How to Know If a Girl Likes You for Real

How to Know If a Girl Likes You for Real

It is hard to understand how other girls like boys. If you are a boy, you will have second thoughts all the time because you don’t usually dig into more in-depth information about how to know if a girl likes you for real.

You look at the way she treats you and nothing more. However, girls are naturally sweet. So, you wouldn’t be able to quickly identify if she is just friendly or flirting with you.

Whether you like the girl or you are just curious, it is still essential to know how she feels for you. It is one way of saving yourself from assuming things that weren’t there in the first place.

If she likes you and the feeling’s not mutual, you can distance yourself so that she won’t fall harder. Although it is hard for you to find out the right crush signs that she’s showing since boys are very slow in reading the signs.

Furthermore, it will be harder to understand when you have feelings for a girl. Because in everything she does, you’ll think it’s exceptional and nostalgic.

But women are born naturally with innate thinking and actions that are unpredictable. So, what are really the tips for you to understand if the girl is interested in you?

Does she have to spend most of her time with you? Is there something you can do to make her fall in love with you? These are just some of the questions you might have in mind.

We have compiled all the tips and signs to answer the question, “how to know if a girl likes you for real?” Check them out below.


1. She is nervous around you

2. She pays attention when you are talking to her

3. She will make a way to talk to you

4. She teases you

5. She randomly texts you

6. She remembers everything you say

7. She looks at you

8. Notice how her friends react when you are together

1. She is nervous around you.

She is nervous around you.


When a girl is really into you, she won’t be able to handle your presence well. She will act uncomfortable or nervous when you are around. You will notice this if she acts shy when you talk to her or when she blushes even if you do little things that weren’t that special.

Of course, she will act minimal because she is trying to impress you too. Real feelings are hard to fight and hard to hide. So instead of acting cool, she might end up struggling to talk to you or laugh at your jokes. It is one way to play safe since less talk means fewer mistakes.

As much as she wanted to get closer to you, she wouldn’t be able to do it because of the butterflies she feels in her stomach when shes’s with you. She is afraid to act clumsy in front of you because you might get turn off or worst dislike her.

However, you should be able to understand a girl that wants you but is shy around you and the ones who are not interested in you. If she always pulls away or giving you signals such as facial expressions that she’s irritated to see you, that is not her defense mechanism.

Save yourself and understand that she doesn’t feel the same way.

2. She pays attention when you are talking to her.

She pays attention when you are talking to her.


No matter how shy a girl gets when she likes you, you will always have her full attention when you talk to her.

She maintains eye contact when you’re talking here, and her attention will never be undivided no matter how noisy or overcrowded the place is.

If she looks at you and then looks away after seconds, this could also mean that she likes you but won’t let you know it by how she adores looking at you.

Make sure to stare back so that you will know if you have that type of effect on her.

Additionally, you can talk about anything you want to. That’s how other girls like boys.

They will show how interested they are to what you are saying. She will also end up asking you to follow up questions so that she’ll know you better.

It is her way of knowing you more with her pure intentions of getting close to you. There is some energy that will hook you up with the conversation, as the topic of your lives flows naturally without getting bored.

3. She will make a way to talk to you.

She will make a way to talk to you.


This is one of the most obvious crush signs. Surely, when you like a person, you wanted to have constant communication with that person.

Some would even save messages or record them to reread them once the conversation is over.

However, you should bear in mind that some girls like to talk to you when they’ve got important matters to discuss.

Most especially if she is your friend, it is normal that she calls you or texts you.

But if she is acting differently from how your girlfriends treat you, like sending you messages more often, complimenting you, then maybe your instinct is right that she likes you.

3. She teases you

She teases you


Girls like it very much to tease the boys that they want.

It is one way to get closer to the person, even if it means you have to irritate him a little bit. If she teases you, she will have the chance to get your attention.

She wants to make sure that you are both building a connection by making each other laugh and irritating at the same time.

When you tease a person, there a specific type of never that will be awakened, making shortcuts in her way to your heart.

The only reason why she does that is to get close to you, then no one else can. Teasing someone “nicely” is what builds a close relationship.

Teasing someone at the sweet spot requires the right tone, the right language, and at the right time.

You might think, “Wow that sounds a lot of work!” but if you know that person well and have developed a deep and quality, relationship with him/her, this teasing (affectionate teasing) should come naturally during your conversations and add a lot of fun to it too.

However, if she’s planning to impress you by poking you or by calling your names, make sure that the way she teases you is not that harsh.

Your weakness should not be used against you because if she does, she is just insulting you, and that is way too different from teasing.

4. She randomly texts you.

She randomly texts you.


When girls like boys, they are active texters. They will always find a way to message you about anything under the sun.

Even the simple questions that are answerable by yes or no are thrown to you.

If you replied to her and her texts you back quickly with a lot of humor or topic, this could mean that she doesn’t want the conversation to end.

They are the same as boys. When you’re not interested in the person, it will take you days to text back, right?

The same thing that girls feel when they are not interested in you. However, if you are lucky enough that she likes you, you should expect a reply right away, until both of you can’t stop texting each other.

Just make sure that you are not playing hard to get. Text her back if you like her or else she’ll lose interest with you.

5. She remembers everything you say

She remembers everything you say


Since we have stated above that girls like to give you all their attention to the boy they like, you should also expect her to remember everything you say.

Even the little things that you say matters like where to buy the best furniture for your house.

She remembers your favorite color, favorite team, and even your errands in life, such as school staff and workloads.

Moreover, if you have told her about a special day where you have to perform a certain task, she might end up texting you good luck.

6. She looks at you

She looks at you


Girls’ eyes don’t lie with them like a boy. This is one of the most common crush signs for girls.

They can’t help it to not look at the person when they are around. They won’t be able to hide those glances. If you catch her staring at you, that could be a good sign that she’s into you.

You will notice her avoiding your gaze because she doesn’t want to make it too obvious. You are lucky enough if you caught her staring and then respond a smile afterward.

7. Notice how her friends react when you are together

Notice how her friends react when you are together


The way her friends react when you around say a lot about how she feels for you.

Of course, she must have shared her secret of adoration with her friends, so they know everything about how she feels for you.

If they start to laugh, whisper to each other, or encouraging you to be alone with her, that’s an obvious sign that she likes you for real.



To find out if a girl likes you not could one of the most difficult things to do as a man. However, with the right tips you have read above, it will not be too hard for you to identify if she feels the same way too.

Again, you should not assume, not unless you’ve noticed her doing the signs in this context.

Don’t stop until you’ve got the answer to the questions you have in mind.

Or better yet plan your next move and learn how to impress a girl to win her heart no matter what she feels about you right now! Good luck!

10 Relationship Tips for Same-sex Couples

10 Relationship Tips for Same-sex Couples

Just like normal couples, people who are engaged in a same-sex relationship also go through difficult challenges. Moreover, it is more difficult for them since same-sex couples undergo discrimination in the community.

There may be a lot of people who are going to judge your relationship. These external factors create an impact on the relationship when not managed well. It will turn out worse the moment you let the negativities control the relationship.

In the beginning, it will look like it is very easy for both of you to face the hurdles together. However, as time pass by, the environmental factors will slowly break down the foundation you built.

You may start thinking that you aren’t ready for the challenges and can’t just fight them together. It will be very hard the moment you start to point fingers upon what could probably go wrong in the process.

It is no question that same-sex couples dream of having same-sex marriage in due time. However, there are a lot of stressors that will block all your plans. It includes friends, workmates, strangers, and even your own family.

There will be a lot of stereotyping thrown to you, disabling you to be who you are while dating in public. So, if you are still at the start of the relationship or trying very hard to make it lasts, we have compiled all the relationship tips for same-sex couples like you. You can check them out below!


1. Be supportive

2. Carry out the same goals

3. Face the problem together

4. Communicate

5. Don’t decide quickly.

6. Be open to each other.

7. Respect your partner

8. Surround yourself with positive people

9. Embrace freedom

10. Seek professional help when needed

1. Be supportive

This is the first thing that you have to possess for your relationship to last. There will be many doubters you will both face in this relationship, and even on your individual life and career. So, it would be best if you reached each other’s hand to hold when things aren’t good.

You must act like his #1 fan so that you both can fulfill each other’s insecurities in life. Not all same-sex couples are lucky enough to not being discriminated by the community.

So, if you experience this in your relationship, you must be both ready to share the burden and accept the outcomes together. Supporting your partner is something that you should do consistently.

It may take a lot of effort, but aside from love, it is your support that gives your partner the strength to get through the storms and find your happy ending.

2. Carry out the same goals Carry out the same goals

It would be best if you committed to a partner who has the same goals as yours. For example, if you want same-sex marriage to happen, your partner must also be willing for that type of setup in the future. It will be hard for you to settle in a relationship where you know it’s only you who wants it to last.

We understand that the goal of same-sex marriage is not as easy as 1,2,3. There are still a lot of countries that don’t agree with the path you are about to take. It will be hard to plan things most, especially if there’s no such law that allows you to marry each other.

However, it will be lighter on your side when you know that your partner is also helping you reach your goals.

Your relationship will only be meant until a lifetime if both of you are on the same boat with matching goals and plans. For example, your partner has not yet confessed to her family and friends about her true identity.

It will be hard for both of you to unlock the next level of your relationship. You don’t have to pressure your partner to come out because it will only create conflict in your relationship.

So before you commit, make sure that you know what you want and what you need.

3. Face the problem together Face the problem together

There are a lot of problems you will have in a same-sex relationship. People like you are not given the same treatment as normal couples in the community. You will hear a lot of judgment and discrimination regarding your relationship.

To bear one’s identity could be the most difficult thing to do for LGBT people. It will affect your relationship in a way that you start to hide about your relationship status, and you don’t date in public. It can develop anxiety for both ends since you don’t want to get caught.

So, during the coming out process, when her family does not accept one, you should be the first person who is with her to make her feel better. Your partner may start hating herself, self-doubting, and much more negativity that will affect the relationship.

In times that she starts overthinking, you must always remind her of your love and support.

4. Communicate


Communication is key for every relationship, no matter if it’s same-sex couples or not. It is one of the most vital relationship tips that could help your relationship last long. If there’s something that you want to ask about things that aren’t clear for you, talk about it. Stop assuming things because it will only ruin the whole relationship.

If there is someone you are jealous of, you can start asking her to stay away from that person instead of bringing the whole burden on your back. You need to understand the importance of communication in a relationship. In that way, you can save yourself from overthinking things that weren’t even there in the first place.

5. Don’t decide quickly.

Don't decide quickly.

It is important that you don’t make decisions right away regarding your relationship.

Most especially if you are angry or sad, don’t ever think of separation as a way to solve the problem.

You must be each other’s support system, so before deciding, you need to talk it out.

Don’t add fuel to the fire by trying to let out negative words that can only worsen your relationship’s status.

Instead of deciding, you should first have time off and think about what to do next.

Execute the plan together so that both of you have her fair share of opinions to express.

6. Be open to each other.

Be open to each other.

You must not let a single secret be kept without letting the other person know about it. You must build a foundation in your relationship where you must be open to each other, baring all the hidden secrets, and improving one’s self.

Your relationship will only grow if you are both vulnerable to one another. You can’t expect a relationship to last if there are a lot of secrets being kept.

Most especially that there are a lot of problems an LGBTQ+ face every day, you must know her whereabouts and the things that keep her up at night. In this way, you can both help each other and get your love stronger than before.

7. Respect your partner

Respect your partner

Your relationship will never go wrong once you establish respect for each other. If there are things that she isn’t ready yet to do, you must respect her enough not to push through if it makes her uncomfortable.

Of course, you have different struggles as an individual, so you must be willing to understand and support each other instead. Most especially if it’s an issue about her parents. We all know that family is the most important thing in life.

Respect is a vital key because you are making your partner feel loved and treasured once you accept indifferences and her flaws that she is not alone in facing the challenges.

8. Surround yourself with positive people

Surround yourself with positive people

There will be a lot of doubters, so make sure that you surround yourself with positive people. They will help you strengthen your relationship by reminding you of the better days ahead.

Their positive energy will help you forget all the problems in the society that goes against your same-sex marriage goals. You can easily find better companies by reaching out to the LGBTQ+ community or by some trusted friends who support your errands in life.

You must let go of the negativities by attracting positivity from the right people.

9. Embrace freedom

Embrace freedom

If you are in a relationship, there will be days that you will get tired of the doubters and rather live your life the way you want it. That’s correct! You should embrace freedom because that is offered for free since birth.

Hold hands in public, walk together, and have a date in public places, it’s your call! Don’t let the surroundings stop you from showing what you can do more for love.

You are not responsible for how they feel towards your relationship, so stop thinking about them.

You are only responsible for making her happy, so don’t waste your time trying to impress others if you can’t be free to love the person you value the most.

10. Seek professional help when needed Seek professional help when needed

There will be many storms thrown to you if you decide to love a person with the same gender.

So if you can no longer handle the blames and the discrimination, don’t reconsider seeking professional help.

It will save yourself from anxiety or depression and save your relationship from going down. Ask for counseling to keep everything better as before.



Always remember that every relationship will go through obstacles and challenges that will test your patience and love for your partners.

However, with the right relationship tips to remember, you can surely get away from the problems ahead of you and make your same-sex relationship work successfully!

Top 8 Lesbian Dating Advice

Top 8 Lesbian Dating Advice

Imagine there’s a girl that you like to ask for a date. However, you don’t even have any idea about what your date should be like. Whether it is your first time dating her or not, you should perfectly execute what you have to do to impress her.

Instead of thinking about the things that will fail during your date that will only ruin whatever plan you have in mind, be smart enough to learn some lesbian dating advice.

We understand that there’s a lot of things running in your mind. However, everything will turn out well once you identify the reason and the goals you are about to execute to get her sweet yes. Stop thinking of the disadvantages of your date just because you are a lesbian. You are worth it, and you can do more than you expect!

Did you have any dating story before where you turn her off? You should always go back to finding the girlfriend’s definition somewhere inside of you. You should first check if her qualities and strings in life are the things you are willing to embrace and value.

What if she is not over with her ex or she’s hooking up with some other boys? Oh-oh. Here below, we have compiled the top 8 lesbian dating advice that will never leave you hanging and broken!


1. Be clear about your intentions.

2. Don’t run out of topics to share.

3. Surprise her with gifts

4. Think of different date ideas

5. Be a good listener

6. Be confident

7. Cut your nails

8. Make sure to pay the bills.

1. Be clear about your intentions.

Be clear about your intentions.

The first thing that you have to clarify is the reason why you ask her for a date. Girls no longer want to assume. They have been broken many times by giving meaning to things that have no label at all.

Of course, you don’t want to confuse her whether it’s a romantic date or a friendly date only, right? So have the initiative to speak up about your feelings for her. It will not be easy to decipher at first, especially if it’s the first time a lesbian confessed to her.

You just have to be patient and let her realize that lesbian dating is something she should consider.

Girls don’t like it when they are given misleading signs. So, communicate and be upfront with what you want. It can be your edge against other competitors knowing that you are not giving her the half type of love and attention.

Make sure that you practice your confession before your date to make sure you are about to tell her the exact things. You don’t have to be afraid of getting rejected. The most important key is you keep it straight and simple so that she won’t get lost with whatever you want her to feel about you.

2. Don’t run out of topics to share.

Don't run out of topics to share.

Girls do normally love to talk. No matter what time of the day or wherever they are, as long as there’s something they want to talk about, they won’t stop. Make sure to come handy with regards to topics you are about to share, too, so that the conversation will not go boring.

If there’s something she is interested in, like photography, music, or more, make sure to review some information so that you could share the same interests. That’s a plus point if you are knowledgeable about anything that she’s passionate about.

Don’t talk about your ex. That’s a no-no for lesbian dating. No matter how much you want to save the conversation, talking about exes won’t do you any good. You can talk about LGBT rights instead. LGBT rights could be an interesting topic since it is commonly discussed in society.

If your girlfriend’s definition is not talkative, then you are not looking for a girlfriend. Dating a girl could only mean that you must be ready to talk about anything under the sun.

But you have to be careful with the things you say so that you won’t overshare personal information. Remember that you are still dating, so keep your secrets as secrets.

3. Surprise her with gifts Surprise her with gifts

Just because you are a lesbian doesn’t mean that you are cheap when it comes to giving her gifts. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy her gifts worth thousands of dollars. As long as it is something that will remind her that she is special to you, you are good to go.

You can just set up a simple picnic date, which will save you from spending more. But make sure that you are the one who’s going to pay for her cab. Additionally, you can just give her flowers and chocolates. It’s the thought that counts anyway. You can check out 60 thoughtful gift ideas for your girlfriend here.

4. Think of different date ideas Think of different date ideas

It is one of the few things that you should not forget. Your first date must be different the next time you will date her. Yes, you can just repeat the same pattern, but that won’t surely impress her.

So, make sure that you are creative enough for your dates. Try something that involves romantic and physical activities that will make your bond stronger than before. You can check more date ideas here.

We understand that you want to save money for your dates. However, sometimes you have to let her luxurious experience dates than the usual dates she has already experienced.

Make sure to switch to different date ideas so that it won’t get boring for both of you. If, for example, you’d like to bring her to a seminar about LGBT rights, that will also do. As long as you are both learning and experiencing new things, everything will be interesting.

5. Be a good listener Be a good listener

The main quality that girls would look for in a partner nowadays is someone who can listen to her rants about life. Of course, you would not want to have a partner that gets mad whenever you open up about your frustrations in life, right?

Listening to her attentively during dates is one way of telling her how much you want to be with her.

Don’t forget to make eye contact and other gestures that will give signals to her that you do understand everything she said to you. You surely would not want to mislead her, so make sure that you also ask her clear questions for both of you.

It is better to ask when they aren’t clear about making conclusions about things that are not true at all. There are a lot of things you can do to impress a girl.

6. Be confident

Be confident

You should work on self-confidence if you want to win a girl’s heart. Before you have your list of girlfriend definitions, make sure that you are ready yourself. Remember that you are both girls, so it is unlikely that you will break the ice right away.

You have to take control of the situation by ensuring that you know what you want and what you need. Most especially, if you met her in an online dating app, you would take a lot of confidence to break the ice during meetups.

It is different talking online and in-person, so make sure you’ve got enough confidence to let it flow smoothly.

You can start this by making sure that your outfits look good on you. Remember that when you feel good and look good, it will be easy to boost your confidence and change your perspective perfectly.

7. Cut your nails

  Cut your nails

This is a must for lesbian dating. You should learn that cutting your nails is vital for successful dating. Of course, you wouldn’t know when the time would come for any heated feelings and getting laid.

Girls don’t like to be paid by a lesbian who has long nails. It is equivalent to boys not bringing condoms with them. It will hurt like hell to get dug by long nails, most especially in the vagina.

This is no longer new for every lesbian because keeping their nail short means easy access to anything that involves love and sexy time or anything in between.

8. Make sure to pay the bills.

Make sure to pay the bills.

Just because you are a lesbian doesn’t mean that it is not your responsibility to pay the bills for your date. You are both girls, so it may be hard for her to decide whether she will pay. Always have the initiative to pay the bills no matter how much she would insist on taking it.

Most especially if you are the one who invited her for a date, so you should take responsibility for the bills. Once you are both comfortable with each other, that’s the time that you can take turns in paying the bills. So, what is really your girlfriend’s definition? Is she someone who pays the bill too?



No matter how many obstacles or fears you face in dating a girl, you should always learn to fight for what you feel and make her feel your love. It is normal to get friend-zoned.

But as long as you remember the things we have listed above, you will never have dating regrets until you find the one right for you! Good luck!

7 Incredible Things About Lesbian Relationship

7 Incredible Things About Lesbian Relationship

Same-sex relationships are no longer new for everyone. They are now rampant nowadays, but and yes, some do last than the normal boy and girl relationship. Unlike any rumors or hearsays you have heard around, lesbian couples tend to have a better love life status.

The reason is that the lesbian relationship has accepted each other’s identity. That’s why it is no longer hard for them to accept their partner’s flaws too.

There are a lot of advantages you can experience in a lesbian relationship. Since you are both girls, it will not be easy to show affection towards each other. You are guaranteed for abundant love than the toxicity you once felt in a non-lesbian relationship. You may have wondered what makes this type of set-up different from others.

You can’t expect a boy to understand everything you are going through, not unless he becomes a girl. So that’s the key understanding of some lesbian relationship goals for the success of their relationship. If you are still wondering about its advantages, we have listed below the things that make lesbian couples extra special. Check them out!


1. You have a girl buddy anytime and anywhere.

2. You are allowed and accepted to show your feminine side.

3. Sex is better

4. No need to use contraceptives

5. Gossiping is more fun.

6. You are equal

7. Love is deeper.

1. You have a girl buddy anytime and anywhere.

You have a girl buddy anytime and anywhere.

Since your partner is also a girl so you can expect her to love the things that you love too, it’s like you have a lover and girl best friend all rolled into one. You can do things without making the other one bored.

Unlike in a non-lesbian relationship, you will have a hard time doing stuff that you both love since boys don’t love girls, and of course, you are not into boy stuff. So, it makes your bond even stronger, knowing that you can be together at any time of the day while enjoying what you both planned to do.

That’s the real lesbian relationship goals!

Somehow in your past relationship with a boy, you had faced some problems with bonding and enjoying the little things. There are a lot of differences, unlike lesbian couples, where you can be in one motion with regards to your point of view and goals in life.

You will never go wrong in sharing everything, including girl problems because you are too confident that your partner can also relate to it and give you a series of advice according to her experience.

2. You are allowed and accepted to show your feminine side. You are allowed and accepted to show your feminine side.

Boys do accept the feminine side of their girls. But it is different when it comes to your lesbian partner. It’s like you have someone who knows every inch of you and still loves you no matter what. You don’t have to pretend to be somebody else knowing that you have someone who feels every insecurities and jealousness you have in your body.

Furthermore, you won’t be labeled oversensitive or overreacting upon letting out your emotions.

Unlike non-lesbian relationships, you can’t share or borrow personal stuff with your boyfriend because they are way too different from what you need in the first place. From your body built down to hygiene kits and cosmetics, you can all get them from your lesbian partner.

Even the clothes, bags, footwear, she has can be shared with you. You can even use her extra pads or feminine wash when you are on your period. Amazing, right? You can share things with the person you love the most.

How many times have you cried your hearts out because your boyfriend can’t understand what you are feeling? Instead of showing it, you hide it so that it won’t create conflict in the relationship. Well, you no longer have to do that with your lesbian partner. You are allowed to show pain and cry everything that frustrates you.

She won’t stop you from feeling that way. Neither won’t she blame you for being that sensitive. You have a life partner that accepts every piece of you, and that’s enough why lesbian couples last.

3. Sex is better Sex is better

This is one of the most unexpected advantages in a lesbian relationship. You will have the chance to have sex whenever and wherever. Of course, you are both girls, so no one would assume you’ll do something nasty together. You can both enter the same restroom for girls and have a quickie there.

It has been said that girls do have soft and luscious lips compared to boys. So, it is probably one of the best kisses you could ever have when you kiss a girl. Furthermore, they have a soft body, too, so you will surely enjoy wrapping your arms around her while doing wonders to each other’s body.

Lesbian can give you an orgasm that you have never felt before. Unlike boys, they are very patient when it comes to pleasuring you. They will also make sure that every lovemaking will be more extreme than ever before, so that you will be left asking for more.

You can learn more sex tips on how to become better in bed here.

4. No need to use contraceptives

No need to use contraceptives

Even if how much you have sex for a day, you don’t have to worry because you won’t get pregnant and receive unexpected responsibilities. Lesbian couples can’t make a child together, so you don’t have to waste time looking for contraceptives when you are having sex.

When you are in the middle of a heated make-out session, you don’t have to ask your partner to be extra careful since she won’t be loading you with sperms that can make you pregnant. This one of the advantages of lesbian relationship since it reduces the risk or causes of early teenage pregnancy

5. Gossiping is more fun. Gossiping is more fun.

Girls love to gossip, and that’s a fact. Unlike girls, boys aren’t into gossip. They find it a girly thing to do. That’s why when their girlfriends are sharing some gossip with them, they seem to have no care at all. They will pretend that they are listening, but their focus isn’t on what their girls are gossiping about.

Well, lesbian couples are different. Gossiping has been one of its lesbian relationship goals.

You are not alone in wanting to share things and moments about the issues you met around. May it be about your neighbors, your friends, or some random strangers. You will have an instant gossiping buddy that won’t get tired of the things you tell her about.

Instead of judging you or telling you to stop gossiping about other people, she will add fuel to the fire by telling you about her side or feelings. In that way, you both can have a fun way of gossiping adventures that you both enjoy.

6. You are equal You are equal

In a non-lesbian relationship, you can expect to have your responsibilities as his girl, and he will do his part too. Well, that’s a big no-no for lesbian couples. You are not labeled with the type of things that you can and can not do in a relationship.

Both of you will share the same rights regarding the things that you both have to work out to achieve lesbian relationship goals. Instead of giving you your responsibilities, you can conquer them all together and equally, too.

For example, if you are a girl, you have to work on the household chores while your boyfriend will do his work so that when he will pay expenditures. While in a lesbian relationship, you both can live in harmony by sharing household chores and deciding on everything that includes spending for your dates or bills.

Everything is equally shared. Instead of blaming you for not taking care of the house, you have a partner that helps you to make everything clean and well-organized.

7. Love is deeper Love is deeper.

You should know that the love you receive from a lesbian couple is way different from the love you are used to. They always make sure that they shower you with a lot of understanding and connect with you to talk things out. They know your value in their lives very much. That’s they don’t want to cause you harm.

Have you been cheated again and again by your ex-boyfriends? Have you ever wondered what’s wrong or lacking with you? Have you been overthinking if you’ll ever find a partner that gives you importance more than anything else?

Every negativity you felt from your previous relationship will no longer happen if you commit to a lesbian relationship. They probably know how it feels not to be chosen or have not won over something.

When they find the one, they make sure that it will last no matter what. They don’t like to waste opportunities knowing they might not find the same love and person again.



A lesbian relationship may be new to you, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t right for you. There are a lot of amazing things that will happen once you find love in a same-sex relationship.

You will be able to experience what you’ve never expected before. And just like the advantages we have listed above, you will surely fall in love with the ways they can make you extra special, among others!

How to Be the Best Girlfriend

How to Be the Best Girlfriend

Relationships are difficult to handle. You can’t stay happy all the time. The first few months might be great, but after you’ve been together for so long, you will abruptly feel the bumps on the roads. You can’t just give up easily once everything is a mess, right?

The truth is you need to exert a lot of effort to answer your query about how to be the best girlfriend. Of course, many women would want to be the best girlfriend their man could ever have.

You should impress her not just in the beginning but also throughout the relationship. Yes, it is easy to make him fall in love, but the challenge here is how you can make him stick by your side.

If you are madly in love with your partner, you must strive hard just to be labeled as a common type of girlfriend. So whether love is still new or going stronger for quite some time now, you still should learn how to be the best girlfriend.

It may sound impossible, but working out on a relationship goals checklist could help you monitor the things you should and not do while in a relationship. If there is something you need to work on now, evaluate yourself, and change it.

Here is the complete guide we have listed below so that you won’t get confused about the things that will turn you into the best!


1. Be yourself

2. Support your partner

3. Appreciate him

4. Be understanding

5. Communicate

6. Take care of yourself.

7. Be nice to his friends and family.

8. Stay faithful

1. Be yourself

Be yourself

It is essential that you first learn who you are so that you won’t have any pretensions in a relationship. You should know your value more than anyone else. Don’t play around trying to be someone you are not. Aside from that, it is hard for you to fool yourself, your boyfriend will surely notice it.

No matter how much you hate your flaws or imperfections, you must learn to embrace them. You will be afraid at first to show him your sides that weren’t that pretty, but everything gets better once you feel comfortable in your own skin. You should not let your boyfriend decide who you are as a person. Only you can do that.

You can’t be the best girlfriend if you are not at your best self. Remember that if you are already happy and complete within yourself, it will no longer be hard for you to extend that happiness to your partner and your relationship. So, to be the best girlfriend, you should first start it with yourself. Everything will fall into place after that.

2. Support your partner

Support your partner

One of the most important qualities that boys are looking for in a girl is someone who can support and cheer them up at any time of the day. If he is trying his best to finish his goals, encourage him. Don’t stop him from aiming for the things he planned in his life.

You can be supportive in many ways. If he feels frustrated with his career, make sure you talk to him. If he is able to achieve something, make sure that you are the first person to come home too to celebrate the good news.

Anything that you can do for the well-being of your boyfriend, do it. You can also make a relationship goal checklist for this.

Boys would usually lose interest when their girlfriends aren’t doing anything to make them feel good about themselves. Sometimes, instead of supporting, you end up nagging him, which can be very tiring on his part. You should let him know that in everything that he does, you got his back.

Check on him about anything that could possibly cause him a lot of stress.

3. Appreciate him

Appreciate him

Girls love to be showered with affection. That’s a fact. However, they often forget that their boyfriends also have their needs that require a lot of affection and care too. No matter how maturely they handle their problems, they still need someone to boost their self-esteem in order to fight back again.

You should at least compliment him in the simple things that he does for you, for his family, and for himself. If he looks good with his new cut, praise him. If he reaches some milestones, send him gifts. If he has a new apartment you can buy well-designed furniture for his new home, Boys need to be spoiled too.

They also need to know how it feels like to be showered with affections and real consistency. Don’t ever stop making him feel good so that your relationship will be as dashing as ever.

4. Be understanding

Be understanding

At the start of the relationship, it is first easy to fight and makes it through the day. However, as time goes by, where the problem arises, everything gets horrible on both sides. So, make sure that you carry with you the good qualities that he once liked about you.

If he is busy with his errands in life, try to understand where you stand in his priorities in life. Even if you are in a relationship, he still has a life to live, and you should understand that as his girl.

When he is in a bad mood, try not to worsen the fight by cooling down instead of raising your voice and telling him things you don’t mean to. You should also learn some long-distance relationship tips to make it work even if he is miles away from you.

5. Communicate


You should know why communication is crucial in a relationship. Everything fades if communication is not something you both value. No matter how busy you get, make sure to spend some quality time together to ignite the love you have for each other.

If you and your boyfriend are always fighting, make sure that you don’t let a day pass without reconciliation. Listen to his side and try to figure out how you can solve it together. The problem is your enemy, and you should fight it together, not against each other.

Once he has confessed his side, open up yours too. Both of you should have equal rights to anything. If there are things you have not yet decipher in your conversation, ask him about it one more time.

This will save you from assuming things that weren’t there in the first place. Do not let lack of communication ruin the relationship that you try so hard to save. Make it a hobby to listen and be heard so that problems can be fixed easily.

6. Take care of yourself.

Take care of yourself.

The problem with a girl is that they only make themselves beautiful and healthy at the start of the relationship. It is a common error for some. Your boyfriend likes you for being the person that you are during the courting stage. You try so hard to impress him, too, by making sure you look good and smell good, right?

But why is it that everything gets boring and ugly once you get used to the person? Well, to be the best girlfriend, you should be consistent in making yourself pretty and healthy.

You don’t have to be very beautiful in order to win his heart all the time. You just need a little effort to make sure that you look good in his eyes. The best person you showed him before should be the same or upgraded version of yourself.

In this way, you are igniting passion and his interest in you. If you look great, your boyfriend will surely appreciate it and will get more excited to see you every day.

We all know that love should be accompanied by attractiveness in order for the relationship to last long. You should not stop going to the gym or taking supplements in order for you to be fit and healthy.

Watch your diet so that you can maintain your figure. Let’s accept it. Boys love to see their girlfriends in their best shape and gorgeous look. So why won’t you work hard for it, right?

7. Be nice to his friends and family.

Be nice to his friends and family.

His family and friends are one of the most important people in his life. So make sure that you take some time to get to know them and get along with them. You can’t be totally happy with your relationship if you know down there that you are not on good terms with his family and friends.

So show him that the people he loves are also the people that you are willing to love. It will be easy for you to achieve some of the relationship goals checklists that you have made for the both of you if you continue to take part in different areas of his life.

8. Stay faithful

Stay faithful

You can only be labelled as the best girlfriend if you know how to stay faithful with one person only. You should be kind enough to think of what he feels if you flirt with other guys.

Don’t throw away the trust he invested by doing things that makes him jealous all the time. Others would say that even if you are the most beautiful person on earth if you don’t avoid the things that will ruin the relationship, the ending will always be sad.



It is important that you value the love you have for each other. For you to do this, you need to be the best girlfriend he could ever have in his lifetime. So stop all the bad inhibitions you have in your body and do the things you have read above.

You will never go wrong in impressing him and doing consistent things that will be beneficial for the whole relationship to last and prosper!

What You Should Do When You Have A Toxic Family

What You Should Do When You Have A Toxic Family

Growing up, everyone only wants to have a happy family, but some people are unfortunate enough to become part of a family wherein the family members all have a toxic behavior. Too bad, we can always choose and get rid of a friend whenever they get too toxic. But you cannot do the same when you have toxic family members as you cannot definitely change your family.

Neither you can leave them when you are still a minor or you do not have anyone else to support you other than your toxic family members. So in the end, you stay and you tolerate their toxic behavior until it exhausts you.

As much as you want to get rid of that toxic behavior from them so you will no longer have to experience having a toxic relationship, it is not something like a miracle that can be fixed overnight. You also cannot

There are some ways to temporarily deal with the emotions your toxic family members cause you like looking for self-care tips or learning stress management. But aside from those things, you should have at least life lessons learned in your family to help yourself more.


  1. Signs of a Toxic Family
    • They Are Too Controlling
    • They Have Constant Conflict
    • They Are Being Dominant
    • Everything is Violent
    • They Only Love You When They Need You
    • They Always Punish You
    • They Criticize You
  2. How To Deal With Them
    • Identify Your Role
    • Take a Time-Out From Them
    • You Do Not Have To Help Them Always
    • Do Not Expect Them To Change
  3. When You Should Cut Ties

1. Signs of a Toxic Family

Signs of a Toxic Family

A family whose toxic family members are causing too much commotion is truly a challenge for all of us, most especially when we learned that families should always be supporting each other through good times and in bad times no matter what happens.

However, not everyone is blessed with healthy families, and the following are signs of a toxic family.


They Are Too Controlling

There is a big difference between ideal parenting and controlling parenting. When their toxic behavior and your toxic relationship with them are already frightening you, it means that they are controlling you and preventing you from doing what you really want. Sometimes, their toxic behavior prevents us from growing healthy, and we might not even realize that in the beginning. These toxic family members try to make you do something you are not comfortable with just to satisfy their own.

Clinical psychologist Sherrie Campbell once explained that “The family dynamic functions around the needs, wants, desires, and dramas of the parent. Children are not viewed as people, but rather as things to be controlled, used, and manipulated.”

This only means that toxic family members see you as a thing, rather than a person. And these life lessons learned can make you feel like you are being neglected due to their toxic behavior.


They Have Constant Conflict

Toxic family members can be toxic to one another, too. And their toxic relationship can cause them to fight more than being caring and affectionate with each other.

Due to their toxic behavior, their relationship can be full of conflicts. Since they also choose to resolve the conflicts, they tend to develop resentment afterward. This is because they are not trained nor used to fixing things in a healthy manner.

Corrupt parenting style can also contribute to this, and their toxic behavior can eventually cause a psychological effect on their child’s developing years.

Whenever the toxic family members show their toxic behavior, they develop anti-social behavior that can lead to depression.


They Are Being Dominant

They say that most toxic family members are “dominant-submissive”. This means that someone in the family always unleashes the dominant side and refuses to consider the other member’s feelings or opinions.

If this continues, the other members then will feel voiceless and powerless, causing their children to have lower self-esteem as they grow up. Aside from parents, siblings can also express this toxic behavior, with the older sibling being the most dominant.


Everything is Violent

Clearly, when a toxic relationship already involves abuse, it is truly a sign that a family is toxic.

However, this is not just about physical abuse. This can also include, emotional, legal, sexual, mental, and psychological abuse. The saddest thing about this is that it can be the root of deep-seated mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic syndrome.


They Only Love You When They Need You

Another sign that you have toxic family members is when you are only recognized when you satisfy their financial, physical, and emotional needs.

This kind of toxic behavior is not as noticeable as physical abuse, but this is a warning sign that you are falling on their toxic behavior. If your siblings of parents force you to provide something for them constantly even when you have nothing left for yourself, then there is a manipulation that is currently happening.

If they are already causing too much distress, you must remember that it is not your responsibility to provide their wants when you cannot even give yourself the things that you need.

Family is a support system, but exploitation like this is not supported at all most especially when loving and giving should be given either unconditionally or freely.


They Always Punish You

There is a big difference between discipline and punishment, and you should be aware of that.

Discipline is a way to teach you things in a healthy way while punishing is an act wherein they are already affecting your morality. After all, punishment is just the toxic family members’ excuse to have control over you.


They Criticize You

Your toxic relationship with your family can bring you a heartbreaking result most of the time — you also tend to develop inner critic. Their constant criticisms toward you and your effort can literally make you feel incompetent and unsuccessful even when you are already trying too hard to please them. Such life lessons learned should make you feel better and remember your self-worth.

2. How To Deal With Them

How To Deal With Them 2

When you have been living with your toxic family members for so long and if you have been enduring their toxic behavior, you might be thinking like there is no other way to deal with them anymore. You might even think of becoming like them to take an act of revenge or something, but sharing the same toxic behavior with them is not in line with the life lessons learned that you want to live on in the future.

Moreover, if you plan to act like them, too, this will only complicate the toxic relationship even more as it will make everything even worse. To help you prevent any of the aforementioned scenarios from happening, here are some tips you can follow to successfully deal with toxic family members.


Identify Your Role

Identifying what you really want to be in the family can make you finally stand for yourself and not let anyone show you toxic behavior anymore. If you have been trying to enlighten them with your life lessons learned list but they are too toxic to understand them, then it is their problem now. Sometimes, not showing that you care can help you divert their attention to something or someone that can see them clearly.


Take a Time-Out From Them

Spending some time away from your toxic family members can help yourself breathe again and let go of the things that are currently inside your head. You have been dealing with them for so long now, and reserving some time for yourself should not be a big deal to anyone. You cannot please anyone, but you should please yourself by listening to the voice.


You Do Not Have To Help Them Always

The reason why toxic family members have toxic behavior is that they are creating them. And they might call you for help but you do not always have to sympathize with them and condone their behavior. Always remember that siding them will never be the solution, and it is not part of the life lessons learned that you are always proud of. Instead of validating what they feel and do that harm other people, teach them how to be responsible for the crisis they created and lead them to the best and right way to resolve it.


Do Not Expect Them To Change

You cannot easily change a toxic relationship and toxic behavior, and that is proven.

According to Brown University, “Like most people, parents in dysfunctional families often feel threatened by changes in their children. As a result, they may thwart your efforts to change and insist that you “change back.” That’s why it’s so important for you to trust your own perceptions and feelings. Change begins with you.”

It only means that only the toxic family members can change themselves for the better if they want to be better at all.

Instead of trying so hard to change their toxic behavior, you can help them to do the following that can help them in the transition:

  • They should be able to identify if they have painful and difficult experiences in the past that led them to become a toxic person. As we mentioned, toxicity has a root, and sometimes, it comes from their dark past.
  • Ask them to write a list of the toxic behavior they want to change desperately. This can help them be on track always as the list can also keep them motivated throughout the process.
  • They shall also jot down the traits they want to have instead. This will be the beginning of the practice session toward the betterment of their life.
  • Make sure that they are not trying hard to be perfect. No one, even those without a toxic behavior, can ever be perfect in this world.
  • They should realize that they are not in control of other people’s lives, most especially their other family members.
  • Make them imagine the positive effect that will occur once they changed.

3. When You Should Cut Ties

When You Should Cut Ties

When the tips are no longer working and they can no longer love you and themselves, maybe it is time for you to do the move instead and cut the ties. It is hard not to talk to your family, but sometimes, going far from them means saving your mental and physical health from their toxic behavior and poor treatments.

Sherrie Campbell, a licensed California psychologist and author of the book “Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Own Person“, said that “Cutting ties with family members is one of the hardest decisions we may face in life.

The facts are that family members are just people and not always healthy people, and if these people weren’t family, we would never choose them to be a part of our lives due to their poor treatment of us.”

So if you want to finally be free from the toxic relationship and only waiting for a sign, you should read the following reasons to consider before cutting off your ties from your toxic family members.

  • When your relationship with your family is already turning into any kind of abuse, you should already free yourself from them. This time, you should be brave and love yourself enough to let them go.
  • If they keep on making you feel like you are not good enough, or you have never done something good in them, stop them from degrading you by walking away. You deserve all the love in this world. If they cannot give you that, be the one to give it to you instead.
  • If you have been so stressed by their toxic behavior that they are already causing distress in your work, school, or personal life, it is time to let go.
  • A family should be the one to support you. If you think like you are already exhausting yourself to satisfy their own needs but still end up getting called a failure, then you should set aside such a one-sided relationship and focus on your healing now.
  • When it became a blaming game and you are the one to fix their messes, teach them to fix it all by leaving them.