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How to Have Fun at School for Troubled Teens

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April 19, 2020

Students usually spend most of their time at school; that’s why attending classes get tiring and boring in the long process.

School is only fresh for the first few months, and everything becomes uninteresting, especially for troubled teens. Sometimes they only go to school because they need it, although it is no question that they don’t want it.

If they didn’t fight back the boredom, most of these troubled teens would skip classes leading to a series of drop out from their subjects. 

However, little did everyone knows that there is life and fun in school if they just know how to connect to the things that awaken their interests. There are a lot of school activities and school clubs that will stop the monotonous experience they struggle at attending school. Have you ever wondered what the things that can give your school a total fun place ideal for learning are?

No worries! We have listed below all the essential tips that you can check out right away!


1. Buy all types of school supplies that you want.

Buy all types of school supplies that you want

The best tip for troubled teens to get motivated in attending school is to let them buy all the school supplies or educational materials that they want to have. It doesn’t matter if they need it or not.

Your goal is for them to be interested in school stuff, so you should support them with everything, including these materials. Let them choose the supplies they want because they have their own ways of designing them.

Keep in mind that teens who go to school with complete supplies perform best because these materials drive them to do better in school works and projects. They feel good and confident when they know they have everything inside their bags rather than having nothing.

Of course, when you don’t have the materials needed, would you still be happy and motivated to do the tasks? Certainly not! So, let them show their skills by letting them explore the school with handy hands.

2. Choose the right teachers and classmates.

Choose the right teachers and classmates

The main reason why school is annoying is that you are not with the right people. Especially during classes, you are just sitting in a four-walled classroom, stuck with the lessons.

Everything will turn out amazing if the teacher you are listening to is someone who ignites your mind and awakens your cognitive skills as a student. Every teacher has different teaching styles. Some would like their students to learn by doing while others would prefer lecturing the whole lesson. You will know if he is the right teacher for you if you’re having fun during his or her classes or your student years.

Your school courses should be well selected too, for you to attend the classes that you are most interested in. Furthermore, you must have at least two or more close friends out of 40+ or above students in your classroom.

Why is this so? You will enjoy more when you are doing activities and projects with the people that you want to be with most of the school time.

3. Be with your friends during break time.

Be with your friends during break time

Taking breaks during school time is a vital tool for troubled teens to have a breather from anything that exhausted them. Student years mean you have to go to school at 6-8 hours maximum just like adults going to work, they also need to take time-outs to rest their mind and body.

Being in school means you have to use your brain most of the time, and we are all aware that our brain’s capacity to analyze or absorb things has its limit. So, it is very important not to stress out or overworked with any school projects and exams.

You have to go out to your room and find a place that is refreshing for your eyes and serene to your ears. If your friends are too, it is the best time for you to meet and talk about the things that aren’t school-related.

Yes, you’ve read that right. Don’t use your time thinking about school stuff because it will only drain you out. Enjoy your free time eating your favorite snacks or watching your favorite movies.

If you’re lucky enough to stroll outside the campus, the better, you can go window shopping with friends or play arcade games. In this way, you will be able to laugh your heart out, releasing the stress you are feeling.

Make sure you enjoy everything so that you will have enough enthusiasm to go back to your classes once the break time is over.

4. Get enough rest.

Always have enough sleep.

Rest takes a vital role if you want your school day to be fun. How can you engage in a series of activities if you are sleepy and tired? When you get a night of good sleep, everything gets easier said and done.

Lack of sleep is the number one reason why people get stress right away. It causes their minds to function slowly, making it harder for troubled teens to keep up with the lessons too.

If you are bombarded with a lot of projects, make sure to manage your time very well. It is not worthy of stressing out to things just because you can’t control them from happening. The same goes for the rejection you get in school.

Please know that rejections are normal. It doesn’t make you look bad as a student. If there’s something that you fail doing, accept defeat, learn from it, and then take a rest. Your mistakes are meant to be corrected but not stressed about. Every fulfilling school experience comes with failures and rejections.

5. Join a school club that interests you.

Join a school club that interests you

Engaging yourself in extracurricular activities can make your school life fun and livelier. Since there are various school clubs and organizations in the school, you should join the ones that you love to or perform.

In this way, you will not only develop your talent, but you will also socialize with other people that have the same wavelength or interest as you.

Remember that even if you attend school, it doesn’t mean that you will neglect your passion for other things such as writing, singing, playing instruments, and more. You can multitask everything if you just learn to manage your time.

Joining a group that you’re curious about that you want to explore isn’t bad also. So, don’t hesitate and pick a club now for you to pursue the other things that are important to your life.

6. Don’t settle your homework at school.

Don't settle your homework at school.

If your professors give you homework, make sure that you do them at home. The best time to do it is right after you eat your dinner and before you go to bed. In this way, you will be able to finish it on time, to avoid cramming the following day.

We know it is a lot of struggle to be home with school stuff to do. But you will not surely like it if you do your homework in school in a limited time. It will only ruin your day because you will be stressing yourself of doing them in a small amount of time.

Furthermore, doing your homework at home with your friends makes it more productive for you to finish is fast and accurate since you can brainstorm ideas.

7. Don’t stress yourself.

Don't stress yourself.

Just like what we have discussed in the tips above, stressing yourself won’t do you any good.

If you want to have fun at school, be cool enough to learn and be active in activities with fewer expectations. You don’t have to be on top during student years, or you don’t have to get an honorable award just to prove to yourself that you are learning.

You will only succeed in school once you master time management and stress. Stress is inevitable, but don’t be walking-human stress by taking everything seriously. You should learn how to attract happiness.

Live in the moment and try to avoid stressful situations as much as possible. If you have ways to cope with school stress such as jogging, running, or taking a break, the better, make sure that you find some time to relax your mind, body, and soul to keep you hype up with different school experiences and learnings.

8. Ask for help.

Ask for help.

Studying is not easy, most especially for troubled teens. However, everything that is heavy can get through with hands ready to help.

For example, if you’re having a hard time with a lesson, it is best to approach the teacher and ask about it. If your classmates or friends can help you understand it, you can also count on them.

School is like a home where you ask for help once difficult tasks are given. Communicate if there’s something you want to ask about because keeping it to yourself will only make it harder for you to find the solutions to your problems successfully.

9. Get some motivation to keep you going.

Get some motivation to keep you going

There are a lot of things that motivate you as a person, may it be things, people, animals, and more. For troubled teens, they must have something to look forward to each school day.

It will help them enjoy school life if something interesting to them happens that day. For example, during MWF, they get to attend their preferred school clubs, it will enhance the urge in their hearts to go to school since it is something they like doing. For TTH, they have a lot of vacant time that enables them to do other things or to relax at home.

Whatever motivation they can get is essential to work things out with fun and happiness.



The whole life of these troubled teens doesn’t only revolve in school; that’s why they need to have fun in every aspect of their lives. Aside from preparing the school materials they need, their motivation must come from within and the people they are within school. If they learn the tips mentioned above, it will not be hard for them to finish school with fun, so with life waiting ahead for them to conquer.

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