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How To Feel Loved

Written by Aochealth Team

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April 18, 2020

Love is a wonderful feeling. It can give you a certain type of vibe or happiness that nothing can compare to. Everything seems easy when love is present in our life. It can make your well-being healthy that radiates your life’s success.

However, we sometimes fail to receive it from the people around us. Love becomes a weakness when it is not enough.

The rejection we received from other people seems to drive us from doing better and attracting happiness. When we feel unloved, we start to question everything that happens, including your strengths and talents.

This is something that you should learn to eradicate in your life in order to avoid loneliness. You should be responsible and aware of the type of connection you need instead of putting yourself in a box of misery.

So, are you feeling unloved today? What if that type of feeling can be eradicated if you think positively?

Yes, it may be painful and hollow right now, but everything will fade away once you change your mindset.

Have you ever wondered how to make it possible?

Well, happiness begins when you are ready to attract the love that you deserve with these eight ways we’ve compiled below! Check it out now to save yourself from loneliness and others too.


1. Love Yourself

Love Yourself

You should never skip the first step for you to feel loved at the end of this article successfully.

Loving yourself is the key for you to finally open up your mind and know that you are valuable. You don’t need any validation from other people to prove your worth as a person. If someone makes you feel unloved, don’t think that you are flawed.

Yes, you do have flaws, but if you learn to love yourself, your weaknesses will turn out amazing. No one on this planet is walking correctly. So, don’t unlove yourself because of your attributes that aren’t perfect. Embrace your strengths and weaknesses because no one can do it for you but yourself.

So, what do you need to do for you to love yourself?

Well, you should do things that make you feel alive and happy. For example, if you feel good when going shopping or going to salons, do it. Everything that makes you feel so glad is beneficial for you to feel loved in life.

If you are committed to something that makes you feel tired and sad, it is time for you to reevaluate things and leave them behind as you move forward. The world is already massive, so you don’t have negativities to add to your burden. Please don’t ever hold on to something that is no longer helping you grow as a person, may it be your loved ones or your work, it’s not worth it.

Remember that if you learn to love yourself, what other people think of you no longer matters.

That’s when you can learn to enjoy alone without feeling lonely and sad. Stress can also make you feel unloved, so make sure to get enough rest. You should take some time to take a breather and forget about your responsibilities to freshen up your mind, body, and soul.

No one can a man make you feel the love that you genuinely need except yourself. And if you learn to love yourself, it won’t be hard for you to share the love with other people that need it too.

2. Appreciate the Little Things

Appreciate the Little Things

Even the little things matter if you’re still wondering how to feel loved. Instead of thinking about the big things that can make you happy, focus on the things that you neglect.

If you learn to appreciate the little things, what more can you expect from the best things that will come to your life?

For example, instead of thinking about your job promotion can be accepted or not, think of your position as a blessing already. So that you have nothing to expect that can either build you or reject you.

You can get love from anything and anyone. When we talk about love, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we get it from romantic relationships. Think about your family and your real friends.

The time that they invest talking to you is already proof that they love you. It is hard to find a partner that will make you so happy, that’s why you have to value other relationships such as friendship.

Happiness begins in your heart. Even the strangers you met every day can contribute exhilaration to your life. If you share a smile with them while walking along the street, they will probably smile back, which will create happiness in your heart.

If you love to commute from work to home, you can share a simple conversation with the passenger beside you. In this case, you are starting to appreciate the small things without asking for more. Remember that it is so vital that you are contented with the little things in your life for you to be truly loved and happy.

3. Change Your Mindset

Change Your Mindset

Aside from loving yourself, you must start thinking about positive things to attract happiness. Stop creating negative scenarios in your mind that will kill the little hope inside you.

If you believe that you are not loved, and you will never receive love, nothing will happen. You should focus on the things that will make you think that the love you need is already here.

Because it is the truth, love is around you. And you are receiving it from the people that you think less about.

We all deserve the love this world has, but sometimes it has something to do with how you visualize and accept it. You should recognize the love that your family, true friends, or colleagues are giving you before you can find romantic love for you.

The love you received from these people may not be as much as you want to experience with a partner, but their love keeps you going every day.

For example, if a true friend checks on you and how you are doing with your life, that’s an act of love. If your mother always makes sure that you eat before going to work, that, too, is an act of love that you should not neglect.

So, as you start with loving yourself, make sure that your positive mindset comes next.

Give each and everyone the chance of making you feel loved, don’t block them from doing it. If you keep on pushing yourself to believe that you are not loved enough, your mind has the power to make it turns these things into reality.

Your mind should be your number 1 friend in supporting you for eternal love, and that’s where happiness begins.

4. Be Compassionate

Be Compassionate

Sometimes, it falls to be generous and compassionate if you want to be happy. Finding love to happen to us is easy, but have you ever thought about giving love to others too? If you wish to receive the love you need, you better give the love you need.

It is a process that everyone must be responsible for keeping the world smiling. You can be happy with providing even without receiving any. That’s the secret to happiness.

For example, if you want people to be kind to you, are you treating them the same?

If you want them to smile at you, aren’t you frowning as you see them?

Maybe you want them to know you better, are you doing anything to know them too?

If you’re going to be praised by the good things that are you applauding your hands when they achieve something also?

You need to reflect and evaluate yourself and how you treat other people. It is a domino effect. If you do good, they follow you and do good things too. You can’t expect to receive the amount of love that you need if you are not giving any to them. You should start the change in a peaceful and generous environment to attract happiness.

5. Always Communicate

Always Communicate

Most people felt that they are not loved because they fail to communicate with the person.

Make sure to take some time to talk to someone and express how you feel towards each other, most notably with your family. Lack of communication often leads to teenage pregnancy, which is a big problem in the world right now.

The conversation you share with the people must be authentic so that you won’t miss any feeling that you both deserve.

A dull good morning to your parents can initiate a conversation that is healthy for your well-being. If other people don’t talk first, you have to start the conversation to make them feel valued.

6. Get a Pet

Get a Pet

Little did everyone know that getting a pet is one of the most effective ways to feel loved. Yes! You’ve read that right. You can get love not just from people but from animals too.

There is a specific type of love that only a dog or a cat can give you. Aside from their loyalty to you, you will surely have someone by your side no matter what the situation is.

Studies show that there is a specific type of love hormone name oxytocin that you can get from adopting a dog.

Of course, just by merely looking at their innocent faces, you can be happy and loved. The way they can alleviate the sadness in you is enough reason for getting one.

7. Evaluate the Love You Need in a Committed Relationship

Evaluate the Love You Need in a Committed Relationship

It is no question that romantic love can make you feel loved like never before. It is the number one source of the love of other people. But before it develops into a committed relationship, make sure to evaluate what you want and what you need from your partner.

You must have a specific idea of what love should be like with your partner.

For example, you should examine if you want him or her to be always available for you, clingy, matured, workaholic, exerts a lot of effort in the relationship, and a lot more. You don’t an expensive gift from a partner. What you need is a person that’s ideal for you and don’t like to make your heart sad.

8. Invest Time for Your Spiritual Being

Invest Time for Your Spiritual Being

You must value your relationship with God too. Don’t forget that your spiritual being is part of your life also.

Make sure that it is not only your body and mind that is healthy but also your spirit. You can do this by joining worship groups or anything that will bring you closer to the creator of every humankind.

The emptiness inside you can be filled with words that are worthy of your soul. It is one of the easiest ways to heal the wounds you’ve been dealing with for a long time. You should be the very first person that can beware of what went wrong and at which part should you heal and forget.

Find your true purpose in life by accompanying it with a healthy spirit who is ready to take on any challenge to attract the love and happiness you deserve.



Now that you have read the answer to your question, “How to feel loved?”, it will soon be easy for you to start over and realized your worth as a person who is very unusual and well-loved by the people around you.

Remember that you must be the first person to proclaim the love you received every day for you to develop compassion and successfully fill whatever hollow feeling you felt inside you.

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