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How to Be the Best Girlfriend

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May 22, 2020

Relationships are difficult to handle. You can’t stay happy all the time. The first few months might be great, but after you’ve been together for so long, you will abruptly feel the bumps on the roads. You can’t just give up easily once everything is a mess, right?

The truth is you need to exert a lot of effort to answer your query about how to be the best girlfriend. Of course, many women would want to be the best girlfriend their man could ever have.

You should impress her not just in the beginning but also throughout the relationship. Yes, it is easy to make him fall in love, but the challenge here is how you can make him stick by your side.

If you are madly in love with your partner, you must strive hard just to be labeled as a common type of girlfriend. So whether love is still new or going stronger for quite some time now, you still should learn how to be the best girlfriend.

It may sound impossible, but working out on a relationship goals checklist could help you monitor the things you should and not do while in a relationship. If there is something you need to work on now, evaluate yourself, and change it.

Here is the complete guide we have listed below so that you won’t get confused about the things that will turn you into the best!


1. Be yourself

2. Support your partner

3. Appreciate him

4. Be understanding

5. Communicate

6. Take care of yourself.

7. Be nice to his friends and family.

8. Stay faithful

1. Be yourself

Be yourself

It is essential that you first learn who you are so that you won’t have any pretensions in a relationship. You should know your value more than anyone else. Don’t play around trying to be someone you are not. Aside from that, it is hard for you to fool yourself, your boyfriend will surely notice it.

No matter how much you hate your flaws or imperfections, you must learn to embrace them. You will be afraid at first to show him your sides that weren’t that pretty, but everything gets better once you feel comfortable in your own skin. You should not let your boyfriend decide who you are as a person. Only you can do that.

You can’t be the best girlfriend if you are not at your best self. Remember that if you are already happy and complete within yourself, it will no longer be hard for you to extend that happiness to your partner and your relationship. So, to be the best girlfriend, you should first start it with yourself. Everything will fall into place after that.

2. Support your partner

Support your partner

One of the most important qualities that boys are looking for in a girl is someone who can support and cheer them up at any time of the day. If he is trying his best to finish his goals, encourage him. Don’t stop him from aiming for the things he planned in his life.

You can be supportive in many ways. If he feels frustrated with his career, make sure you talk to him. If he is able to achieve something, make sure that you are the first person to come home too to celebrate the good news.

Anything that you can do for the well-being of your boyfriend, do it. You can also make a relationship goal checklist for this.

Boys would usually lose interest when their girlfriends aren’t doing anything to make them feel good about themselves. Sometimes, instead of supporting, you end up nagging him, which can be very tiring on his part. You should let him know that in everything that he does, you got his back.

Check on him about anything that could possibly cause him a lot of stress.

3. Appreciate him

Appreciate him

Girls love to be showered with affection. That’s a fact. However, they often forget that their boyfriends also have their needs that require a lot of affection and care too. No matter how maturely they handle their problems, they still need someone to boost their self-esteem in order to fight back again.

You should at least compliment him in the simple things that he does for you, for his family, and for himself. If he looks good with his new cut, praise him. If he reaches some milestones, send him gifts. If he has a new apartment you can buy well-designed furniture for his new home, Boys need to be spoiled too.

They also need to know how it feels like to be showered with affections and real consistency. Don’t ever stop making him feel good so that your relationship will be as dashing as ever.

4. Be understanding

Be understanding

At the start of the relationship, it is first easy to fight and makes it through the day. However, as time goes by, where the problem arises, everything gets horrible on both sides. So, make sure that you carry with you the good qualities that he once liked about you.

If he is busy with his errands in life, try to understand where you stand in his priorities in life. Even if you are in a relationship, he still has a life to live, and you should understand that as his girl.

When he is in a bad mood, try not to worsen the fight by cooling down instead of raising your voice and telling him things you don’t mean to. You should also learn some long-distance relationship tips to make it work even if he is miles away from you.

5. Communicate


You should know why communication is crucial in a relationship. Everything fades if communication is not something you both value. No matter how busy you get, make sure to spend some quality time together to ignite the love you have for each other.

If you and your boyfriend are always fighting, make sure that you don’t let a day pass without reconciliation. Listen to his side and try to figure out how you can solve it together. The problem is your enemy, and you should fight it together, not against each other.

Once he has confessed his side, open up yours too. Both of you should have equal rights to anything. If there are things you have not yet decipher in your conversation, ask him about it one more time.

This will save you from assuming things that weren’t there in the first place. Do not let lack of communication ruin the relationship that you try so hard to save. Make it a hobby to listen and be heard so that problems can be fixed easily.

6. Take care of yourself.

Take care of yourself.

The problem with a girl is that they only make themselves beautiful and healthy at the start of the relationship. It is a common error for some. Your boyfriend likes you for being the person that you are during the courting stage. You try so hard to impress him, too, by making sure you look good and smell good, right?

But why is it that everything gets boring and ugly once you get used to the person? Well, to be the best girlfriend, you should be consistent in making yourself pretty and healthy.

You don’t have to be very beautiful in order to win his heart all the time. You just need a little effort to make sure that you look good in his eyes. The best person you showed him before should be the same or upgraded version of yourself.

In this way, you are igniting passion and his interest in you. If you look great, your boyfriend will surely appreciate it and will get more excited to see you every day.

We all know that love should be accompanied by attractiveness in order for the relationship to last long. You should not stop going to the gym or taking supplements in order for you to be fit and healthy.

Watch your diet so that you can maintain your figure. Let’s accept it. Boys love to see their girlfriends in their best shape and gorgeous look. So why won’t you work hard for it, right?

7. Be nice to his friends and family.

Be nice to his friends and family.

His family and friends are one of the most important people in his life. So make sure that you take some time to get to know them and get along with them. You can’t be totally happy with your relationship if you know down there that you are not on good terms with his family and friends.

So show him that the people he loves are also the people that you are willing to love. It will be easy for you to achieve some of the relationship goals checklists that you have made for the both of you if you continue to take part in different areas of his life.

8. Stay faithful

Stay faithful

You can only be labelled as the best girlfriend if you know how to stay faithful with one person only. You should be kind enough to think of what he feels if you flirt with other guys.

Don’t throw away the trust he invested by doing things that makes him jealous all the time. Others would say that even if you are the most beautiful person on earth if you don’t avoid the things that will ruin the relationship, the ending will always be sad.



It is important that you value the love you have for each other. For you to do this, you need to be the best girlfriend he could ever have in his lifetime. So stop all the bad inhibitions you have in your body and do the things you have read above.

You will never go wrong in impressing him and doing consistent things that will be beneficial for the whole relationship to last and prosper!

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