The Best Things About Adulting You Should Always Remember

The Best Things About Adulting You Should Always Remember

They say the best thing in life is free. But the best things actually can be gained when you are already on the process of adulting most especially when you know how to take a break.

We might now have a never-ending list of responsibilities, but it will just allow us to grow better so we can see the best things to do as we grow older.

We always endure that we should end up as functional adults in society, and we sometimes want everything to be easy.

But mind you, the pursuit of happiness should be your number one priority in order for you to see the best things about adulting.

Some people whine or look for shortcuts whenever they see adulting as a difficult task to do, but life is all about that — doing your best so you can have the freedom that you want.

Adulthood is a chance you should take to reinvent yourself and rewrite the story of your life. Maybe some of you are still thinking about how to get a job so you can finally transition.

But you must look further and realize that adulting offers you a list of the best things to do while growing up, and you should appreciate that.


1. You Have Your Dream Job

2. Money Does Not Stress You Anymore

3. Setting Up Your Own Place

4. You Discover That You Are Not a Failure

5. You Are Becoming Who You Want To Be

1. You Have Your Dream Job

You Have Your Dream Job 2

You have a lifetime to find your dream job, and yet you are lucky to find it now. The pursuit of happiness while finding your dream job is truly one of the best things to do when you are already an adult.

What made you more fortunate is the fact that though you are already busy with the process of adulting, you still realized that the best thing in life is free — and that is your social life.

Some people who landed on their dream job still stay up late and wake up early just to work for longer hours. They tend to sacrifice their time and end up having no social life at all.

They are always up to the idea of how to get a job that they forget how to create the life they have been dreaming.

For you, who made it better than anyone else, you need to be an inspiration to other people. Show them how you never had to stress yourself out in the process just to get the job.

Show them how you always take a break when you need to since it is better to take a step back than to deal with burn out. You are one of the luckiest people who found the best things about adulting already.

You have a social life. You can go out with your family and friends. You can enjoy yourself at the moment since you do not pressure yourself to get things done.

By having your dream job, you are also allowing yourself to create a list of the best things to do and to have — whether it is a nice apartment or luxurious car.

You also realize that your dream job is the right thing that happens more effortlessly than not. That is the best thing about pursuing what you really love to do.

You do not need to always have toxic positivity like “if it is meant to be, it will be” since you dictate what you want for your life. You recognize that this one is the best for you, and you never had to break yourself just to let this happen.

2. Money Does Not Stress You Anymore

Money Does Not Stress You Anymore 2

When you got a stable job, of course, the money will not stress you out anymore as it will allow you to have the best things to do in your bucket list as many as you can since the price will not matter anymore.

As long as you are in the pursuit of happiness, you will know that money is just a small part of your life, but it will help you go through adulthood.

Maybe, before you found out that the best thing in life is free, you must have been stressing yourself too much that your mind used to veer to the topic of money.

You might also have stressed yourself with the bills you needed to pay since your former job did not cover all the expenses that you became problematic on how you could climb out of debt or stretch your budget for another month.

As an adult, you learned that in every question of how to get a job, one should also focus on the good aspects of their finances since it can calm the fears.

You have taught yourself how to recognize your financial strengths, which resolved all your problems.

To guide you even more, here are some tips that can guide you to be financially stable.

  • Have a roadmap – creating a money plan will let you understand the flow of your money and giving yourself a chance to control that flow. If you have extra money each month, you can count and do the math until you can discover how you should manage your finances.
  • Put Your Credit Under Control – use your credit wisely. Sometimes, when people overlook their savings, they tend to spend more than they should, so they end up having imbalance finance, which can lead to inconsistent credit usage.
  • Save more – The thought of investing seems to be far-fetched before. But you should learn to live on less so you can have more savings in the future. You can try finding a bank with a decent interest rate that can help you grow your money over time.

3. Setting Up Your Own Place

Setting Up Your Own Place 2

Moving out on your own is truly one of the best things to do when you already reached the adulting phase.

According to Charlotte Cowles of The Cut New York, “The point is, cobbling together one’s financial independence is a messy, inconvenient process, and never happens in a vacuum.

What’s more, launching yourself out of the nest and hoping you land on your feet is not the wisest strategy — take it from me.”

So when you are sure that you are already financially independent, then you can finally opt for the best things to do as an adult, and that is to set up your own place.

It does not matter what age you are when you welcomed such a phase, but everyone will always reach the time in their lives wherein they make the decision to move away already, and that is truly one step closer if you are in the pursuit of happiness.

Just like in the second number, you should have saved enough to cover the load and unload process as well as the renting fees.

Before you move out on your own, you should have a concrete financial plan so you can get a good rating for yourself in terms of financial aspects.

Aside from your present life’s expenses, you should also consider your future needs most especially when you are already planning to get married or expand your family soon.

Negotiation should also be your top priority, as this can save your money while getting your dream home.

The best things to do with your place are decorating and arranging everything according to your taste. You can choose your own furniture to create your ideal livable space for yourself. You can also finally have your own room, own dresser, and everything you did not have before.

4. You Discover That You Are Not a Failure

You Discover That You Are Not a Failure 2

Most adults are stressing themselves on how to get a job since they are having a quarter-life crisis. But there are tons of people who are successfully adulting when we finally land a job.

Though you are not there yet and everything seems to be not enough yet, you should remind yourself that you are not a failure. You might sometimes feel that you are lost.

But you should realize that these bleak moments might shake your foundations but it will lead you to a successful road. You should remember that though people’s milestones differ, everyone will be successful in their own ways in the end.

“We are taught to learn from failure, to celebrate failure, to fail forward,” said Prof. Ayelet Fishbach, a renowned expert on motivation and decision making. “

Graduation speeches often talk about how much you should dare to fail and learn from your failures. And managers talk about the lessons that they personally had from failures.

If you just listen to public speaking, you would think that we are pretty tuned in to failures. However, this is not the case.”

It only means that if we always say that we are a failure, then we are not giving ourselves the chance to get the best things to do in order to learn more.

To help yourself more, here are some tips when you feel like you are getting lost.

  • Stop comparing – comparing yourself with how the others are doing in the pursuit of happiness of their own. When you let your perspective to be dominated by your insecurities, you are just pushing away your chance to have the best things to do in your life as an adult. Embrace the beauty of your own life since you are lucky enough to be here.
  • Find your inner peace – getting to know more about yourself will let you create the strongest version of you which can be your best opponent while growing up. You should be mindful of your own thoughts and remember to tell yourself that you are not a failure. This is important since you will learn more about the negative thoughts that are preventing you in the pursuit of happiness. This way, you can finally stop them from staying inside your mind.
  • Learn how to thank yourself – You know you are doing well, and in exchange for that, you should learn how to say thank you to yourself and be grateful of the blessings that your efforts are making you receive. Practicing gratitude will not only save you from overthinking, but this can also help you have negative thoughts when adulting somehow does not work out as planned.

5. You Are Becoming Who You Want To Be

You Are Becoming Who You Want To Be 2

When you finally found the answer on how to get a job that you always wanted, you are already giving yourself the chance to become who you want to be as part of the adulting process.

When you reach this phase, you can finally reinvent yourself and change your connection in the world. You will find the best things to do to make a difference but the best choice for yourself.

While we are continuously growing up, we always encounter things that will make us a person. Some events are traumatic, while some of them are still in the line in the pursuit of happiness that we always wanted.

You heal on your own, and you can compare yourself to the cells that make up your body. You see, most of the cells you have now will die and will be replaced by new ones in the future. With that said, you will know that you, too, can be a different person.

Deciding who you want to matter since it will help you in the pursuit of happiness as you grow older. If you want to become a better and fulfilled person, you need to take action to get that.

Your decisions are also important since it serves as the building block before you can see the best things to do to continue creating yourself in the best way possible.

Sometimes, it can be intimidating to think that your decision can have a great impact on our lives. But this kind of responsibility will make you learn how to react to the negative things that adulting might throw to you.

You are the only one who can create and determine your future, so the quality of your life is ultimately in your hands. Being an adult might be hard, but realizing that you can have all these things is a great way to push yourself to become a better person.

5 Touching Ways To Remember The Deaths of Your Loved Ones and Grandparents

5 Touching Ways To Remember The Deaths of Your Loved Ones and Grandparents

Your loved one’s death is truly the most heartbreaking thing that can ever happen to you. Just like what Dr. Alan Wolfelt said before, grief after you lost someone is not a kind of two steps forward and one step backward journey.

It takes a lot of patience and time to heal and move forward on your own fully, but it will surely help you when you finally learn to let them go.

Losing someone we love will make us question how to find happiness again when we already lost it as soon as they left this world.

While their physical presence is no longer here, it does not mean that we completely lost everything, including the memories we shared with that person.

When the day of our loved one’s death finally comes, our relationship with them will continue to be alive through the moments and memories.

One of the things we can do to make it possible is to revisit the past where they are still with us.

Though it will make us sad for a while, recalling your memories will make you move forward to reconcile with the lost.

There are also some ways to remember your loved one’s death, so you will not make yourself feel lonely again anymore.


1. Support a cause that is close to their hearts

2. Do something for them for grandparents day every year

3. Keep something that reminds you of them

4. Create a living reminder

5. Hold a special event for them

1. Support a cause that is close to their hearts Support a cause that is close to their heart

There are some of the most ideal ways to do if you want to know how to find happiness after your loved one’s death. One of which is to find the charity that they supported when they were still alive and continue helping it.

Donating to the charity close to their hearts is an admirable way to honor them while helping other people as you get up again after your loved one’s death.

Often, an individual who has an incurable disease will request their family that they want to be remembered by donating something to a charity under their name.

That way, you can honor them while keeping their memory alive. This will also help the charity in the ways they got the help from your loved ones when they were still here.

This will also continue their legacy through the means of transforming their contribution into a memory.

However, you should still check if the organization that they want to offer their help is still legit or no longer existing. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommends the following steps for verifying charities:

Check the website – Every charity has a website or page, and it must contain accurate information about their donation support programs.

You can also check its reviews whether the charity truly helps a particular group of people or not. FTC warns that if you cannot find any of this information, then it is a red flag.

Beware of scams incidents – Unfortunately, some people use some organization’s name to trick other people.

They act like they are the legitimate ones just to trick other people, so make sure that you check that you are on the legitimate website.

Check how the donation will be used – We are sure that you do not want your loved one’s death put into waste, so you better check how the donation will be used — whether it is in a program of the project.

Aside from helping their preferred charity, you can also build your own under a name. This can be the easiest choice since there is no minimum financial requirement to do this.

However, this can fully exhaust you since there will be a lot of things to do and fulfill, but it will totally be worth it.

2. Do something for them for grandparents day every year Write them poem for grandparents day every year

Maybe you and your younger siblings and cousins are having a hard time asking how to find happiness after a loved one’s death, But you can be more creative during grandparents day!

Every September 13, people around the world celebrate a special day for grandparents by doing a lot of activities. You can either create a video, drawing, or a poem for grandparents’ day.

Even when they are no longer around anymore, it is essential to remember them by recognizing the things they made and created when they were still alive.

You also surely created nicknames for grandparents when you were still a little, so you can easily use it to create a poem or make something personalized that you can leave on their grave.

Here are some ways you can do to celebrate National Grandparents Day even after your loved one’s death:


Write Them A Poem

If you want to write a poem for grandparents day, you can use this poem by Ricky R. Hernandez from as your guide:

Grandma, I wonder

where you keep your wings.

Are they hung in your closet

with the rest of your things?

Do you put them away

and just use them at night

or give them to Rosie

to polish up bright?

I know you have wings,

for this must be true,

’cause God always gives

them to angels just like you.

You can also use the nicknames for grandparents that you have given them before to create an acrostic poem for grandparents’ day.

Even when they are no longer around, this can surely give you the answer on how to find happiness in their absence while continuing your life with only their memories by your side.


Perform a Song

Though they are no longer here physically, they can surely hear you since even after your loved one’s death, their presence still stays here.

You can ask for your cousins to join you singing a song for your grandparents who are now in heaven, and that will surely be a special memory.


Make a Photograph Craft

You can grab your family’s photo album and compile your pictures with them. For the captions, you can insert the nicknames for grandparents as your caption per picture.

3. Keep something that reminds you of them Keep something that reminds you of them

You might have been asking yourself how to find happiness when you are still seeing everything that reminds you of your loved one’s death, but it is not there to make your every day even more painful. Instead, use the things they left to memorialize deceased loved ones at home.

You may opt to turn their garment into a pillow, so whenever you feel like the world is against you, you can hug it and think as if they are still here. You can also turn it into a teddy bear that you can hug tight in moments of grief.

If they have a piece of wood furniture they used to use all the time, you can keep your grandparent’s memory alive by engraving his or her name or nicknames for grandparents so you will remember them whenever you see it.

Remembering everything even after your loved one’s death reminds you that losing them may be devastating, but finding ways to feel connected with them after they departed can help you ease the pain.

4. Create a living reminder Create a living reminder

This is just the same as keeping something that reminds you of them, but this time, you will be using another living thing to keep their memories alive.

Remembering them through a living reminder is easy most especially when you have made great memories with them when they were still alive. You can honor them and your loved one’s death by creating a memorial piece dedicated to them.

When you mark a special thing or place using the nicknames for grandparents you have created before, then you are helping yourself to heal.

You might feel lonely now that they are gone, most especially during the holiday season, which you used to celebrate together. But remember that not responding to your grief will only make everything worst.

So you better stand up and lessen your feelings by honoring your loved one’s death.

You can plant a tree since doing so can help you create a living memorial for them. This is a special and a special one when they were passionate about the environment when they were still alive.

At the same time, you can help the environment as trees are essential in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. The location where you should plant it must be somewhere special where you and your loved one used to go all the time before.

Once it is big enough, you can have the nicknames for grandparents be engraved into it.

Aside from a tree, planting forget-me-nots is also alright most especially when you cannot find enough space where you can put the living reminder at. Forget-me-nots can be a better option and they are easy to take care of.

5. Hold a special event for them Hold a special event for them

Holding events to memorialize and honor them after your loved one’s death can indeed be one of the things that can leave an impact on them.

You can choose to start an event while bringing awareness to a particular issue, or you can decide to launch something based on their hobbies and interests when they were still alive or is related to how they died.

You can opt to establish a foundation like something that can help home for the aged or a fundraising event that will help those people who are suffering from the same disease that made your loved one succumbed to death.

If this might be too hassle for you, you can just be a participant of a particular event or fundraising event that is related to their case before. The hospital who treated them might also launch something to raise awareness about something.

For fundraising events, here are some examples that can give you an idea if you are planning to create one:

  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising – In P2P fundraising, you may ask the donors to reach out to their friends and family to engage more people in your fundraising effort. This is ideal if your loved one was cancer or dialysis patient.
  • Charity Auction – If you have a lot of valuable items you can send out for an auction, this one can be a perfect option for you. This is one of the most profitable fundraising events, and some donors will not be thinking about the price anymore since they are only into contributing to your cause.
  • Online Donations – If you have picked a particular charity, you can hold an online event and accept donations to help them. Since it is online, then you will have more potential contributions to make the event for your loved one’s extra special.


But memorial events should not only about these kinds of projects, but you can also celebrate their birthday even after your loved one’s death.

Sure, remembering their birthday can be challenging most especially when birthdays are designed to celebrate life.

You might have been asking yourself how to find happiness as you celebrate their special day when they are no longer here.

Let me tell you, you can still celebrate it. You can remember the time you spent together and the person they were.

You can also call for a family reunion to celebrate your loved one’s birthday together.

Rather than visiting your deceased family member alone, you can hold a birthday party for them and ask your friends and family to celebrate it with you.

But if you do not want to host it, you can also opt to have a simple dinner somewhere where you can also recall your loved one’s death and their life. Honoring them during an event can be done in so many ways.

Each one of you can share a favorite memory with that particular loved one. But if you do not want to be emotional during their special day, you just can bring their picture and reserve a seat for them during the dinner.

20 Things You Should Leave Before You Get Older

20 Things You Should Leave Before You Get Older

Coping with change is difficult. What more when life requires you to leave some things before you get older? They are now growing up so fast, but some of them still take things for granted since they think they can still have it when they get older.

However, not everything you have now can be brought in the future. If you do so, you are just showing them the signs of a toxic person you are.

It is natural to gain and lose something over time. Maybe you gain more friends now, but you will lose some of them in the future in order to grow. You need to have a balanced formula to stay healthy as you age.

Yes, you should never take things for granted, including your health. But sometimes, you overlook some of your traits, which causes you to have a deteriorated physical and emotional health, which is not right no matter what excuse you have. 

In order to age well, here are 20 things you should leave so you can set up a positive environment for yourself when you grow older.


  1. Abusing Your Body
  2. Bad Debt
  3. Blaming Other People
  4. Feeling Too Old
  5. Gossiping
  6. Grudges
  7. Lack of Planning
  8. Not Believing In Yourself
  9. Not Having Expectations
  10. Not Knowing When To Say No
  11. Not Standing For Yourself
  12. Not Trusting Yourself
  13. Procrastinating
  14. Reckless Spending
  15. Saying “Yes” to Everything
  16. Saying Sorry Too Much
  17. Selfishness
  18. Taking Things For Granted
  19. Toxic Relationships
  20. Unintended Actions

Abusing Your Body

Abusing Your Body

Reminding yourself not to take things for granted, most especially your health, is essential since it is your greatest asset ever since you came into this world.

Stress, relationship, and trauma are some of the destructive things that prevent you from having a smooth life cycle.

If you have been abusing your body now in order to “improve yourself,” then you are doing it the wrong way. Ditch that kind of logic already and avoid the development of the signs of a toxic person.

Bad Debt

Never take things for granted, but it does not mean you should recklessly spend your money over the things that you think “a once in a lifetime jackpot.”

Saving instead of having bad debts will make your aging process worse. In 2014, American consumers had $884.8 billion in credit card debt, which amounts to $15,609 per household. Debt should not pull you down.

And in order to attain this, you should know that the principle of liability is to borrow money now and pay it back in the future with interest. Debt should not borrow now and never pay it back. That way, you are just pushing yourself into a pit without any investments.

Blaming Other People

Blaming other people is one of the signs of a toxic person. They are growing up so fast that they forget how something happened because of them.

Grow up and stop making other people responsible for everything difficult that is happening to you. Maybe, blaming other people is of the signs of a toxic person who refuses to be vulnerable.

Sure, it may unload some of your backed up feelings, but like you, they are growing up so fast but do not use other people as their stepping stone for that. Stop romanticizing your ego and trying to get other people’s attention.

Feeling Too Old

When you feel like you are too old to pursue your dreams, it is just your way to take things for granted. You are an adult now, and it is reasonable to feel that way when they are growing up so fast around you, as well.

To think that you are already old is to allow yourself to be matured enough to have happy and healthy aging not only for other people but for yourself, too.

Maybe you are just afraid of what the future holds for you, but as long as you believe in yourself, you will find the career path that you want and your purpose in life.


One of the signs of a toxic person is having malicious and hurtful gossips. As you age, you should know that gossip can cause you to trouble most, especially when it becomes too big to handle.

People still do not consider themselves gossip addicts when they are creating so many stories about people around them.

Now, if you have been making a lot of issues about the people around you, you should stop being so problematic and just do somethings that will contribute to human delight.



Holding your grudges when you are growing older will only make you take things for granted that it can even lead you to develop chronic health problems.

Many people hold grudges that can last a lifetime, most especially toward those who did something terrible to them in the past. The mere question here is, why do people tend to do so when it is, in fact, quite painful to hold on to?

The problem with this negative feeling is that it can drag you down, and we are sure that you do not want that to happen. Maybe you should have some anger or stress management to help yourself heal. That way, you will become a better person as you finally let it go.

Lack of Planning

You always tell other people to never take things for granted. However, you have no idea that you take things for granted as well when you do things without a plan.

Being an adult is intimidating and confusing sometimes, so instead of lacking it, you should consider having plans that can help you survive your adulting phase.

Not Believing In Yourself

If you can notice, they are growing up so fast since they believe that they can do anything when they become old enough to deal with things.

Well, that is true since having enough self-esteem can push them to achieve that. You must remember that fear and self-doubt will not do something good in you, so you should step up and leave that behind.

Not Having Expectations

You must have heard that you should not expect anything, so you will never get hurt.

That is wrong in so many ways since not having them is one of the signs of a toxic person who is up to have a happy-go-lucky life.

Disappointment should not be your fear. Instead, you should turn them into your light so you can be a better adult.

Not Knowing When To Say No

Learning to say know means that you never take things for granted since you are true to yourself.

Maybe you are now a sucker for saying yes, but you should learn that saying “no” should not be a difficult task to do most especially when you are doing it for yourself.

It is not a challenge you should take, but like how they are growing up so fast, you must not allow yourself to carry a heavy burden of saying yes to people when you need to say no in order for you to boost your confidence and self-value.

Not Standing For Yourself

Not Standing For Yourself

As you grow older, you will realize that you only have a little number of people who can be with you until the end.

However, you should also know that it is essential to stand up for yourself since you only have yourself as your companion, no matter what happens.

Not Trusting Yourself

Trust can surely bring you closer to people, and it is the same as trusting yourself. When you fail to do this, you are only breaking your confidence and increase your stress levels.

There are no other important things to do than to trust yourself even when someone criticizes us constantly. You know who you are and your capabilities, you should bear that in mind as you grow up.


Procrastinating should no longer have a place in your life when you are growing older. If you are wondering how they are growing up so fast, that is because they are continuously doing their jobs as an adult, and they never make an excuse not to do something that they should.

A poll of young and middle-aged adults found that 20% described themselves as chronic procrastinators. With that high percentage, that explains why a particular person still has the signs of a toxic person. Never join that percentage, so grow up.

Reckless Spending

As an adult, you have more responsibilities now, and one of which is paying bills. Unlike before, you are responsible for having a monthly breakdown of your savings and expenses so you will not have a bad debt.

If you were so used to reckless spending before, you will realize the importance of money when you are already the one who is working hard to earn it.

Saying “Yes” to Everything

Just like how you refuse to say “no” to everything, saying “yes” also brings you the same problems.

When you say “yes” to everything, you are only refusing to give yourself what you deserve since you are too busy giving away everything to other people. This time, make yourself a priority.

Saying Sorry Too Much

Saying Sorry Too Much

Not everything you do is your fault, and there are a lot of words you should say instead of repeatedly saying sorry though you do not do anything that compromises other people.

According to sociologist Maja Jovavonic, when we needlessly say sorry, we end up making ourselves small as we diminish the thing we are trying to express. When you grow older, you should be the bigger version of yourself and stop making yourself look smaller and timider.


There are a lot of people living around you, so you should not only focus on yourself. You will recognize that selfishness is one of the signs of a toxic person since it is gauging how you view things.

Do not think that the world revolves around you since it will never stop for you once you feel like they are growing up so fast, and you cannot keep up anymore.

Do Not Take Things For Granted

One of the things you should finally leave is to take things for granted, especially now that you are getting older. What you have now — be it a person or something precious — may no longer be there in the future.

Once you notice that they are no longer there, you will realize that you did everything and convince that you never take things for granted when in fact, you did. You have more than enough now, but you should not be complacent that it will stay until the end of time.

Toxic Relationships

Getting rid of toxic relationships allow you to grow as soon as you notice the signs of a toxic person in this particular person. When you choose not to have toxic relationships anymore, it will make everything in your life easier since you are not burdened anymore.

You can do whatever you want, you can finally trust yourself again and believe that you can do things even without them. Supporting yourself must be your priority, and if they cannot give you a chance to do that, then maybe they should be the ones to get out of your life now.

Unintended Actions

Sometimes, they are growing up so fast that they do not know that they are doing actions that they do not intend to do in the first place. That is, definitely, one of the signs of a toxic person.

Maybe you have recklessly did something before that you thought was okay, but it definitely harmed other people. You might have been doing your best that you do not know what you are doing in the first place.

You should know that for every action, you will always face the unintended consequence and you should prepare yourself for that. If you do not want to, then you should act your age and do the things that will benefit everyone.

What To Do When You Don’t Know What You Want To Be When You Get Older

What To Do When You Don’t Know What You Want To Be When You Get Older

Sometimes in our life, we find ourselves somewhere unknown, somewhere like a dead end where you do not know what to do with our lives. This often happens right after graduation, or when we feel like we are already approaching the adulting stage.

But no matter what stage you are already in, it is essential to know that you can start discovering what you really want to be when you grow up by finding your dream job.

Maybe you tried plotting your future when you were still a kid that you used to say that you want to be a doctor, or an engineer, a teacher, and so on. But as years went by, everything became blurry, and you do not know what to do now.

You cannot know what path you can take that can surely make you happy years from now. But you can discover what makes you happy now, which can help you plan what you want to do in the future. Looking back, you could have contemplated about the jobs that are in line with your college career.

But sometimes, the list becomes full of crosses. When that day came, you realized that trying to think about the answer to what is your dream job question while doing a job you do not like will make you know that your current career is not for you, and you will go through the process once again.

Maybe you can offer your current job another chance and stay there for another year while finding your dream job. You can possibly do this only if you have stress management that can help you deal with work burnouts.

But if you really want to start finding your dream job now, you should list down the following and follow them to finally know what is your dream job.


  1. Tell Yourself That It’s Okay Not To Know About Future
  2. Find Comfort In Discomfort
  3. Realize That Life Will Never Be Certain
  4. Stop Procrastinating
  5. Consult Yourself

1. Tell Yourself That It’s Okay Not To Know About Future

Tell Yourself That It's Okay Not To Know About Future

Yes, you do not know what is coming to you: whether you will stay in our current job for another couple of years or if you will finally stand up to free yourself and shift to the thing you truly love the most. Your life now as an adult is full of twists and turns, but it will be more fun if you do the things you enjoy doing.

If you have been a corporate slave for years now, but you really have a passion for writing, maybe it is time to take your pen out and let the ink bleed on your paper again.

You might not know what the future holds for you, but you know what you loved doing in the past and still love doing now — but you do not have time to do it anymore. If writing does not work for you, then find another hobby that will bring you a step closer to finding your dream job again.

You can even make mock job interview questions to discover what you really want to be. You can also apply for jobs you think you can do, but make sure you know how to decline a job offer when you feel like it is not really for you.

Not knowing your future removes the challenges on your path that can actually make you a better and stronger person. If you already know the future, then you might not want to keep on living anymore.

You should do something to find the answer whenever they ask you what is your dream job, but it is somehow better to remain clueless about how you can achieve it since if you find out that there will be a rocky road ahead, then you may no longer dare to take that step anymore.

Remember that you need to go through those things in order to grow, and you should embrace it while finding your dream job.

2. Find Comfort In Discomfort

Find Comfort In Discomfort

The secret to success lies in everything you refuse to accept and face, for example, whenever you find a way on how to decline a job offer, you might be missing the biggest lesson that that job might offer you. If you do not know what to do in the future, seek out for discomfort since it is what will help you to grow.

For example, there are a set of job interview questions you find hard. Know that the harder the questions are, the more challenging it is for you to enter a particular company. If you successfully answered all of those, then you are not only impressing them but yourself, too.

So stop pushing yourself to improve since it will just make you uncomfortable. Instead, create new perspectives and learn new skills that can lead you to where the answer to what is your dream job lies.

Remember, if you think that everything around you is good, then it is not good at all since you are not letting yourself improve. Pamela Madsen, author of “Shameless” explains: “I don’t think that staying with discomfort comes naturally.

And finding ways to be with your discomfort is an essential skill for staying in the race. Any personal growth usually involves some kind of ability to stay with feelings of discomfort.”

You should set these discomforts as your guide in finding your dream job, and know that it is not just about job interview questions but your skills, too.

3. Realize That Life Will Never Be Certain

Realize That Life Will Never Be Certain

Stuff happens, especially when you are in the process of finding your dream job. Something also happens when you plan ways on how to decline a job offer because you are too focus on knowing what is your dream job. But accepting that some things can make you unstable will teach you to learn to live with uncertainties.

People do something to minimize uncertainty, with some keeps on repeating “what is your dream job?” or “how to decline a job offer when you do not like the job?” Worry, sometimes, can be useful if it can help you adapt to the changes. But it can also elevate harmful stress that can affect your health.

Finding your dream job, or answering job interview questions, should never stress you out most especially when it is all you want all along. If uncertainty affects you, still, then it is not your dream job at all. However, whenever you face uncertainties, you should know that it can also make positive events more exciting.

For example, before you land to whoever you really want to be when you grow up, you will go through a lot of circumstances that will challenge you even more.

Yes, difficulties arise, and this can make you find out what you really want to do in the future. But having experiences on more things can build your self-confidence. Still, you can manage uncertainty while finding your dream job by doing these things:

  • Study if your issue is truly important
  • If you did something that triggers your uncertainty reaction, stop for a while, and do some short meditation. This will keep your body be mindful whenever it is reacting to uncertainties.
  • Do not exaggerate things and think that everything can go wrong.
  • Allow yourself to feel negative feelings as it also allows you to grow.

Uncertainty is part of your life, and nothing is truly uncertain unless you finally have what you want.

4. Stop Procrastinating

Stop Procrastinating

You are not getting younger, and you must realize that procrastinating will take you a few steps backward from finding our dream job.

Imagine this: you have got all your time in knowing what is your dream job, but instead, you lurk around and take all your time on the things that do not really matter. In the end, you find it hard to know what you really want to be, and that proves that the problem lies in you.

That is what procrastinating is doing in your body. You know you should be finding your dream job but you just do not feel like doing anything.

We have all went through that. You know, wasting our free time and putting aside all the necessary tasks we should be doing in our lives.

But you should try breaking it and stop looking for ways on how to decline a job offer just because you are not into it, yet. Today is the right time, so read the following in order for you to stop procrastinating.


  • Break Your Schedule – By breaking your task down until you do not procrastinate anymore. When you see that what you are doing while finding your dream job is now manageable, you can focus and move on to the next.
  • Change Your Environment – Your current work environment might be contributing to make you have a blurry future. You must find a place wherein you will feel inspired.
  • Stay Connected With Your Inspirations – When you know that there are people who are rooting for you, you will push yourself until you know what is your dream job.

5. Consult Yourself

Consult Yourself

You are the only one who knows who and what you really want to be. Maybe you have no idea what you want in life now, and perhaps you are doubting the vision for yourself. But have you ever imagined how fun it would be to have dreams to work toward?

Maybe you can start by finding out your childhood dreams, or thinking about the skills you have. Sometimes, your interest will point the path to finding your dream job.

You are sometimes all about saying no for things that do not impress you, for example, whenever you ask yourself how to decline a job offer.

Sometimes, accepting that job and saying yes to it is the best way to discover who you really want to be. If you do not like it, you can try again and do other things. Remember that you will never see your potential if you are not getting out of the box to try new things.

Maybe you need some visuals. Imagine what your inner self is telling you, then you can create a vision board and hang it inside your room. It will surely keep your vision straight while finding your dream job.

Sometimes, it is easier to start with what you do not want so you should focus on your feelings and let it lead you to something else.

Aside from making aboard, you can also have a journaling activity and have yourself write what do you want to be in five or 10 years. By completing your journal, you will see where do you need to start to find what is your dream job.

You will see where you need to shift your attention so you can finally visualize your future, maybe you can even find something within you that you do not have any idea that you have it.

You can also try answering these three questions as if you are responding to job interview questions to finally know what you really want.


  • What is that one activity or hobby that makes you happy? Finding out something that can make you happy while making you grow healthily is one way to know what your future self will look like. Maybe, that is the one thing you need to focus on to discover more about yourself.
  • What stops you from removing people or things that make you unhappy? Answering this will give you balance, and this is something you need to solve. There are a lot of obstacles that stand behind you and blinding you from seeing your future. It is important to the things that make you happy because that is what will lead you to success.
  • How would you like others to see you? Including other people in your dreams will make you mold yourself into the person you want to become. You will be an amazing person once it happens.
Here’s Why You Should Reconnect To Your Parents, Grandparents NOW

Here’s Why You Should Reconnect To Your Parents, Grandparents NOW

We are all getting older, but we must not forget that our parents and grandparents are growing older, too.

You must have grown so much now that you became too busy to keep you from seeing your elderly loved ones.

But you should still reserve some time to visit them regularly and not just because they experience urgent cases like a near-death experience.

Maybe you can recall how they sacrificed their time and youth when you came into this world, and you may also remember how much you always wanted to be with them.

They always made time to make sure that you would not get lonely when they were not around since they needed to go to work.

This time, you should be the one to support them as they age as much as how they helped you during your youth. Your support now that they are old should be one of your top priorities, and you should grant them with your time.

Without your family, your life would not be the same so you should take a step back and look at where they are now.

While they are still here, you should spend time with them because the home will not always be around.

It is better to have time off at work now than to regret in the future when they become ill or pass away how you failed to see them when they are still healthy and well. That alone should wake you up and make you realize that your family should be your top priority.

After years of working for us, our parents and grandparents are no longer as spirited as before, and their lives now become something like a burden for them.

So if the grandchildren raised by grandparents will visit them, they will surely be happier than before. Do not wait until it is too late, or let them file for grandparents rights for visitation just to see you.

You should willfully see them as soon as possible and show them that you have been great, too.

The following reasons might give you an idea of why visiting them and checking them out can lead them to have a happy and healthy aging process.


1. It will make them happy.

2. It will prevent adult abuse.

3. It will help you learn about their current health status

4. It will create more memories in the future

1. It will make them happy.

It will make them happy

For grandparents who filed for death with dignity before, definitely they have gone through pain as they felt alone since no one ever visited them.

In order for you to prevent this, you should start contacting your parents and grandparents again since visits from family members can prevent them from feeling isolated and lonely.

Whenever you pay a visit to them, they may be happy to have a company, and this will boost and stimulate the release of endorphins — the positive hormones responsible for lowering stress levels of an individual.

Whenever you are giving them your time, you are also keeping emotionally engaged to them.

Again, this can bring another health benefit as it can prevent them from having high blood pressure or developing depression and anxiety that their loneliness is causing them. Aside from preventing them to have a near-death experience due to stress and aging.

Spending time with your parents and grandparents is the key to make them happy. There are grandchildren raised by grandparents who are not closed with their parents since they have to work somewhere far, but they should know that their sacrifices should not cause a rift among the family.

It is true that giving your family time will make them happy as it is an essential factor that helps you to create strong bonds, love, connections, and better relationships.

When they are happy, they can cope with challenges even when you are not around them again. That way, you will be sure that they can take care of them all the time. Making them happy is also the best way for you to show affection, appreciation, and encouragement.

To help you build a strong and happy family, you can do the following things when you got the chance to reconnect with them:

  • Prepare a sumptuous meal. We all know that eating together after a long time can bring back the “old” times feeling to our parents and grandparents. Maybe you can cook their favorite food or let them try something that can boost their health.
  • Stay home together. Visiting them does not always mean you need to bring them out to have a family day outside. Spending time at home is still better than having a competition with other families outside for a seat in the cinema or restaurant.
  • Celebrate your family history. In order to practice their memory while bringing back your family memories, you can share details and stories about what you remember doing with them when you were still a child. You can also grab all your photo albums and retell the memories, stories, and adventures you made before.

2. It will prevent adult abuse.

It will prevent adult abuse. ht 2

If your parents and grandparents are currently staying in a home for the aged or retirement home, they surely deserve it more to have you visit them most especially when you have a family problem and to see each other is nearly impossible since they need to ask for visitation in order to see their grandchildren.

This is a long process that some grandparents have to undergo most especially when they are not on good terms with their family. What made this even more tricky is that this can sometimes lead to adult abuse.

Most elderly experience verbal and emotional abuse and they are rarely acknowledged, let alone addressed.

Both emotional and abuse to the elderly, for example, your parents and grandparents at the retirement home, can have long term effects on the victim that they sometimes request to have death with dignity most especially when no one is there to understand their situation.

There is a lot of elder abuse and neglect, and they are the following:

  • Physical abuse – it includes slapping, hitting, punching, or throwing items at an elder.
  • Emotional abuse – when the retirement home or the other family members show hostility towards your parents and grandparents, it can be considered as emotional abuse.
  • Sexual abuse – sadly, some elderly also experience this kind of assault. Most of them fail to hide the proof that they are being abused like this, such as bruising of the breast and inner thigh. They also develop post-traumatic syndrome and fear of touch when this happens over and over again.

If you can visit them regularly to ensure that they are just doing fine, then you can prevent any of the aforementioned abuses and protect your parents and grandparents from abusers.

Maltreatments also cause grandparents’ rights for visitation to be approved, though you do not want to reach that point at all since they could face near-death experience because of that.

But still, as much as possible, it is better for them to be home. No matter how busy you are, ensuring their safety and health is still the best one to have among the other riches in this world.

3. It will help you learn about their current health status.

It will help you learn abut their current health status 2

Those grandchildren raised by grandparents tend to feel more responsible in knowing the current state of the adult. But either your parents or grandparents should receive equal support whenever you check their health status.

Connecting with them will give you more time and a chance to know their health as they age. Your job is to grow up and become an independent adult.

But it is also your job to reconnect with them and track their health just how they tracked yours when you were growing up.

Though communication among people may vary since they all have different viewpoints, you should be the one to understand them more now since no matter how old you get, you are still responsible for your parent’s and grandparents’ wellbeing and safety to avoid near-death experience when you are not around.

When the elderly reach their peak age, they tend to think of the ways not to be a burden, so they will refuse to talk about their health to you as much as possible.

So you should be the one to initiate as this will also lessen the possibility of them thinking about death with dignity instead of dying because of the illness that you failed to notice.

4. It will create more memories in the future

It will create more memories in the future

Those grandchildren raised by grandparents and parents surely got one of the happiest memories compared to others.

Maybe you experienced to have a summer vacation with them or celebrated holidays with them. This time, it is your turn to help them forget their near-death experience and help them recover by making more memories with them.

Their memories with you, though they are older now, can help them build and complete their whole lives here on Earth. Just by simply reconnecting with them, you are making their worldview whole, and you are making them happy as they spend their last moments here.

It is common for everyone to simply remember what they did this morning, this afternoon before they sleep, but the memories you can give to adults can make them forget about the negative emotions that developed when they almost had a near-death experience.

Every present-day experience you can give to your parents and grandparents of being cared for will give them memories that you love and care for them, and you will be making their unconscious state timeless no matter how old they are.

There are a lot of reasons why you should drop what you are doing now and make memories with your parents and grandparents instead.

Those moments are what they will cherish since you have a powerful emotional impact on them. You became the reason why they are still here now, and you can express gratitude just by visiting them from time to time.

Leaving your chance to do so is not worth it. You should create special memories for them the way they created most of yours while you were growing up.

We know that you get tired, you sometimes feel lazy, too. But if you want to create memories with them, you have to make them.

You already made big strides with your life while their health continues to deteriorate. There are some special times that you never took the time to revel in.

You can ask yourself: when was the last time you celebrated your birthday with them? Or when was the last time you made their birthdays extra special? Though you had downs before, celebrating how you overcame those obstacles together is worth appreciating.

Aside from making memories, you can also build milestones with them so they can have something to look forward to before you come back to visit them again.

Not only it makes them feel good, but it will also motivate them to cheer themselves up. Remember, their time limit is approaching, and you cannot change the situation once they fall ill or they suddenly pass away.

By thinking that way, you will surely never have to skip a day without them again.

So you should start elevating and celebrate milestones with them while creating more memories that they can cherish. After all, making memories can deepen your relationship with your parents and grandparents more.

In addition, you can create more moments with them by having a relaxing vacation that will not exhaust them.

You can opt to play board games with them instead of watching TV and movies. You can opt to stay in the kitchen and help them cook that go out to do some shopping galore.

You can spend some time sitting outside and talk about your happiest memories rather than staying inside and ignoring them or letting them apply for grandparents’ rights for visitation.

Reconnecting with them is a once in a lifetime chance you should always take, and you should grab the opportunity now.