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7 Incredible Things About Lesbian Relationship

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May 25, 2020

Same-sex relationships are no longer new for everyone. They are now rampant nowadays, but and yes, some do last than the normal boy and girl relationship. Unlike any rumors or hearsays you have heard around, lesbian couples tend to have a better love life status.

The reason is that the lesbian relationship has accepted each other’s identity. That’s why it is no longer hard for them to accept their partner’s flaws too.

There are a lot of advantages you can experience in a lesbian relationship. Since you are both girls, it will not be easy to show affection towards each other. You are guaranteed for abundant love than the toxicity you once felt in a non-lesbian relationship. You may have wondered what makes this type of set-up different from others.

You can’t expect a boy to understand everything you are going through, not unless he becomes a girl. So that’s the key understanding of some lesbian relationship goals for the success of their relationship. If you are still wondering about its advantages, we have listed below the things that make lesbian couples extra special. Check them out!


1. You have a girl buddy anytime and anywhere.

2. You are allowed and accepted to show your feminine side.

3. Sex is better

4. No need to use contraceptives

5. Gossiping is more fun.

6. You are equal

7. Love is deeper.

1. You have a girl buddy anytime and anywhere.

You have a girl buddy anytime and anywhere.

Since your partner is also a girl so you can expect her to love the things that you love too, it’s like you have a lover and girl best friend all rolled into one. You can do things without making the other one bored.

Unlike in a non-lesbian relationship, you will have a hard time doing stuff that you both love since boys don’t love girls, and of course, you are not into boy stuff. So, it makes your bond even stronger, knowing that you can be together at any time of the day while enjoying what you both planned to do.

That’s the real lesbian relationship goals!

Somehow in your past relationship with a boy, you had faced some problems with bonding and enjoying the little things. There are a lot of differences, unlike lesbian couples, where you can be in one motion with regards to your point of view and goals in life.

You will never go wrong in sharing everything, including girl problems because you are too confident that your partner can also relate to it and give you a series of advice according to her experience.

2. You are allowed and accepted to show your feminine side. You are allowed and accepted to show your feminine side.

Boys do accept the feminine side of their girls. But it is different when it comes to your lesbian partner. It’s like you have someone who knows every inch of you and still loves you no matter what. You don’t have to pretend to be somebody else knowing that you have someone who feels every insecurities and jealousness you have in your body.

Furthermore, you won’t be labeled oversensitive or overreacting upon letting out your emotions.

Unlike non-lesbian relationships, you can’t share or borrow personal stuff with your boyfriend because they are way too different from what you need in the first place. From your body built down to hygiene kits and cosmetics, you can all get them from your lesbian partner.

Even the clothes, bags, footwear, she has can be shared with you. You can even use her extra pads or feminine wash when you are on your period. Amazing, right? You can share things with the person you love the most.

How many times have you cried your hearts out because your boyfriend can’t understand what you are feeling? Instead of showing it, you hide it so that it won’t create conflict in the relationship. Well, you no longer have to do that with your lesbian partner. You are allowed to show pain and cry everything that frustrates you.

She won’t stop you from feeling that way. Neither won’t she blame you for being that sensitive. You have a life partner that accepts every piece of you, and that’s enough why lesbian couples last.

3. Sex is better Sex is better

This is one of the most unexpected advantages in a lesbian relationship. You will have the chance to have sex whenever and wherever. Of course, you are both girls, so no one would assume you’ll do something nasty together. You can both enter the same restroom for girls and have a quickie there.

It has been said that girls do have soft and luscious lips compared to boys. So, it is probably one of the best kisses you could ever have when you kiss a girl. Furthermore, they have a soft body, too, so you will surely enjoy wrapping your arms around her while doing wonders to each other’s body.

Lesbian can give you an orgasm that you have never felt before. Unlike boys, they are very patient when it comes to pleasuring you. They will also make sure that every lovemaking will be more extreme than ever before, so that you will be left asking for more.

You can learn more sex tips on how to become better in bed here.

4. No need to use contraceptives

No need to use contraceptives

Even if how much you have sex for a day, you don’t have to worry because you won’t get pregnant and receive unexpected responsibilities. Lesbian couples can’t make a child together, so you don’t have to waste time looking for contraceptives when you are having sex.

When you are in the middle of a heated make-out session, you don’t have to ask your partner to be extra careful since she won’t be loading you with sperms that can make you pregnant. This one of the advantages of lesbian relationship since it reduces the risk or causes of early teenage pregnancy

5. Gossiping is more fun. Gossiping is more fun.

Girls love to gossip, and that’s a fact. Unlike girls, boys aren’t into gossip. They find it a girly thing to do. That’s why when their girlfriends are sharing some gossip with them, they seem to have no care at all. They will pretend that they are listening, but their focus isn’t on what their girls are gossiping about.

Well, lesbian couples are different. Gossiping has been one of its lesbian relationship goals.

You are not alone in wanting to share things and moments about the issues you met around. May it be about your neighbors, your friends, or some random strangers. You will have an instant gossiping buddy that won’t get tired of the things you tell her about.

Instead of judging you or telling you to stop gossiping about other people, she will add fuel to the fire by telling you about her side or feelings. In that way, you both can have a fun way of gossiping adventures that you both enjoy.

6. You are equal You are equal

In a non-lesbian relationship, you can expect to have your responsibilities as his girl, and he will do his part too. Well, that’s a big no-no for lesbian couples. You are not labeled with the type of things that you can and can not do in a relationship.

Both of you will share the same rights regarding the things that you both have to work out to achieve lesbian relationship goals. Instead of giving you your responsibilities, you can conquer them all together and equally, too.

For example, if you are a girl, you have to work on the household chores while your boyfriend will do his work so that when he will pay expenditures. While in a lesbian relationship, you both can live in harmony by sharing household chores and deciding on everything that includes spending for your dates or bills.

Everything is equally shared. Instead of blaming you for not taking care of the house, you have a partner that helps you to make everything clean and well-organized.

7. Love is deeper Love is deeper.

You should know that the love you receive from a lesbian couple is way different from the love you are used to. They always make sure that they shower you with a lot of understanding and connect with you to talk things out. They know your value in their lives very much. That’s they don’t want to cause you harm.

Have you been cheated again and again by your ex-boyfriends? Have you ever wondered what’s wrong or lacking with you? Have you been overthinking if you’ll ever find a partner that gives you importance more than anything else?

Every negativity you felt from your previous relationship will no longer happen if you commit to a lesbian relationship. They probably know how it feels not to be chosen or have not won over something.

When they find the one, they make sure that it will last no matter what. They don’t like to waste opportunities knowing they might not find the same love and person again.



A lesbian relationship may be new to you, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t right for you. There are a lot of amazing things that will happen once you find love in a same-sex relationship.

You will be able to experience what you’ve never expected before. And just like the advantages we have listed above, you will surely fall in love with the ways they can make you extra special, among others!

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