11 Things to Do With Friends During Bonding Time

11 Things to Do With Friends During Bonding Time

Friends are one of the essential parts of our lives. The way they influence things that make a significant impact on our lives is something that should be cherished. They are not only there during your past time but also the best moments of your life. They help you become the best version of yourself by influencing you with things that are vital to your life.

During bad times, they help you cope up with traumatic experiences by reminding you of the better days to come.

If you are feeling bored and want to have some bonding time with your friends, you can right away plan great activities that you will surely enjoy doing. Don’t wait around, neglecting the fun times you wish to experience.

No matter how many travels and fun nights you had, there are still a lot of things to do with friends that are cheap and easily accessible.

If you want your friendship to last, you should learn to spend extra time and effort in hanging out with friends more often. The foundation of your bond becomes more potent once you keep on doing things together.

However, if you are still wondering what to do next for your bonding time, you can check out the cheap yet fun activities we have compiled for you below.


1. Attend a fitness class

2. Visit a coffee shop

3. Watch movies together

4. Go shopping

5. Attend a concert

6. Have a karaoke night

7. Jog together

8. Make some snacks

9. Play games

10. Go to a festival

11. Go to a waterpark

Attend a fitness class

Attend a fitness class

As you grow older, your health will be one of your top priorities in life. The same goes for your friends who value their health more than ever. That’s the reason why attending a fitness class with your friends is a great option for your bonding time together. You are not only enjoying each other’s company but also keeping yourself fit and healthy.

It is challenging for you to try if you’ve never done it before, but everything will be worth it once you practice it with proper training and consistency. Just make sure that you are not attending a fitness class that is too heavy for your friend’s budget, or else you won’t be able to invite them.

Visit a coffee shop

 Visit a coffee shop

If you and your friends are already adults, you will be too busy with your career and other errands you ran in life. However, you can still find some time to catch up by visiting a coffee shop. There’s a certain vibe of privacy, and beautiful conversation shared in a coffee shop.

It’s like you are going to rent a house where you can both drink coffee and eat desserts while talking about anything under the sun. If you are enjoying the conversation, you can still stay a little longer with no one stopping you from doing it.

You can either invite your friends to a newly opened coffee shop or have a taste of what they offered. Or you can just go back to your old and favourite coffee shop that gives you calmness, reducing stress, promoting more laughs, and healthy conversation.

Watch movies together

Watch movies together

It may seem cliché to some of your friends, but watching movies together for your bonding time never goes out of style. You can either invite them to watch a new movie at the cinema or turn your room into a theatre. There are a lot of ways you can enjoy watching movies without going to cinemas. A Netflix subscription, home theatre, and some snacks like popcorns turn out your date night to be extremely wonderful.

Go shopping

Go shopping

One of the most loved activities of friends together is shopping. There are a lot of things you can see in a shopping mall, which is ideal for you to view and share your thoughts about random things you see. It is also great when you want to buy something, and your friends are with you because they can help get the right one that suits you best on you.

However, you need to remember that you don’t have to spend or buy things when you go shopping as long as you can spend some time with your friends that are the only thing that matters the most.

Attend a concert

Attend a concert

A night where you can go pour your hearts out, listening, and watching your favourite bands are an artist is needed when hanging out with friends. It doesn’t matter whether you have the same music taste or not. As long as it’s free, that calls for a celebration.

You can check out some parks near you because they usually hold free concerts during the summer. It is one way of chilling out as you indulge yourself in music and make more memories with your friends. Just make sure that you are availing free concerts because concert tickets are somehow pricey, which will stop your friends from going with you.

Have a karaoke night

Have a karaoke night

Plan a date night with your friends where you can have a karaoke night together. You can either rent a KTV bar or make your karaoke theatre at home. Choose the one that’s convenient for you and your friends.

Karaoke night is best spent with some drinks alongside. You can watch your friends pour out their emotions most, especially if they are going through something painful such as breakups. It will relieve them of the heavy feeling they feel inside as they are going through the process of moving on.

Jog together

Jog together

Aside from attending a physical fitness class for you and your friends to be healthy, there is a cheaper way of doing that. You just have to look for a place where you can walk or jog together. Choose an area with a greener environment so that you can take advantage of the warmth and clean air you breathe. You need to convince your friends that even though it is just a jog, it creates a significant impact on their health when done regularly.

Light exercises are beneficial for anyone who doesn’t have ample time to work out. Furthermore, it will be a lot more fun if you are going to spend it with all your friends as you can share a lot more conversation while jogging. It will also reduce boredom, making everything interesting as you reconnect with each other’s whereabouts.

Make some snacks

Make some snacks

One of the best things to do with friends is making some snacks. Of course, who in the world would not like some foods to eat during bonding time, right? So, invite your friends to your home and prepare the ingredients to cook or bake the food you have in mind quickly. Here is an example of some recipes to cook with friends.


Pizza Onion Rings


One medium onion

One pack sliced pepperoni

One ball mozzarella cheese, cut into cubes

One jar pizza sauce, this can be a basic pasta sauce or passata etc

1 cup grated parmesan cheese (100 g)

Three tablespoons dried oregano

oil, for deep frying

Three eggs

2 cups panko breadcrumbs (100 g)

Two tablespoons flour

Two teaspoons dried oregano

Two teaspoons paprika



  • Cut onion into 2 cm (1 inch) slices. Carefully separate the layers into individual rings.
  • On a tray lined with baking paper, lay out onion rings and place a slice of pepperoni in the centre, pushing the pepperoni slice down to take the shape of the onion and make a bowl.
  • Layer in a tablespoon of pizza sauce, mozzarella, some parmesan, and a sprinkle of oregano.
  • Place the tray in the freezer until solid (about two hours).
  • Add flour, beaten eggs, and panko breadcrumbs to three separate bowls. Stir paprika and oregano into the flour
  • Remove frozen pizza rings from the freezer.
  • Roll each first in seasoned flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs.
  • In a large saucepan, heat oil to 180˚C (350°F).
  • Fry pizza onion rings in batches until nicely browned on all sides, about 3 minutes.
  • Place on a paper towel-lined plate to drain off any excess oil. Sprinkle with more dried oregano.

Play games

Play games

You should not stop playing games with your friends no matter your age. It is one way of awakening one’s competitive aside. It is also a recreational activity for you. You can check out below the best online games to play with friends.



PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, helped kickstart the battle royale craze, popularizing some of its most foundational rules such as the shrinking safe zone, large map, and 100-player setup. While other battle royale games have gone for a cartoonish aesthetic, PUBG remains grounded in realism (or at least as realistic as a 100-person deathmatch with exploding cars and sometimes-wonky physics can be). Expect bullet drop and one-shot kills.



Bungie’s not-quite-an-MMO Destiny 2 has hit a few snags over the years, but ever since 2018’s Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion, things have been looking up, and 2019’s generous free-to-play offering Destiny 2: New Light brought in a bunch of new players. There’s so much you can do with friends in Destiny 2: farming for that next piece of awesome gear; mixing it up in the Crucible for some PvP, or learning the ins and outs of the latest uber-challenging Raid. At the core of all this is Bungie’s excellent gunplay, which just feels so. Damn. Satisfying.

Go to a festival

Go to a festival

Festivals are always available if you keep track of the activities of the nearby cities. Often festivals are loud and fun where you can interact with a lot of people together with your friends. You need to leave the city for this type of bonding time, but it is always worth it. If it’s your rest day at work, you must explore other places and enjoy everything without getting bored.

Festivals don’t need to be as grand as Coachella. There are a lot of small festivals that are fun to attend because they offer you and your friends never before seen experience. Food festivals are great for your friends if you’d like to try different foods to eat.

Go to a waterpark

Go to a waterpark

During summer, it would be best to go to the beach or any resort that could help you wash away all your stress in life. The waterpark is a great choice for this as they can offer you different water activities with a theme that’s cooling for your mind.

You can ask your friends if there’s a place they can recommend. Enjoy hanging out with friends by splashing around or diving to the sea. Just don’t forget to protect your skin from the scorching heat of the sun and bring sunscreen with you.



You should learn to balance your life by making time with your friends as it is necessary for you to hustle and enjoy life at the same time. That’s the reason why we have presented the activities above! It is now time for you to share it with your friends and listen to their suggestions as to what activities are they ready to take on next! We wish you to have the most wonderful bonding time in the next days to come! Enjoy!

How to Impress a Girl: 11 Ways to Win Her Heart

How to Impress a Girl: 11 Ways to Win Her Heart

It is normal to have crushes. However, not everyone is lucky enough to receive a crush back from someone they like. Feelings can’t be controlled, and it can’t be dictated.

That’s the reason why it is not easy to make someone fall in love with you instantly. It is a process that you have to undergo if you desire to win her heart finally. 

What makes it harder to like someone if when you are treated like a friend or a total stranger. Of course, it will be hard even to start a conversation. So, how to impress a girl? You need to understand that the right answer to that question is by giving a glimpse of the past.

Yes! Even if we are living in the 21st century, girls prefer the old fashioned way of dating. You won’t impress her if you date her in a way millennials do it. You have to go back to your ancient roots and ask your granny about the ways of courting.

You need to remember that aside from efforts that you have to give 100%, impressing a girl doesn’t necessarily involve expensive gifts to give.

Although it is cliché, the best gifts cost nothing but love and affection. If you are a guy who is not used to expressing your feelings, it is now time for you to get out of that shell because real effort comes with actions and the correct words that a girl wants to hear from you.

If you are still confused about what to do next, here are the 11 ways we have compiled below for you to understand how to impress a girl. Check them out!


Your intentions should be stated clearly.

Your intentions should be stated clearly.

First and foremost, before you try to impress a girl, make sure that you know for yourself how much you are willing to pursue the feelings you have for her. Stop giving her mixed signals. Nowadays, girls won’t believe right away the things you would say to her.

When intentions are not stated clearly, she will only get confused whether you’re serious or just joking around. So, right at the beginning, tell her the reasons why you are doing those things for her.

Be yourself.

Be yourself.

You have to be yourself, or utmost be the best version of yourself if you want to impress a girl. You should not pretend to be someone you are not because you are enchanted in your little ways. Remember that if you are going to show the real you, it won’t be hard for your words and actions to strike her heart.

You must be confident enough to showcase who you really are because that is the easiest way to win her over.

Be consistent.

Be consistent.

Well, if you start pursuing the girl, you should stay consistent until you get to know her answer. Don’t make her special today and abandon her the next day. If you do this, you will never impress her the way you plan to. Girls like it best when they are being treated right. Shower her with affection like giving her flowers, texting her, asking her for a date, and many more.

Treat her right.

Treat her right.

Girls do have high standards when it comes to choosing a man. However, all these standards are like walls that will go down on once you treat her right. You may not have the physical features she’s looking for in a partner, but letting her know how much you admire her will make you exceptional than any other suitors she has.

Don’t forget to make her laugh. Funny boys are way sexier than those boys who don’t. A sense of humor is very important to keep her entertained. If you make her laugh, it is not only her smile you try to win over but also the little giggles in her heart.

Additionally, no matter how long you’ve been dating, never forget to give her genuine compliments. You should not neglect even the small things that she did for a day. May it be a new experience, achievement, work promotion, new hair color, or anything that can melt her heart.

Dress up well.

Dress up well.

You have to dress up well if you want to impress a girl. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy expensive clothes. Anything that will make you look neat is okay. Give extra time and effort in choosing what to wear when you date or if you expect to see each other in an event. The way you dress says a lot about your personality.

So, if you look nasty, it is a big turn off to the girl. Of course, how can she expect you to be clean on other things if you can’t even iron your clothes? You also need to remember not too overdressed yourself. You have to look good and feel good about yourself by knowing what to wear on a first date with the rights colors, styles, and sizes that are right for you.

To look good and to feel good doesn’t only fall to how you dress. You also have to take the good practice of hygiene for you to smell good. You don’t want to turn her off by how bad you smell, right? So, take a shower at least twice a day and brush your teeth regularly.

Furthermore, you can get too attractive if you follow her style of clothing. What she wears speaks about her much, so you should learn to relate your style together.

Be a good conversationalist.

Be a good conversationalist.

Don’t shy away and practice your charm of conversing with the girl you like instead. You have to be good with words if you want to impress her. Don’t be too boring that you ran out of things to say. You can start telling her stories that you know she will be interested in. In this way, she will get comfortable talking to you about things on a deeper level.

Make sure you come handy on dates or even when talking on the phone so that you can make the conversation flowing from one topic to another. There should be no dull moment when you are together.

Additionally, you should try to ask her for a suggestion to your matters, which is a great sign that you are willing to include her errands and that her opinion matters. Just don’t forget to keep things light so that it won’t be awkward for her to answer questions that she’s not ready to share with you yet.

Get to know her more.

Get to know her more.

Normally, you like a girl by the way she looks. However, for you to turn things right, you should get to know her deeply. Physical appearance is a factor, but the personality of the person must be evaluated because it is what composed her as a woman. Moreover, you should know her interests and the things she’s passionate about so that it won’t be hard for you to identify what type of girl she is.

When she is starting to talk about her life, make sure that you listen to her well. In this way, she can pinpoint how much you adore her because you listen attentively to things that she cares to share with you. As you get comfortable, it will no longer be hard for you to read her mind if you learn her ways of expressing her thoughts and emotions.

Be supportive.

Be supportive.

Before you came into her life, that girl already has a life to live, which includes her family, friends, and career. So, make sure that you are ready to support her wholeheartedly with everything that makes her dreams and ambitions possible to reach. You must touch her soul by showing her how much you care about her and her future.

Establish eye contact.

Establish eye contact.

Maintaining eye contact while talking to each other is a vital tool to impress her too. As people say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, you should communicate with her as if you are making a deeper connection with her insides. Furthermore, eye contact is proof that you are truthful with your intentions.

Treat everyone with the same respect and kindness.

Treat everyone with the same respect and kindness.

You should treat not only the girl extra goodness but also the people around you, with or without her company. Everyone loves a good person, and if you are one, she would be very interested in you.

It doesn’t mean that you should try to act good for her, but this is also a good trait that you should start to practice. Be kind and considerate by starting it with small things that matter. It is one way to look good and feel good about yourself.

You don’t have to give food on the streets or fund a foundation to do this. You can show her the way you respect other people with the same respect, may it be from janitors up to CEO. For example, you can show gratitude by saying “thank you” when you are being favored or opening a door for someone you’re with or by taking part in stopping cyberbullying in teens.

Remember that you need to showcase the best version of you, so avoid being bad-tempered that will turn her off. Things like cursing, cussing, showing your middle finger, will ruin your plans of impressing her.

Get along with her family and friends.

  Get along with her family and friends.

When things are good between the two of you, you should not forget to win the approval of her family and friends. If you are invited for family dinner, be yourself and put your best foot forward and impress her family with your clean intentions.



Girls differ from each other because they do have different perceptions about life. However, it all boils down as to how much a guy like you is willing to risk things to win her heart. Now that you have read the tips we have mentioned above do not forget to follow them with a sincere heart.

If you just stay focused and patient, it will no longer be surprising that you finally get the right answer that you have been waiting for. Try them now!

Teen Issues: How to Stop Cyberbullying

Teen Issues: How to Stop Cyberbullying

One of the most rampant issues in today’s generation is cyberbullying. Since the world is being introduced with various technologies, bullying has gone viral up to the cyber world. So, how to stop cyberbullying?

Can there be a way to get away with it? As you have noticed, almost everyone has access to social media sites, creating profiles to reach out to anyone anytime and anywhere in the world. Information can now be disseminated rapidly in seconds. And because everyone is entitled to give different opinions about any topic, this is where arguments start.

It is where one starts to humiliate someone, calling them names, or even giving them death threats. That’s the harsh side of the social media world.  

Cyberbullying has no age limit. It can happen to anyone no matter how young or old. However, it has been identified that the most cases of cyberbullying records are teenagers. People at this age are very interested in engaging in forums or media sites where they can vent out their feelings or look for someone they can talk to.

They are very open to the idea of meeting new people without even realizing how they overshared personal information such as nude pictures. Cyberbullying affects the victim and causes a lot of damage to his or her personality.

When not attended right away, some worse things could happen. It’s time for you to be informed of the things to do to prevent cyberbullying. You can check them out below!


Do not respond or retaliate.

Do not respond or retaliate

When you are involved in a heated argument on social media, you must control yourself and stop retaliating what the bully says about you. In this way, you are not provoking him or her to humiliate you more. Sadly, these bullies won’t stop until they see you winning over a conversation.

Disengage right away so that the problem won’t get worse. If you keep talking and actively engage in getting back at the bully, he may use it against you, and of course, you don’t want that to happen because you are the victim in this situation and not him.

They will surely feel powerful once you start to respond to their messages. These bullies are very good when it comes to bringing people down. They don’t accept defeat from everything.

Also, you mustn’t let them encourage you to retaliate because you might suddenly adapt to their bad behaviors. If they don’t stop bullying you after disengaging from the argument, it’s better to proceed to the next step below.

Screenshot pieces of evidence

  Screenshot pieces of evidence

Once the bully continues his ways of humiliating you, you have to learn how to take screenshots of his posts or messages about you. You can use these as your record of the evidence that he is trying to give you threats and harsh comments about your personal life. You can save it for future use once everything gets serious between the two of you.

Unlike any other bullying schemes, in cyberbullying, you can right away record things that are thrown against you. It is one of the advantages of why online bullies are easily caught.

They won’t have the chance to defend themselves once you filed up all the series of information and screenshots that he is the one bullying you.

Block the bully on all your social media sites

Block the bully on all your social media sites

These bullies love to know that you are reading what they are saying about you. They will not stop harassing you, not unless they are blocked. Of course, what’s the point of ranting if the person they want to bully no longer has direct communication with them, right?

Blocking someone in social media is easy. You can just go to the settings of the site and look for the block button.

Social media sites are created with profile protection to prevent cyberbullying. You can stop communicating with people you no longer want to be in contact with. Yes! You’ve read that right. In case you don’t know privacy settings is for you to ensure that you are safe and protected upon using the platform.

So do yourself a favor to delete and block the bullies from messaging your phone or social media profiles. Furthermore, if you can’t seem to get away from the bully, you can right away contact the service provider to ban the bully permanently.

Tell your parents about your situation.

Tell your parents about your situation

You should not keep it to yourself if you are being bullied online. You should talk and ask for advice from your parents since bullies won’t get the chance to harm or harassing you more. It will not go away on its own because bullies will always find a way to contact you again.

The cyberbullying effects on you might get worse, wherein you start to feel anxious and afraid to go out alone. If you don’t tell your parents about your situation, bullies will have enough confidence to keep going because no one is warning them about what they are doing to you.

Your parents can give you 24hour protection against these bullies and could even settle things by reporting it to higher authorities.

If you can’t reach out to your parents because of personal reasons, the other hands are willing to help you. Don’t let lack of communication hinders you from doing what’s right. You can talk to your guidance counselor at school or any adult that can take control of your problem. Don’t be afraid to speak out.

If the bully threatens to harm you once you tell other people, that is a sign that you should call for help from others. Some of the victims would worry about not getting enough support from their parents, but that’s not the case!

The moment you tell your parents about it, you will be able to take control of the situation and stop your suicidal thoughts. If you are given severe threats, the immediate actions of an adult are significant.

Take a break from social media.

Take a break from social media

As much as your friends encourage you to stay connected through social media, you should also learn when to pause when everything is no longer suitable for you. You must be ready to distance yourself from anything that you no longer enjoy doing.

Nevertheless, when the situation is calmer than before, you can always go back to your regular social media life.

Technology is very beneficial to teenagers helping them with their school projects. So, it is not possible to avoid them from using techniques. However, since they are just underaged, they need a guide that could monitor what they are into to prevent cyberbullying in the first place.

It has been advised that parents should enforce bullied teenagers to stop using social media sites to avoid further damage and heal for a while. This works for many victims.

Report to the authorities

Report to the authorities

When things are getting out of hand, you should report cyberbullying to the authorities. There has already been a law implemented where cyberbullying is considered as a crime in some cases. Death threats given are one of the elements why you should report your situation to the authorities such as police or any officers at your school.

Cyberbullying becomes a crime when one is being blackmailed about his or nude pictures or videos. This applies mostly to teens because they are underaged. Furthermore, harassment sent to the victim through messages about the personal aspects of her life is also considered illegal.

Learn from what you have experienced

After you have surpassed the storm, you must learn much from it. You should bear in mind the things you once did that lead to harassment so that you can avoid it next time. You should not blame yourself if you have flaws that are used against you. You are beautiful in your way, and no one has the right to oppress you.

You should also learn the value of privacy once you get back on track with your social media accounts. It is a reminder for you to only interact with people you know personally and to share personal information about yourself limitedly.

If you are going to be tactless again with what you share online, there is a big possibility that it will happen again to you.

For example, you should not share sensitive photos to anyone, neither your friends or your lover. Everything you post on your social media sites must be in private so that the cyberbullies can’t use any of your information against you. If you want to get a close connection with people, do it in person with your guardians.

Help a friend who is bullied too.

Help a friend who is bullied too

Once you went through the same situation before, you should know how to stop cyberbullying. When people are being bullied, help them. The victim must have someone he can lean on to avoid further cyberbullying effects on his physical and mental health.

Learn the ways of how you can help to prevent cyberbullying from happening again. Just make sure that you support the victim whether you should report it to the authorities to stop the bullies from harassing him even more.



Now that you have read the ways to prevent cyberbullying, we encourage you to share it with everyone so that no one will ever be lost in this issue teenagers are facing today. We have to make sure that everyone is fully equipped with knowing what they should do before cyberbullying effects consume the life of a beautiful person.

We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to share with us your ideas of preventing cyberbullying in the comment section below!

Top 7 Reasons Why Family Is the Most Important Thing in Life

Top 7 Reasons Why Family Is the Most Important Thing in Life

Family is considered the best blessing from God that you can receive on earth. You can’t jumpstart with other relationships if you weren’t taught what belongingness feels like in a family.

Before you had friends, your family was there to remind you of the qualities you should look for in a friend. They are your basis of almost everything you encounter in life.

When we talk about family, you will be able to come up with different positive words such as love, hope, care, values, comfort, understanding, and more. This is the reason why family is the essential thing in life.

If you want to welcome into your life the words mentioned above, you only have to go back to where it all started, and that is in your home with your family.

As you grow up, there are a lot of struggles you face alongside. At such stages, you may face disappointments, losses, and regrets. However, it is beautiful how you were able to overcome them once you have your support system with you. And you no longer have to ask who these people are.

Don’t think twice about your situation and learn more about the top reasons why your family is essential. Check them out below!


They are your support system.

They are your support system.

You can never find a support system that can do better than your family. Whatever happens, your family are the very first people who will encourage you to do better in life or to the paths you want to take.

When you are feeling down about not getting that high grades in school or job vacancy at work, your family can surely remind you of your value.

Even the most independent person on earth needs family support. The world outside is too tight for you to take on. You must learn to seek help from others so that you can make it through your next significant steps.

Remember when you are going through difficult times, such as losing a job or breakups, who was there for you to make you feel better? No one but your family. The way they showed their love and support to you is enough to gain back your confidence and value as a person.

The protection you get from your family against anything in the world is what you need to cast away your fears in life. Of course, who would be afraid of facing challenges when you know you’ve got a bunch of people willing to undertake the same situation, right?

Regardless of what happened or what will happen in the future, you know you have your family who will stand by you.

They nurture you first.

They nurture you first.

You are the product of the time and effort your family has spent in the past. They are your first teachers. You learned the fundamental values of life because they nurture you with different morals and benefits for you to become the right person.

The way you think about the importance of life is how they implanted in your mind the beauty of it.

They are a blessing from God that serves as an instrument for you to learn more about life.

Some of the values you learn from your family are respect, honesty, and generosity. The way you treat other people with the same connection is a reflection of how much you respect your parents at home.

The way you’ve been truthful about anything you encounter in life is also a reflection of how honesty is being implemented well in your home.

The way you give to others without expecting anything in return is proof that kindness to one another has been a practice in your family. Additionally, the routines taught by your parents to stay healthy such as not sleeping and eating nutritional foods should always be followed up until your children.

Also, the way your family tradition has taught you about choosing the right person has influenced you to marry the one that’s good for your soul. Every value you learn serves as your foundation of how the world should be like for each one of us.

You will never be left alone.

You will never be left alone.

This is one of the best reasons why family is important and a blessing from God, and all rolled into one. When you grow old, it is normal that you develop friendships and relationships with other people. They can always entertain you during your happy moments.

However, during hard times, it is scarce to have friends and partners in life who can still stay by your side and support you. Often, they will leave, and you have to go back to your family, who will never neglect or forsake you through thick and thin.

You may get lonely at times when you don’t get the attention of other people, but it can always be filled up by the amount of affection you get from your mother and father. Your parents can right away understand what you are going through because they have been with you since day one.

It is their instinct to reach out to you whenever they feel something wrong about how you feel.

You will never go alone on your journey when you have a family. Wherever you go and whoever you may meet along the road, your feet will always bring you back to where your company is still warm and welcoming.

They celebrate your victories in life together.

They celebrate your victories in life together.

No matter how small is your victory, your family will always make a noise about it. They are very proud of your achievements, no matter what. If other people question your winnings in life, your family will not do the same.

They will clap their hands as you take on more significant victories next time and celebrate it through different family date ideas.

The standard of the world about what should be celebrated or is not too high, but when you have your family even winning a raffle draw calls for a celebration.

You are fortunate if you are surrounded by friends who are not jealous or insecure when you achieve something. The modern world has taught people to always look after the winnings of other people.

It’s like everything you see around is made for a competition where the happiness of one becomes unhappiness of many.

However, your family will not be called a blessing from God if they are the same as other people who envy you. They are different. The more you get a lot of achievements, the more they will be happy for you.

What you achieve in life is also theirs. They encourage you to do better without doubting your capabilities of reaching the top.

They guide you with your decisions.

They guide you with your decisions.

When you are about to make a big decision in life, you no longer have to worry about whether it’s right or wrong.

Because your family will always guide you in doing things that will make your life better, your parents have already undergone struggles ahead of you, so whatever obstacles you face in life, they can surely tell you to choose the ones that will not bring you down.

Decision making is crucial because they make it or break it in life. However, when you have your family with you, you can always rely on a path that is beneficial for you.

If they try to tell you the wrong things you want to take in life, you have to listen carefully and avoid neglecting their advice because they know what’s best for you more than anyone else in this world. Take their information as a tool to overcome any worries in life.

If you choose to take the path that your family told you not to, it will only lead you to things you didn’t expect coming. And that’s when you realized that you should have listened to them instead. If you are an adult, you will have your ways of deciding things.

However, it will be different if you still ask for suggestions from your family for the best outcomes.

They give you a sense of belonging.

Their love is unconditional.

Wherever your life takes you, there will always be a path that will always lead you back to your home. The relationship you have with your family is the kind of relationship that you will not get from other people.

That’s the reason why family is important and fundamental to society. Whatever is at stake, they will always choose you over anything.

You might go farther as you explore the world, but nothing beats the belongingness you feel when you are inside your family home. You will always have the one house that you can run to at any time of the day and get the love that you ache for so long.

Their love is unconditional.

They give you a sense of belonging.

The love you get from your family can’t be measured with anything else given by other people to you. To fight the sadness, one must receive unconditional love from the people that matter the most to them.

The love you get from your partner when you are in a relationship is not the same as the love your family is willing to give.

You may think that your boyfriend or girlfriend is the one you need, but you will realize it eventually as time goes by and the world throws you trials from left and right.

You don’t know how much impact each family member affects your life. Even if you are far from them, they are just one call away, and you surely have someone to talk to comfort you. They stick by you no matter how bad things are going on in your life right now.



Always bear in mind that family is the essential thing in life. When you have your family on your side, it is easy to accept challenges in life because you know you are with a team.

Always remember that whatever goals you want to achieve in life, your family will always be behind you not to let you down when you struggle and to clap their hands when you make it through the storm.

7 Long-Distance Relationship Tips to Make It Work

7 Long-Distance Relationship Tips to Make It Work

It is hard to find relationships today that will last until a lifetime. Mostly, they only work for a short period, and everything gets topsy-turvy after that. If relationships, where your partner is within your reach, won’t work out, how come long-distance relationships do?

Well, you don’t have to worry about this because there are long-distance relationship tips that will help you remove all the doubts in your heart about your relationship.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, some of your friends will advise you not to take it seriously because the distance is an assurance that it will not last. You will get miserable if you commit to a long-distance relationship or so they say. You no longer have to worry.

In the modern world where everything can be relayed through fast-messaging, it will not be hard for you to communicate with the love of your life at any time of the day. Furthermore, you can get to see the person you love on screen as video call applications are rampant nowadays.

Only a few people know how a long-distance relationship makes you love the hardest and the sweetest. Imagine this. You are not seeing or touching the person, yet you still choose to love him more every day.

The excitement that you feel whenever you expect to be with him finally is extra special. It may look severe and not lasting for others, but the long-distance relationship has its ways of making you feel a love that’s full of magic.

But to stop relationship problems from ruining your foundation, you should first learn the long-distance relationship tips we have compiled below. Check them out!


Prioritize your career

Prioritize your career

One of the few reasons why your partner is far away from you is the fact that they choose the path where their dreams are built. May it be for school or their careers, it should be their priority among any other things, including you.

While your partner is busy with his agendas, you should focus on your growth too. You must build a relationship where both of you become each other’s inspiration in reaching your goals. You should not invade the personal time of your partner that is meant for his better future.

Be mindful of the time you spent messaging with each other if you don’t want to come up with various relationship problems. Make sure that the time you have for each other is convenient for both parties, or else you will only become a hindrance to your partner’s future success in life.

You are not the only person that he needs to get along with as he has a “family thing” to do too. You should only be a part of his world and not his entire world if you want your relationship to last.

Communicate regularly

Communicate regularly

Communication is vital in a long-distance relationship. You have to talk to each other to update about life events and keep the connection more reliable than before. Communicating now is never hard compared to previous decades.

Everything is so techy now that you share real-time photos and videos in just a snap. You will now be able to see each other on-screen and share some good laughs and romantic words.

You must tell your partner detailed messages to keep the conversation going. However, what will you do if that person is on the other side of the world? With a time zone different from yours? Do long-distance relationships work?

Well, yes. If you just know how to set a schedule that you can communicate, nothing will be hard for you. All it takes is just time management.

Aside from greeting your partner “good morning” and “good night” texts, it would best help if you share with him how your day went so that he will be aware of the happenings as if you’re not apart.

Furthermore, you should not only do texting but also sending photos and voice messages that will step up the game. Make sure that you are exerting some efforts to communicate so that it won’t get boring for both of you.

Stay committed

Stay committed

Just like any healthy relationship setup, you have to stay committed to a long-distance relationship. Distance is not an excuse to cheat on your partner. Yes, there will be a lot of people you will meet around, so make sure that before you enter this setup, you should know for yourself the worth of your partner who’s taking the risk to be with you.

It seems to be a problem for some to trust the person who is away because they won’t be able to know if the other party is cheating. See to it that the person in your long-distance relationship is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

There may be times that it is tough to pursue a relationship most, especially if the external factors such as your career interrupt your time together. However, there is no such thing as perfection in a relationship.

You both have to hustle towards the goal and be ready for your future. Everything will only go your way if you both stand through the test of time with hearts of full love and mind full of plans.

Avoid situations that will lead to fights.

Avoid situations that will lead to fights.

Relationship problems are inevitable. They happen even if you don’t interfere. So, for you to reduce these types of issues, you should learn to avoid the things that will displease your partner.

You should bear in mind that updating your partner about your whereabouts is critical for a long-lasting relationship. Don’t keep secrets because he will soon find out things, and you will be doomed. He will become extra suspicious once he learns about the things you are hiding from him.

For example, your partner doesn’t like to see you going out with your male friends to parties at night. You should respect it and follow him. Listen very carefully to what he says to avoid problems in the future.

Of course, you are also prohibiting him from doing things that you don’t like, right? So, it is only fair to agree and meet your requests in the middle.

Make time to see each other.

Make time to see each other.

You should set a date where you could see others. You should not get stuck with that kind of setup forever. The most exciting part is when you finally see each other again.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for a short time as long as you can spend some time to cherish each other’s company in person. Distance should only be temporary for both of you. The goal is to focus on other things, and your relationship plan follows afterward.

You can just book a plane ticket and visit your partner. Afterward, choose some romantic date ideas that you can both enjoy. In this way, you will be able to prove to her how much you yearn for his touch and affection.

You should have at least a day or two to act the same as healthy relationships where you can do things like holding hands, hugging, and kissing. Prepare yourself for an intimate time as people in long-distance relationships value each other kisses and touch more extra. You have to let your partner experience what it feels like to be on cloud nine with you.

Don’t be quick to judge.

Don't be quick to judge.

If you have a lot of trust issues, it will be hard for you to jump into a long-distance relationship. You will only end up hurting yourself, asking questions like, “Does a long-distance relationship work?”. Most notably, that distance separates you both. You will start to make your assumptions even without valid proofs.

So, the key to making it work is to trust your partner. Often, you will reach a point that you’ll start getting jealous as he gets along with other girls during meetings or any occasions that he has to attend. You will begin to doubt him with his actions, most especially if you see him exchanging messages in the comment section of his social media accounts.

Do long-distance relationships work if you always overthink? Think carefully about the things that you are about to tell him so that you won’t assume right away without knowing the truth. If you are going to give him the benefit of the doubt, you might get the right answers. So, stay calm and trust your partner.

Remember that when you are jealous, you become outrageous. You start screaming and sending him messages that might hurt his ego. Anything can ruin a relationship. It doesn’t have to be in a long-distance setup or healthy relationship to identify which one will end. You have to expect that your partner is an average person too.

If he wasn’t able to return the call, there might be problems with his phone or internet connection. Avoid being crazy, assuming things without a basis if you genuinely want your relationship to last.

Stay intimate.

Stay intimate

Do long-distance relationships work without sex? You have to keep intimacy alive in long-distance relationships. Just because you’re apart doesn’t mean sex is pushed to the wayside. Distance does not negate your physical need for privacy.

Make sure you’re having regularly scheduled sex dates, either on the phone or on video chat. Rile your partner up with some anticipatory sexting during the day.

Shaffer says first to make sure your partner is available to get sexy messages and videos. The last thing you want is a photo of your bare booty popping up on your partner’s shared screen during a presentation at work.

“Once you’ve established that you can send racy messages, I highly recommend teasing and getting creative,” she says. “Creating anticipation and having fun are key elements to sexting, and it gives you a great opportunity to flirt with your partner while expressing your desires.”

Video chat is the preferred medium for virtual sex dates because while you’re not in the same place, seeing each other and looking into each other’s eyes makes you feel closer.



You should be the very first person to believe that your relationship will last no matter how far the distance you have from each other. The most meaningful way in a long-distance relationship is to be able to overlook the problems that others think you won’t surpass. So, remember the tips provided above and calm yourself, for everything is possible when you are in love.

19 Important Things You Should Learn in Life As A Teen

19 Important Things You Should Learn in Life As A Teen

As we grow older, we tend to forget that the most important things in life bring the best lessons you can ever learn in your lifetime. We are sometimes get blinded by how things seem to be perfect, but they are not always like that.

Sometimes, they can be the worst so they can bring the best in you, and that is how learning by experience starts. Whatever you are learning about as you grow older will soon turn into something that can make you contented in life already. In fact, what can build you stronger are the trials you will face before you reach the age of 20.

In this article, you will learn the things you should know as soon as you say goodbye to your teenage years. Being 20 is like entering a door where the real-life battle begins. And in order to survive, you must learn the most important things first and gear your shield and sword with them.


  1. Saying “Thank You” Will Not Hurt You
  2. “Sorry” is Not a Sign Of Cowardice
  3. There is Always A BETTER Opportunity
  4. Where You are Right Now is Not Your Final Destination
  5. Find The Best In You
  6. Appreciate Other People
  7. Appreciate Yourself
  8. Choose Who You Trust
  9. Your Efforts Are Not Wasted
  10. You Are Not Alone
  11. It’s Better To Be Alone Sometimes
  12. You’ll Find Peace in Silence
  13. Your Family Should Always Be Your Priority
  14. Do Not Worry So Much About Your Responsibility
  15. Peace Can Also Be Found Somewhere Else
  16. If You Cannot Speak, Write
  17. Time is Precious
  18. Invest On Few Friends
  19. Know God

Saying “Thank You” Will Not Hurt You

One of the things you can do to grow up happy is to be grateful for the most important things that make you feel contented in life. Though you also need to be thankful for not-so-happy things since they are the ones to teach you life lessons, acknowledging the good things in life and thanking yourself for being able to feel it is one of the easiest things you can do without hurting anyone else.

“Sorry” is Not a Sign Of Cowardice

You may feel scared to say sorry sometimes, but you should learn by now that admitting you are wrong is not a sign of cowardice nor defeat. In fact, saying sorry means you are gaining by experience, and committing mistakes, then being honest about them can make you feel as if you already won this life. In addition, saying sorry only shows that you are up to be a bigger and better person. Do not be afraid to do that.

There is Always A BETTER Opportunity

At 20, you might have found a lot of important things not being good enough to make you feel contented in life. Sometimes, you ended up losing them, but you should see your empty hand as an opportunity to grasp better things soon. Be it a better career or better relationship, one cannot find the right one if you keep on staying in your comfort zone.

Better opportunity is only available for those people who can wholly open their arms to welcome it, and you should learn to embrace the most important things in life than those who do not really matter.

Where You are Right Now is Not Your Final Destination

You are still young. You may be sad, broken, neglected, but it does not mean that you will always be here. If you are not contented in life right now, it only means that you are not on your final destination yet. So feel it. Feel all the negative emotions and accept them before turning them into your inspirations.

They should not bring you down in the first place. Everything that will try to emotionally and mentally hinder you from chasing what you really want in life. In the end, learning by experience with these things can turn you into a better and stronger person you can always count on.

Find The Best In You

Some of the most important things in life can be found within you — and that is your best attitude and talent. By the time you reach this age, you might have already discovered the thing you are most passionate about, and you should work hard to develop it. Forget all the criticisms they are throwing to you because they cannot really help you in any way.

Instead, you can turn it into inspiration to work even harder so in the future, you can stand up and show them the person you have become — the person who kept on learning by experience is a great person now who is contented in life.

Appreciate Other People

All these years, we are sure that you have encountered a lot of people who helped you to be where you are right now. There is no definite sign whether they will stay in your life forever or for a longer time, or if they only came to teach you something.

Regardless of their purpose, you should be able to take the chance to thank them for being part of your life and for showing you important things that you will carry for the rest of your life.

Appreciate Yourself

Aside from appreciating others, you should learn to appreciate yourself, too. Doing this does not only mean you care so much for yourself, but it is also a sign that whoever you are, you love yourself, and that is one of the most important things you should learn as you grow up. When you grow even older, you will realize that you only have yourself, so you better treat yourself life by loving every inch of you.

Choose Who You Trust

Of course, if there is someone who can serve as your guide, there are also be people who will try to bring you down. Trust is something you should give to someone deserving, and you can easily spot who you can trust by looking straight into their eyes and feeling if they are sincere enough to become part of your life.

Your Efforts Are Not Wasted

You spent the last few years building yourself and honing your talents to bring you the chance to be contented in life. There are some people who will not notice your efforts and handworks in building yourself, but it does not mean that your efforts are not important. You should always remind yourself that it is your future that you are building, not theirs.

So you should live your life the way you want to, but live it using the best and righteous way.

You Are Not Alone

There will be days where you will feel like no one is on your side like no one can ever understand you ever. But you have your friends and family, and they are all just waiting for you to approach them.

Telling yourself that you are not alone in this battle can make you feel even stronger and contented in life, and once you felt all these things, you will know that the most important things happen because you have so many people around you are tirelessly supporting you.

It’s Better To Be Alone Sometimes

There will be times that you will find comfort in staying alone, and that is okay. Sometimes, going alone in pursuit of learning by experience is the best one, most especially when you want to seek for self-growth. You are an adult now, you can explore more about your self to find the important things in life by traveling alone, or talking with your inner self sometimes.

You’ll Find Peace in Silence

Just like the previous number, you will feel contented in life if you can also find peace in silence. There are times when your whole world seemed to be in chaos, like everything around you is on the verge of falling apart. You should stand still and be the strongest wall for yourself, protecting your life from anything that can destroy you.

The peace that you can find in silence is one of the most important things you should discover. Once you do, you will hear your heartbeats more, and that is when you will realize that you are contented in life.

Your Family Should Always Be Your Priority

From this stage onward, your time will be more focused on other things — be it your job, new relationships, new hobbies. But you should not forget about your family, most especially your parents.

You are growing older, but your parents are not growing any younger anymore. Spend more time with them and tell them how much you love them. Time is only wasted when you are not using it properly.

Do Not Worry So Much About Your Responsibility

You may feel more pressured with your responsibilities now, but worrying so much about it will only bring discontentment and anxiety in your life. The most important things in life can be achieved if you take your responsibility at your own pace.

Do not force yourself to get the things you should not be getting yet. Focus on the present more. Once you think you are strong enough to plan for the future, then you can start little by little.

Peace Can Also Be Found Somewhere Else

As we have mentioned, peace can be found in silence. But it can also be found somewhere else. Peace is the feeling you feel when the most important things in life no longer become a burden to you. These important things now only give you the opportunity to learn by experience.

You can go on hiking or trekking, or you can simply do the thing you love the most. Keeping yourself at peace is one way of putting everything in order, and that is where contentment starts.

If You Cannot Speak, Write

Too often we get too overwhelmed with our feelings that we always want to say it loud. But rather than speaking and using words that can hurt people, let it all out by writing. If you got hurt, or sad, or anything, writing it down can help you ease the pain and the thoughts that are currently clouding your mind.

You know, having a journal can track your experiences in life. Once you reread them again, you will know that you have accomplished something without even knowing how. So write, write your feelings and thoughts until you feel like you are at peace now.

Time is Precious

It is accurate, and scary, how we can exist right now without knowing when everything will end. Instead of worrying, learn how to manage time and prioritize the most important things in life. As the saying always goes, time is gold, and it is one of the most important things you can give to yourself.

When you are 20, you will notice how the things that were once so slow to be developed became so instantly blooming now. Just like yourself.

Invest On Few Friends

You are adding more to your age, but you are losing more people — friends — as you grow up, but that is okay. Investing your time, effort, and life to a very few friends can eliminate or reduce your risk of developing anxiety since a few circles of friends can also bring peace. You do not need a huge group of friends to be happy.

Know God

You will know and feel the greatest contentment in life only if you let God rule over your life. Sometimes, we become so successful that we forget who is the one behind all our victories in life. At 20, no matter how many achievements you get or acknowledgments you receive, at the end of the day, it is always important to kneel down and take a chance to thank God who has been blessing you all your life that you successfully reached this age.

Fulfillment and contentment are the greatest when you know God, and you always have to look at Him and say how grateful you are to Him for giving you your life.