner power of emotions, you are also acknowledging that it can help you greatly as you grow up.

You accept that you are not perfect

You accept that you are not perfect

You are not perfect, and you are okay with the fact now. You know that the life lessons to learn can bring the best and worst out of you, but you remember that your flaws as you walk through this path will never make you less of a person. Instead, accepting your imperfections can ultimately make you a perfect one in your own way.

When you accept that you are not as great as anyone else, you will finally accept how great you are as a person — without comparing yourself to anyone else. There is something about them that you do not have, and there is something about you that they do not have.

We are equally created in this world and being thankful with all those imperfections make you a better person. To accept, to realize that you are still alive despite all those lapses can make you feel grateful for who and what you are today, and that is one way of accepting and loving yourself.

In the end, you are still you but with complete and genuine happiness.

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