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Here's Why You Should Reconnect To Your Parents, Grandparents NOW 2

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May 30, 2020

We are all getting older, but we must not forget that our parents and grandparents are growing older, too.

You must have grown so much now that you became too busy to keep you from seeing your elderly loved ones.

But you should still reserve some time to visit them regularly and not just because they experience urgent cases like a near-death experience.

Maybe you can recall how they sacrificed their time and youth when you came into this world, and you may also remember how much you always wanted to be with them.

They always made time to make sure that you would not get lonely when they were not around since they needed to go to work.

This time, you should be the one to support them as they age as much as how they helped you during your youth. Your support now that they are old should be one of your top priorities, and you should grant them with your time.

Without your family, your life would not be the same so you should take a step back and look at where they are now.

While they are still here, you should spend time with them because the home will not always be around.

It is better to have time off at work now than to regret in the future when they become ill or pass away how you failed to see them when they are still healthy and well. That alone should wake you up and make you realize that your family should be your top priority.

After years of working for us, our parents and grandparents are no longer as spirited as before, and their lives now become something like a burden for them.

So if the grandchildren raised by grandparents will visit them, they will surely be happier than before. Do not wait until it is too late, or let them file for grandparents rights for visitation just to see you.

You should willfully see them as soon as possible and show them that you have been great, too.

The following reasons might give you an idea of why visiting them and checking them out can lead them to have a happy and healthy aging process.


1. It will make them happy.

2. It will prevent adult abuse.

3. It will help you learn about their current health status

4. It will create more memories in the future

1. It will make them happy.

It will make them happy

For grandparents who filed for death with dignity before, definitely they have gone through pain as they felt alone since no one ever visited them.

In order for you to prevent this, you should start contacting your parents and grandparents again since visits from family members can prevent them from feeling isolated and lonely.

Whenever you pay a visit to them, they may be happy to have a company, and this will boost and stimulate the release of endorphins — the positive hormones responsible for lowering stress levels of an individual.

Whenever you are giving them your time, you are also keeping emotionally engaged to them.

Again, this can bring another health benefit as it can prevent them from having high blood pressure or developing depression and anxiety that their loneliness is causing them. Aside from preventing them to have a near-death experience due to stress and aging.

Spending time with your parents and grandparents is the key to make them happy. There are grandchildren raised by grandparents who are not closed with their parents since they have to work somewhere far, but they should know that their sacrifices should not cause a rift among the family.

It is true that giving your family time will make them happy as it is an essential factor that helps you to create strong bonds, love, connections, and better relationships.

When they are happy, they can cope with challenges even when you are not around them again. That way, you will be sure that they can take care of them all the time. Making them happy is also the best way for you to show affection, appreciation, and encouragement.

To help you build a strong and happy family, you can do the following things when you got the chance to reconnect with them:

  • Prepare a sumptuous meal. We all know that eating together after a long time can bring back the “old” times feeling to our parents and grandparents. Maybe you can cook their favorite food or let them try something that can boost their health.
  • Stay home together. Visiting them does not always mean you need to bring them out to have a family day outside. Spending time at home is still better than having a competition with other families outside for a seat in the cinema or restaurant.
  • Celebrate your family history. In order to practice their memory while bringing back your family memories, you can share details and stories about what you remember doing with them when you were still a child. You can also grab all your photo albums and retell the memories, stories, and adventures you made before.

2. It will prevent adult abuse.

It will prevent adult abuse. ht 2

If your parents and grandparents are currently staying in a home for the aged or retirement home, they surely deserve it more to have you visit them most especially when you have a family problem and to see each other is nearly impossible since they need to ask for visitation in order to see their grandchildren.

This is a long process that some grandparents have to undergo most especially when they are not on good terms with their family. What made this even more tricky is that this can sometimes lead to adult abuse.

Most elderly experience verbal and emotional abuse and they are rarely acknowledged, let alone addressed.

Both emotional and abuse to the elderly, for example, your parents and grandparents at the retirement home, can have long term effects on the victim that they sometimes request to have death with dignity most especially when no one is there to understand their situation.

There is a lot of elder abuse and neglect, and they are the following:

  • Physical abuse – it includes slapping, hitting, punching, or throwing items at an elder.
  • Emotional abuse – when the retirement home or the other family members show hostility towards your parents and grandparents, it can be considered as emotional abuse.
  • Sexual abuse – sadly, some elderly also experience this kind of assault. Most of them fail to hide the proof that they are being abused like this, such as bruising of the breast and inner thigh. They also develop post-traumatic syndrome and fear of touch when this happens over and over again.

If you can visit them regularly to ensure that they are just doing fine, then you can prevent any of the aforementioned abuses and protect your parents and grandparents from abusers.

Maltreatments also cause grandparents’ rights for visitation to be approved, though you do not want to reach that point at all since they could face near-death experience because of that.

But still, as much as possible, it is better for them to be home. No matter how busy you are, ensuring their safety and health is still the best one to have among the other riches in this world.

3. It will help you learn about their current health status.

It will help you learn abut their current health status 2

Those grandchildren raised by grandparents tend to feel more responsible in knowing the current state of the adult. But either your parents or grandparents should receive equal support whenever you check their health status.

Connecting with them will give you more time and a chance to know their health as they age. Your job is to grow up and become an independent adult.

But it is also your job to reconnect with them and track their health just how they tracked yours when you were growing up.

Though communication among people may vary since they all have different viewpoints, you should be the one to understand them more now since no matter how old you get, you are still responsible for your parent’s and grandparents’ wellbeing and safety to avoid near-death experience when you are not around.

When the elderly reach their peak age, they tend to think of the ways not to be a burden, so they will refuse to talk about their health to you as much as possible.

So you should be the one to initiate as this will also lessen the possibility of them thinking about death with dignity instead of dying because of the illness that you failed to notice.

4. It will create more memories in the future

It will create more memories in the future

Those grandchildren raised by grandparents and parents surely got one of the happiest memories compared to others.

Maybe you experienced to have a summer vacation with them or celebrated holidays with them. This time, it is your turn to help them forget their near-death experience and help them recover by making more memories with them.

Their memories with you, though they are older now, can help them build and complete their whole lives here on Earth. Just by simply reconnecting with them, you are making their worldview whole, and you are making them happy as they spend their last moments here.

It is common for everyone to simply remember what they did this morning, this afternoon before they sleep, but the memories you can give to adults can make them forget about the negative emotions that developed when they almost had a near-death experience.

Every present-day experience you can give to your parents and grandparents of being cared for will give them memories that you love and care for them, and you will be making their unconscious state timeless no matter how old they are.

There are a lot of reasons why you should drop what you are doing now and make memories with your parents and grandparents instead.

Those moments are what they will cherish since you have a powerful emotional impact on them. You became the reason why they are still here now, and you can express gratitude just by visiting them from time to time.

Leaving your chance to do so is not worth it. You should create special memories for them the way they created most of yours while you were growing up.

We know that you get tired, you sometimes feel lazy, too. But if you want to create memories with them, you have to make them.

You already made big strides with your life while their health continues to deteriorate. There are some special times that you never took the time to revel in.

You can ask yourself: when was the last time you celebrated your birthday with them? Or when was the last time you made their birthdays extra special? Though you had downs before, celebrating how you overcame those obstacles together is worth appreciating.

Aside from making memories, you can also build milestones with them so they can have something to look forward to before you come back to visit them again.

Not only it makes them feel good, but it will also motivate them to cheer themselves up. Remember, their time limit is approaching, and you cannot change the situation once they fall ill or they suddenly pass away.

By thinking that way, you will surely never have to skip a day without them again.

So you should start elevating and celebrate milestones with them while creating more memories that they can cherish. After all, making memories can deepen your relationship with your parents and grandparents more.

In addition, you can create more moments with them by having a relaxing vacation that will not exhaust them.

You can opt to play board games with them instead of watching TV and movies. You can opt to stay in the kitchen and help them cook that go out to do some shopping galore.

You can spend some time sitting outside and talk about your happiest memories rather than staying inside and ignoring them or letting them apply for grandparents’ rights for visitation.

Reconnecting with them is a once in a lifetime chance you should always take, and you should grab the opportunity now.

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