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5 Secrets You Should Know To Achieve Wise And Healthy Aging

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April 22, 2020

You will no longer need to check on your tiring long list of Do’s and Don’ts to achieve wise and healthy aging. In this article, we have already simplified everything that you will only need these five hacks to keep you on track throughout your lifetime.

Nowadays, people get so worried about their age that they tend to overlook the most important thing they should look after — their health.

Some people can tell whether a person takes good care of themselves or not just by looking at them than discovering their real age afterward.

One can already be at their 50s but still, look as young as a 30-year-old individual. The others, if they are lucky enough, can possess the same value of their physical appearance as their current age.

However, those who are not living their best lives most likely have an unhealthy mind and body at the same time.

When it comes to healthy aging, one has to transform their lifestyle into a better one, but the process should not stress you, though.

With these five easy hacks that you can easily follow wherever you are, we can assure you that from the first day you keep this list on your mind, you will surely witness a life-altering change for healthy aging.

1.  Eat Clean, Feel Clean

Eat Clean, Feel Clean

As you grow older, you should learn how to choose the right food that fits your diet, as consuming healthier choices can genuinely help you reach your health goals.

For example, a cup of grape tomatoes contains 25 calories — the same as two pieces of french fries. Meanwhile, a slice of whole wheat bread with 1/3 cup of guac and a slice of pizza has   300 calories each.

With those kinds of comparisons, you can see the massive difference between good and bad calories, and healthy aging through clean can only be fulfilled if you can watch your calorie intake. This also includes taking note of the sources of the three essential macronutrients — fat, protein, and carbohydrates — that your body needs to function correctly.

Moreover, the older you get, the higher number of calories you should consume. But still, burning those things inside your body through physical activities is a must most especially when you go over your daily intake limit.

In that case, controlling your portions can be obtained through a healthy diet. To reach your healthier lifestyle goal, you can follow any types of food listed below:

  • The Paleo Diet – Ideal for individuals who want to cut their sugar intake entirely.
  • The Vegan Diet – This is truly one of the most popular diets in the world. The vegan diet averts you off from consuming meat and any other animal products. This type of food can also help an individual to prevent developing severe health problems like heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
  • The Mediterranean Diet – Like a vegan diet, this type of eating habit also focuses on vegetables, but it does not wholly eliminate animal meat out of your plate.
  • The South Beach Diet – You need to give up certain carbohydrates if you want to go on this. However, this sacrifice can lead you to a healthier lifestyle and, eventually, healthy aging.
  • The Raw Food Diet – While this is one of the most unpopular diets, there is, this type of diet can get rid of carcinogens out of your body, saving you again from another life-threatening disease.

Though you can genuinely control your calorie intake using the ideal diet plan for you, you can opt to follow your meal plans, but this time, you can alter something on it little by little.

For instance, if you have been craving to eat chocolates or candies, you can grab a fruit instead. Thinking of the best alternatives can push you to start aging healthily in no time.

2. Take Care Of Your Mental And Emotional Health

Take Care Of Your Mental And Emotional Health

You might be wondering why you need to take care of your emotional and mental health when our only focus right now is your aging. But let me tell you, your emotions and mental state play the most substantial roles to keep you motivated every day.

Making and keeping yourself happy can indeed help you look younger, and we listed the things you can do to keep your mind and heart satisfied:

• Go on a Vacation

Can you recall the last time you rewarded yourself with a vacation?

Going on a vacation at least once in a while can help you “find yourself again.” No amount of money in this world can satisfy you, but giving yourself time off — whether it is from work or household chores — is always a must.

Aside from packing your things up, you can travel nearby and go for a one-day self-healing away from the city. You can find a new hobby, or perform again the stuff you used to do before when you were younger.

You see, your age continues to go up every year, but it does not mean that it should stop you from doing what you love and trying what you want. In that way, you can also grow your mind more beautifully and let them know that everything about you is all aging in a healthy way possible.

• Spend Time With Your Family

There is truly no place like home, and you will surely feel more relaxed if you spend some time at home with your family.

Share some untold stories to your loved ones, or maybe grab your phone to reconnect with a  friend you have not been able to contact for years now.

Giving yourself peace of mind is one of the keys to healthy aging and growing up. Make sure to pursue that one.

• Pamper Yourself

You should not only treat yourself out during your birthdays! At least once a month, surprise yourself with a spa treatment or a massage. A facial treatment is a good idea, too.

But these do not always need to be done outside your home, though!

You can go shopping and buy the best skincare products you can use every night as part of your skincare routine. Completing your daytime and nighttime regimen — from cleansing,  toning, and moisturizing — can also give you the best skin you can ever have, as well.

Pampering yourself does not only boost your physical aspect, but it can also help you have stable emotional health while maximizing your self-esteem.

3. Go Physical!

  Go Physical

Taking care of your body does not mean pushing yourself to perform strenuous activity.

Depending on your age, there are lots of ideal exercises you can enjoy without straining and exhausting your body so much. The roll from the Department of Health and Human Services includes:

  • Aerobic exercises (dancing, cycling)
  • Strength Training
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Simple stretching activities
  • Moderate exercises like brisk walking, swimming, or simply mowing your lawn can do the job, as well.

According to the World  Health Organization, adults aged 18–64 should engage themselves in at least 150-minute moderate to intensity aerobic physical activity per week, or they can minimize the duration to 75 minutes.

Still, the exercise should be in between vigorous to intense physical activity.

For those people who want to lose weight or have a specific fitness goal, it is recommended for them to dedicate at least 300 minutes per week to achieve the desired lifestyle. Once completed, you will be confident that you can make healthy aging for the rest of your life.

4. Treat Your Existing Health Issues Right

  Treat Your Existing Health Issues Right

You may be getting older, but it should not keep you from maintaining a positive outlook and attitude over aging. Once you learn to embrace the fact that you are not that young anymore can make a huge difference, most especially when you are suffering from a disease.

Some of the aging-associated diseases you might catch as you grow older are heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes, to name a few.

Preventing such diseases from affecting your mental and emotional state can help you win the battle and be able to experience healthy aging still.

You do not have to be so sad if you hear your doctor say that you will need to take a particular medication for life because of your health status. Despite feeling like your physical health continues to deteriorate, you can still successfully overcome everything with the right exercise and the proper treatment for yourself.

To continue taking care of yourself more, you should:

• Get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night

It has been clinically proven that taking all your time to rest can lower your risk of having heart disease or stroke. In addition, sleeping also keeps your mental and emotional aspects healthy as it shoos depression and overthinking away.

• Drink plenty of water

If you have been seeing a doctor for years now, we bet that they always remind you to drink water based on the recommended intake. Some factors they still need to consider are your thirst level, activity done, your gender, and more.

• Do not forget to take your medicine at the right time.

Healthy aging, when you are already sick, is still possible. By following your physician’s advice and accompanying it with proper diet and exercise, you will not only be kind to yourself but to your loved ones, too.

In addition, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has listed the preventive measures that can be followed by everyone to prevent such sickness, disability, or worst, death, that is associated with chronic disease. The department urges everyone to practice healthy eating and get engaged in a regular exercise routine.

5. Do Not Take Your Health For Granted

  Do Not Take Your Health For Granted

You may be looking so healthy now, but you do not know what is happening inside your body.

A person with a healthy aging practice is never reckless when it comes to fulfilling their cravings. Doing a step-by-step procedure for a week, then abruptly quitting, will cause you nothing but more complications.

Remember, too much is always going to kill you, and not prioritizing your health just because you feel like “there is nothing wrong” can bring more problems.

You are not living your life to the fullest if you keep on drinking and smoking more each day. It can only decrease your longevity and will not allow you to achieve the wise and healthy aging you are aiming for.

One can see a doctor for early detection of potential disease, and the said testing includes breast, prostate, and cervical cancer screenings. Laboratory tests for diabetes and cholesterol screenings and radiologic procedures bone density scans can also be done.

All too often, a mistaken perception continues to arise about how diabetes, arthritis, and the like, are just “part of growing old” — and nothing can be done about them but to let them occur. But the truth is, most of the diseases mentioned above and conditions are treatable and should be addressed by a physician to avoid further conflicts and more severe diagnoses.

As stated on the World Health Organization’s website, healthy aging is “the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age.”

With that said, a few steps to keep yourself guided like the ones we listed above can keep you moving already. It is a process and not a goal you can easily reach in just a snap of your finger.

You may face a little rough road ahead as part of the whole transition before you can improve your lifestyle, but we can assure you that it will be worth it.

Tomorrow is not the perfect time to change your lifestyle for healthy aging — today is.

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