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How to Know If a Girl Likes You for Real

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July 2, 2020

It is hard to understand how other girls like boys. If you are a boy, you will have second thoughts all the time because you don’t usually dig into more in-depth information about how to know if a girl likes you for real.

You look at the way she treats you and nothing more. However, girls are naturally sweet. So, you wouldn’t be able to quickly identify if she is just friendly or flirting with you.

Whether you like the girl or you are just curious, it is still essential to know how she feels for you. It is one way of saving yourself from assuming things that weren’t there in the first place.

If she likes you and the feeling’s not mutual, you can distance yourself so that she won’t fall harder. Although it is hard for you to find out the right crush signs that she’s showing since boys are very slow in reading the signs.

Furthermore, it will be harder to understand when you have feelings for a girl. Because in everything she does, you’ll think it’s exceptional and nostalgic.

But women are born naturally with innate thinking and actions that are unpredictable. So, what are really the tips for you to understand if the girl is interested in you?

Does she have to spend most of her time with you? Is there something you can do to make her fall in love with you? These are just some of the questions you might have in mind.

We have compiled all the tips and signs to answer the question, “how to know if a girl likes you for real?” Check them out below.


1. She is nervous around you

2. She pays attention when you are talking to her

3. She will make a way to talk to you

4. She teases you

5. She randomly texts you

6. She remembers everything you say

7. She looks at you

8. Notice how her friends react when you are together

1. She is nervous around you.

She is nervous around you.


When a girl is really into you, she won’t be able to handle your presence well. She will act uncomfortable or nervous when you are around. You will notice this if she acts shy when you talk to her or when she blushes even if you do little things that weren’t that special.

Of course, she will act minimal because she is trying to impress you too. Real feelings are hard to fight and hard to hide. So instead of acting cool, she might end up struggling to talk to you or laugh at your jokes. It is one way to play safe since less talk means fewer mistakes.

As much as she wanted to get closer to you, she wouldn’t be able to do it because of the butterflies she feels in her stomach when shes’s with you. She is afraid to act clumsy in front of you because you might get turn off or worst dislike her.

However, you should be able to understand a girl that wants you but is shy around you and the ones who are not interested in you. If she always pulls away or giving you signals such as facial expressions that she’s irritated to see you, that is not her defense mechanism.

Save yourself and understand that she doesn’t feel the same way.

2. She pays attention when you are talking to her.

She pays attention when you are talking to her.


No matter how shy a girl gets when she likes you, you will always have her full attention when you talk to her.

She maintains eye contact when you’re talking here, and her attention will never be undivided no matter how noisy or overcrowded the place is.

If she looks at you and then looks away after seconds, this could also mean that she likes you but won’t let you know it by how she adores looking at you.

Make sure to stare back so that you will know if you have that type of effect on her.

Additionally, you can talk about anything you want to. That’s how other girls like boys.

They will show how interested they are to what you are saying. She will also end up asking you to follow up questions so that she’ll know you better.

It is her way of knowing you more with her pure intentions of getting close to you. There is some energy that will hook you up with the conversation, as the topic of your lives flows naturally without getting bored.

3. She will make a way to talk to you.

She will make a way to talk to you.


This is one of the most obvious crush signs. Surely, when you like a person, you wanted to have constant communication with that person.

Some would even save messages or record them to reread them once the conversation is over.

However, you should bear in mind that some girls like to talk to you when they’ve got important matters to discuss.

Most especially if she is your friend, it is normal that she calls you or texts you.

But if she is acting differently from how your girlfriends treat you, like sending you messages more often, complimenting you, then maybe your instinct is right that she likes you.

3. She teases you

She teases you


Girls like it very much to tease the boys that they want.

It is one way to get closer to the person, even if it means you have to irritate him a little bit. If she teases you, she will have the chance to get your attention.

She wants to make sure that you are both building a connection by making each other laugh and irritating at the same time.

When you tease a person, there a specific type of never that will be awakened, making shortcuts in her way to your heart.

The only reason why she does that is to get close to you, then no one else can. Teasing someone “nicely” is what builds a close relationship.

Teasing someone at the sweet spot requires the right tone, the right language, and at the right time.

You might think, “Wow that sounds a lot of work!” but if you know that person well and have developed a deep and quality, relationship with him/her, this teasing (affectionate teasing) should come naturally during your conversations and add a lot of fun to it too.

However, if she’s planning to impress you by poking you or by calling your names, make sure that the way she teases you is not that harsh.

Your weakness should not be used against you because if she does, she is just insulting you, and that is way too different from teasing.

4. She randomly texts you.

She randomly texts you.


When girls like boys, they are active texters. They will always find a way to message you about anything under the sun.

Even the simple questions that are answerable by yes or no are thrown to you.

If you replied to her and her texts you back quickly with a lot of humor or topic, this could mean that she doesn’t want the conversation to end.

They are the same as boys. When you’re not interested in the person, it will take you days to text back, right?

The same thing that girls feel when they are not interested in you. However, if you are lucky enough that she likes you, you should expect a reply right away, until both of you can’t stop texting each other.

Just make sure that you are not playing hard to get. Text her back if you like her or else she’ll lose interest with you.

5. She remembers everything you say

She remembers everything you say


Since we have stated above that girls like to give you all their attention to the boy they like, you should also expect her to remember everything you say.

Even the little things that you say matters like where to buy the best furniture for your house.

She remembers your favorite color, favorite team, and even your errands in life, such as school staff and workloads.

Moreover, if you have told her about a special day where you have to perform a certain task, she might end up texting you good luck.

6. She looks at you

She looks at you


Girls’ eyes don’t lie with them like a boy. This is one of the most common crush signs for girls.

They can’t help it to not look at the person when they are around. They won’t be able to hide those glances. If you catch her staring at you, that could be a good sign that she’s into you.

You will notice her avoiding your gaze because she doesn’t want to make it too obvious. You are lucky enough if you caught her staring and then respond a smile afterward.

7. Notice how her friends react when you are together

Notice how her friends react when you are together


The way her friends react when you around say a lot about how she feels for you.

Of course, she must have shared her secret of adoration with her friends, so they know everything about how she feels for you.

If they start to laugh, whisper to each other, or encouraging you to be alone with her, that’s an obvious sign that she likes you for real.



To find out if a girl likes you not could one of the most difficult things to do as a man. However, with the right tips you have read above, it will not be too hard for you to identify if she feels the same way too.

Again, you should not assume, not unless you’ve noticed her doing the signs in this context.

Don’t stop until you’ve got the answer to the questions you have in mind.

Or better yet plan your next move and learn how to impress a girl to win her heart no matter what she feels about you right now! Good luck!

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