Harsh Lessons You Should Learn As You Age

Harsh Lessons You Should Learn As You Age

We are all getting old, and as we age, we learn a lot of life lessons which can help us to grow even better in the future. After all, life is considered as a continuous learning experience that you should never take for granted. Some of these life lessons come from life experiences. We also tend to learn more just by watching other people and the way they live their lives, but we still have the sole control of our own.

However, sometimes, we realize that the hardest thing we should do to improve our lives is to always remember the life lessons from the toxic positivity by other people or ourselves. We can also recall the times when we feel tempted, frustrated, or the moment we felt like everything around us is falling apart.

Remembering all these can help us, of course, but it can also make us realize that the real world is tougher while we are getting old.

If you fail to do so, there will be part of your future life where you will wish you seriously learned all those life lessons in general and apply them in your life. That is the most significant difference between knowledge and wisdom.

If you will just let an information stick on your head and do nothing about it, you are missing your chance to get rid of toxic positivity out of your life since you are just keeping them and not living in them.

When you choose to turn your life lessons into wisdom, you will no longer forget to apply them to your life. That way, you are not only learning things, but you are also articulating them.

You might sometimes think that you have handled your life the best way possible, but you will realize more after you experienced letting go of people, failed relationships, challenges, and assumptions that you have been missing and overlooking due to toxic positivity.

As a result, much of your life will be wasted on worry, regret, and pain, and I am sure you do not want to feel any of those things while you are getting old.

Life lessons are called that for a reason. If you cannot turn the product of your life into life lessons, then you are not experiencing life at all.

But after you browse through this page, you will learn some of the harsh lessons in life you should always remember. Though most of the life lessons are painful, you can definitely get through it by establishing healthy relationships or just by simply reading this.


1. Life Goes On, Whether You Are Ready Or Not

2. You, Will, Have Your Heart Broken

3. Your Best Is Not Inside Your Comfort Zone

4. World Is Full Of Injustice

5. You Cannot Be Anywhere and Have Everything

1. Life Goes On, Whether You Are Ready Or Not

Life Goes On, Whether You Are Ready Or Not
Just like how they always describe life, life is truly a moving vehicle. It will continue to make people change their calendars every month as your life will not stop for you.

Whether you are ready or not in getting old, or whether today is a good or bad day, life goes on, and it will not wait for you until you are ready.

At some point in your life, you will learn that letting go of people if one of the life lessons you will be learning in order for you to continue your journey because sometimes, they are the ones who are causing you to have a temporary or full stop in your life, but it is not worth it at all.

It is the same as when you keep your life too busy to make a living that you forget what living really looks like. You need to pay extra attention to your surroundings and refuse to practice toxic positivity.

But you must remember this: there is more to this life, so you better get up and get it. You must take note that for every bad day that you experience in your life, it does not mean that you have a terrible life. So you better get out of your comfort zone and let yourself grow at its own phase.

Do not try to stop yourself from taking a step forward just because you are afraid that you are not yet ready to face your life outside your comfort zone. You are getting old, and you are not getting any younger. There are a lot of things in this world that you could have already pursued but failed to do so since you keep on waiting for a sign.

But your heartbeats are already a sign that you must keep on going with your life. You just need to be brave enough.

2. You, Will, Have Your Heart Broken

You Will Have Your Heart Broken
It is painful to know that getting your heart broken is part of the harsh life lessons you should learn. After all, heartbreak and letting go of people is not something that everyone wants to go through.

Though it seems like it is a painful thing to do, having your heart broken is actually extremely useful as it can give you a lot of life lessons you can apply to your life. Remember, for every tear you shed, there is always a day that you will smile more, and that will be possible if you will keep on learning the life lessons your heart has taught you.

At the end of the day, a heartbreak can make you feel hopeless about everything. But the good thing about this is that you will know that love is not everything, and it is not something you can only get from other people. It is because letting go of people is sometimes the best choice you have most especially when you have been living in toxic positivity just to keep them near you.

Love is not everything that you can get in this world, and there are a lot of people who can still give that to you.

But having your heart broken is not just about letting go of people. Sometimes, it occurs when someone close to your heart leaves or passes away. Healing is indeed a long process, but this kind of event will make you even stronger than before. This will strengthen your emotional state. You will realize in the end that everything happens for a reason and that death is something no one has control of.

3. Your Best Is Not Inside Your Comfort Zone

Your Best Is Not Inside Your Comfort Zone
Believe it or not, life will push you out of your comfort zone in one moment, and you should not be afraid of that nor be irritated for having your feet outside of your “peaceful” space.

Sure, it brings you peace to keep on doing the things you are most familiar with. But confining yourself will not let you make any progress in life, so you will need to break free from it or else life will push you to do so. You should know that not taking risks or doing the things that scare you the most will not bring you the best life lessons that can keep you going in your life.

In addition, this can develop toxic positivity since you will always try to see things in your comfort zone positively, and it is not a healthy way to know who you really are.

You will find more about yourself and life lessons once you take risks. You will also discover the potentials you should have known a long time ago, but you kept it to yourself that is why you remain unaware of it.

Once you connect with yourself now, getting old will never be a problem anymore since you have already identified your true self, and you embrace change, growth, and progress outside your comfort zone. You must realize that you cannot do all these inside your comfort zone. As AJ Leon says, “Don’t follow well-lit paths; grab a machete and hack down your own.”

You are your own masterpiece, and that is one of the best life lessons in life that you should live on in order to avoid toxic positivity. With this knowledge and growth, you will be able to do the things in your life you once thought impossible.

4. World Is Full Of Injustice

World Is Full Of Injustice

One thing you should warn yourself while getting old, you will encounter a lot of injustice things.

According to Honor Society’s Elevate Magazine, “Social injustice can be described as a situation in which the dominant population is made known of the inequity that leads for others due to their relative position in the structure of power (Maus n.p.). Social injustice is also the way unjust actions are done in the society.”

It means that this world has a lot of situations where you can be treated the way you deserve or unequally. Because of this, you might think like life is unfair when in reality, it is the people around you who cause you to feel that way. There are times that this discriminatory treatment can bring us down, and we have the right to be upset or complain about it since it proves that we do not want to have toxic positivity.

Whenever we feel bad about these injustices and misfortunes, it will help us to heal ultimately. So experiencing this kind as part of your harsh life lessons can help you make a lot of progress by making you think what is best for you instead of getting depressed over those things.

By doing so, you will not underestimate your capacity as a person as you can already handle the issue alone. You will also learn to heal the wounds that social injustices will bring to you as everything will be less scary as it passes.

You just need to take note that you still have the power over your emotions and actions, and they have the power over theirs. You cannot tell them how to treat you, but you can be brave enough to walk away when you feel like you are not treating the way you deserve.

5. You Cannot Be Anywhere and Have Everything

You Cannot Be Anywhere and Have Everything
No matter how good you are, no matter how many life lessons you apply in your life, not all the things you plan to do will come true. While getting old, we tend to learn how to dream, and that is one of the best things we can do to imagine what we want to be in the future.

But before you knew it, toxic positivity is already creeping in your life since you are trying so hard to reach that one thing you dedicated your life to. But dreaming sometimes does not lead to the exact place where you want to be.

There will be plans that will not work out, and it will make us feel like we did not do our best, and we are not enough. But it is not like that. It is just a simple fact that you cannot have everything. You cannot do everything, and that is okay.

When you are getting old, you are also adding more priorities in life, and that can take most of your time. If you want to be successful, you need to manage your time and drop the dreams you know will cause you to sacrifice most of your dreams.

All the things that you want to happen cannot happen all at once. So you better accept that there are things that will be yours and destinations that you will be able to reach only when time allows you to do so. So relax and apply the life lessons you learned to declutter your dreams. Invest your time in the things you are really passionate about.

If you refuse to do it that way, you will only tire yourself out with only a little progress in your life. So start prioritizing the things you love the most, one by one, until you can conquer all of them at your own pace.

What You Should Do When You Feel Like Adulting Is Hard

What You Should Do When You Feel Like Adulting Is Hard

Adulting has been a widespread topic all over the globe since, obviously, we all grow up and experience the hardships of shifting from teenage years to adulting years. We tend to think that adulting is hard because we are afraid of the responsibilities that come with the term itself, most especially when it is more than just household chores and paying bills.

But there are some factors why you gain a stressful life whenever you think that adulting is hard. First, you are probably not paying enough attention to adult stuff — like establishing healthy relationships with other adults.

It is essential to learn from others, specifically your parents, the tactics you can use to deal with stressful life. You should also have a direct vision of what you want your future to look like. Do you want it to be as peaceful as possible? Do you want to welcome more people in your life because you find noise somewhat exciting?

You know, growing healthy and healthy aging is a package that you need to get at the same time to finally get over with your stressful life. But in order to accumulate the right moments, you should arrive at the things you really want to do.

In addition, ignorance and inexperience can also cause you to find adulting a hard thing to face. One must learn everything and be curious about everything. When you feel like you are losing everything, you can search for the things you should do to make your adulthood stage worthwhile. By setting up something like those, you are also shaping a stronger and more durable foundation and future for yourself.

If you want to avoid headaches and hassles to prevent worsening or getting a stressful life, we just got three pieces of advice for you that you can do in order to cope with every struggle you will face whenever you find that adulting is hard.


1. Learn How To Save

2. Take Responsibility

3. Ask For Guides and Advice

1. Learn How To Save

Learn How To Save

Having a stressful life sometimes roots from the way we handle our financials. It is a sad thought, but that is what most adults are dealing with right now. It is worse when they have stable work, but in the end, they always question where did their earnings go. Most of the time, their earnings only stay in their bank accounts for a few days then after that, they are all left with cents and with questions about where did they bring that money to or where did they spend it all.

Most especially during holidays, we tend to lose our plans on healthy aging because we are too stressed to track how much money you have spent on yourself and how much you put away. We always find ourselves getting out of control that, at the end of the day, we gain nothing but fear about budgeting once again.

Though this somehow made you feel like adulting is hard, there is a way that you can follow to finally learn how to save and invest in order to get away with stressful life.

First of all, you need to have a journal or something that can show you your total income so you can avoid spending more than what you can earn. Budgeting is part of healthy aging since it trains your mind to do practical budgeting skills.

However, sometimes, this can be crucial since it can really give you money headache as time goes by. To resolve this, you should have a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tracking of your finances and compare whether you are following the path or not.

There is what they called a 50/30/20 rule, where 50 percent of your income should be reserved for your needs, 30 percent is for your wants, and the remaining 20 percent is for your savings.

With this kind of budgeting rules, you are finally growing healthy since everything is not about how much you earn anymore but how you manage it. But aside from savings, you should also have an emergency pot that you can easily take if you lose your job, get sick, or if an emergency happened. By doing so, you are not only preventing stressful life from occurring, but you are also protecting your finances from such unforeseen events.

Insurance is also “in” these days since this can serve as your life and health insurance coverage at the same time. That way, you will also be gifting yourself peace of mind.

Another way to save money is to examine whether you are responsible for buying and paying for your foods. The truth about eating out is that it is never cheap. Aside from risking your savings, you are also opening up for the risks of serious health diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes. So instead of spending your money for lunch and snacks, you may opt to bring your own food.

In the end, you will surely be surprised by how much you have saved by doing it. Though eating out once in a while is okay, choosing to follow healthy aging tips is still the best option that can benefit your finances, too.

2. Take Responsibility

Take Responsibility

People always find their stressful life tiring when they do not know what their responsibilities are, or maybe they do, but they choose to shrug off their supposed tasks. Adulting is hard, but when you learn how responsible adulthood should be done, then you can finally continue growing healthy to alleviate your stressful life.

Ready or not, adulting always occurs once we are done with the teenage years. Reaching this point is both a reward and a challenge as growing healthy also means an increase in responsibilities. You will start to have a never-ending duty to do everything that the other adults are required to do in order to achieve healthy aging.

But when you accomplish those, you do not congratulate yourself nor clap for a job well done since you sometimes get more exhausted when you fail to manage your stress, making you think like adulting is hard.

If that happens, some people hide and pretend as if they do not have any responsibilities at all. But that could ignite more problems that will eventually lead to a more stressful life.

In order to get those things done, you should free yourself and practice self-care most especially when you have an endless to-do list. That way, you will assure healthy aging while allowing yourself to be happy and satisfied. Speaking about self-worth and self-love, what we try to sow inside is something you will reap soon. So if you have been trying to run away from your problems, expect that you will face more difficulties in life, leading to a stressful life.

You should just keep in mind that difficult things always happen since healthy aging means learning something out of all the challenges and setbacks that you have been facing. It is just a matter of how you allow yourself to explore while growing healthy since that is how we can learn more about ourselves and the things that are important to us.

We should not spend our lives trying to impress other people since that will just make your stressful life a little harder. Until you choose to do healthy aging tips, you can never be able to free yourself from the fear of taking responsibilities.

3. Ask For Guides and Advice

Ask For Guides and Advices

Adulting is hard only if you refuse to set your pride aside and ask for help. According to a study from Cornell, people tend to underestimate the likelihood that someone will help them with a problem most especially in adulting. But in reality, people also practice healthy aging, and they are willing to help you get rid of stressful life if you know how to ask in the most respectful manner.

It is not a hard thing to do if you can follow the following tips on how you can ask for advice in an accurate way.


Be humble

Most people try to seek advice in a rough, and arrogant way. You should set aside your pride and ask for help genuinely. You do not have to act like you are strong to handle it “but for whatsoever reason you just find it hard to deal with” because there is no such thing like that.

You should bear in mind that asking for health proves that you are growing healthy and that you are learning healthy aging positively, and not a sign of weakness or whatsoever. We know that you have got a stressful life, and being vulnerable again might make you think like it is not worth it, but it is. You are strong if you will face your emotions and problems now as part of healthy aging.

You should learn to shift your focus to your desire to have a better understanding of adulting. That way, you will find it more effective to ask for help.

Do not only look at the small part of the issue since you will have a tendency to overlook all of it and fail in asking for help. While growing healthy, you should also boost your mental and emotional health since these two always need to come together when you want to ask for help.

Make sure you are asking for help from the right person.

Some people also have a stressful life like you, so making sure that you are asking someone who is currently growing healthy is a must. This way, you will not be putting another weigh to their baggage, and you will not share your angst with someone who also needs someone else’s support.

To know if they do not think that adulting is hard, may try asking these:

  • Hey! Is this a good time to talk about something heavy? I need help with a dilemma.
  • When you have time, can we talk about a situation I’m going through? I could really use your advice.
  • Are you open to helping me figure something out? I really don’t know what to do.
  • Do you have some free time to talk about something? I really need some help.

If they open their arms to you, then feel free to be brave and non-hesitantly open up to them.


Avoid Saying Too Much Rant

We know that you just want to vent out about your stressful life caused by adulting. But it is not right to continuously throw words and refuse to take note of the other person’s feelings. Remember that you are the first one to reach out, and you want to seek for advice, so it is impossible for you to steal the spotlight and interrupt them when they are already giving you help.

You should also be open to whatever advice they are going to give you because it is you who wanted it. Avoid being overly dismissive, and instead of closing them off, just listen to their side and let them speak what they think about your problem.

While listening, you can practice breathing exercises to calm yourself down. This will also help you be calm enough to ask another question to clarify what they said. You can personally and internally get rid of the parts they said that you think will not help you. The truth is, not every advice you get can even work in your situation, but it does not give you the privilege to criticize people for their advice.

Remember that they only speak because you ask for help, and they only speak from their own perspective. If they still cannot answer your worries, let out what you learned in healthy aging and look for another source instead.

Adulting is hard — at first. And it can make you feel infuriated toward your stressful life. But it is only a reminder that you are still alive and breathing, so act like you are genuinely growing healthy.

Effective Ways To Do When You Are Letting Go Someone Important

Effective Ways To Do When You Are Letting Go Someone Important

The most heartbreaking thing you should do at some point in your life is to say goodbye to the people you can’t let go of. Letting go of people can indeed be devastating most especially when you have invested years of giving them time and energy to keep the relationship going. It will hit you more if you have tried so hard to save those healthy relationships you built, and it worked before but it does not anymore.

Letting go of the past is unthinkable, even when you try to reminisce about the memories you hares and the plans you made for the future. But everything is now long gone, and the only thing that is left is to say goodbye since letting go of someone you loved is the easiest choice you can pick right now.

At this point, you may find yourself thinking so hard about what could have been and what should-haves — and that includes what-ifs. You will start to question, what if you did this or that? What if you did not start this particular argument? What if you did not say this thing?

But even when you find the answer to these questions, you will still seem to have failed in finding the reason why you have to cut ties. Maybe you really did not work out in the first place because of the differences that kept you apart in the end, or there is a deeper moment that caused that to happen. While there are so many reasons why it has to end, letting go of people is definitely the kindest solution among all of those.

When you let go, you are not only letting go of someone you love, but also the memories that you have shared together. But seeing them walk away from you when you can’t let go is the first step toward self-care. This will also be the start of you not set your expectations too high so you can just be with them without thinking of anything else.

We know that it is hard to willfully release things that hold you back. But blaming yourself and other people why it ended will not help you either. This is about taking responsibility even if you find letting go of people a hard task to do. But you should not forget what happened either. Though it broke your heart, you should not feel any bitterness when you try to revisit that part of your life again in the future.

In order to wholly hug yourself with full arms, you should follow some self-care tips and the following advice.


1. Willfully Let Go

2. Express Your Pain

3. Do Not Blame Others For The Lost

4. Forgive Them and Yourself

5. Embrace The Present

1. Willfully Let Go

Willfully Let Go

When you think can’t let go, the only thing you can do to do it successfully is to find your willingness to do so. In order to do this, you should accept first who you really are right now and how your existence should not be blamed for the loss. By then, you will realize that some things will not really go according to your plans, and that is okay.

After all, you still have a lot of relationships that can make you feel better as time goes by. All you need to do is to be grateful for the people you still have for standing by your side and for the people you lost for staying.

Another reason why you might have lost your will is that you might have trapped yourself in chains and limit your abilities when you are too sad after letting go of the past. You must remember that you only lost a person, and losing yourself, too, will be another problem. You see, letting go of someone you loved should not include letting go of your dreams, too.

You can still dream, you just need to open your mind while it still hurts you inside. There is nothing wrong with standing by yourself in this challenging time, so you should be responsible enough to stand for yourself. After all, you are the only one who knows how much it hurt you after letting go of the past and letting go of people, so you should think about yourself and refuse to listen to what other people tell you about you and your situation.

In addition, you cannot successfully find your willingness to let go of someone you loved when you are struggling with your own thoughts. This time, you can ask for someone’s help so you can finally realize that you should accept those things you think you can’t let go of. This is the smartest decision you can make today in order to keep those lights in your future shining brightly.

2. Express Your Pain

Express Your Pain

When you decided that letting go of people will be the best thing to do, of course, it will hurt you more if you will keep those things to yourself. It is normal to feel sad, angry, and disappointed after letting go of people. But you cannot contain them when you can’t let go of your emotional feelings and just let them eat you up.

There will be days where you will experience internal suffering but you must never ignore it to assure the other people that you are positive in life even after letting go of the past and letting go of people. This is not some sort of bravery, instead, you are just giving yourself experience more sufferings when you should have stopped it in the first place.

Being able to express your pain is vital after letting go of someone you loved. Mental Health America says, “Negative emotions like fear, sadness, and anger are a basic part of life and sometimes we struggle with how to deal with them effectively. It can be tempting to act on what you’re feeling right away, but that often doesn’t fix the situation that caused the emotions. In fact, it may lead to more problems to deal with down the road.”

It only means that when you can’t let go of those emotions, you are not only making it hard for your mental health, but you are also risking your physical health due to stress that letting go of the past is causing you. Even Viktor Frankl once said that if you cannot change the painful situation anymore, you should always have that attitude when you are facing the things they cause you distress.

Most of the time, saying it out loud can lessen the burden you are dealing with. You do not need to have someone beside you if you feel uncomfortable with the thought of looking too dramatic when you finally burst it all out.

But if you want to remain calm, you can always opt to call someone and ask for some advice when you feel like you already lost things after letting go of the past. You must help them understand that you are going through a hard time, be honest about how you can’t let go smoothly, and they will surely understand that.

If vocalizing your feelings still cannot help you, you can just go and grab a notebook and write down everything. You will see how much writing can alleviate the pain and make things a little bearable even though you feel like you are about to fall apart.

Whatever way you have, as long as you express your pain, then you can make it again.

3. Do Not Blame Others For The Lost

Do Not Blame Others For The Lost

You are not only letting go of people, but you are also releasing the blame that you can’t let go before. To let go of the blame is freeing yourself from negative thoughts and allowing yourself to be happy again as you realize that it is still a wonderful life even if you ended up letting go of someone you loved.

Ask yourself, why do you keep on blaming other people for the relationship that did not end up the way you want it to be?

While blaming other people, you are refusing to give yourself the power to turn those events into positive and healthy lessons. If you are also blaming others for your loss, you are even shooing away the real issues by focusing on unimportant and unnecessary things.

As Eleanor Roosevelt so brilliantly said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” So you should start freeing yourself from guilt and stop blaming other people for the feelings you are feeling now.

To stop blaming others, you should also ask yourself what the things you should do next time so you will not end up letting go of people once again. So after letting go of the past, you should stay in the future and resolve the present so you can have a better future.

4. Forgive Them and Yourself

Forgive Them and Yourself

After letting go of someone you love, the next step you should take is to forgive them and yourself. You have been through worst already, and if you try to beat yourself up once again, you will surely no longer have enough energy to get up back.

Holding onto anger at your loved one will not bring you happiness. So you should remember that forgiveness after letting go of people can definitely change your life. But forgiving them does not mean you are preparing yourself to forget them. You are just letting go of the past so you can easily take a step forward and find a better place in the future without them.

You always have a choice. You can control your feelings and thoughts so you can definitely stop yourself from reliving the times you can’t let go. All you need to do is to exercise it and realize that at one point in your life, you need to let go of someone so you can prepare that empty spot for someone better, for someone who will no longer leave you hanging again anymore.

One way to forgive yourself is to empathize and understand yourself and the person who just left. Maybe you two have different dreams so you needed to pursue it by taking different paths. It is your responsibility not to make yourself feel bad about what happened. Instead, teach yourself to see it as a lesson so you can focus on finding joy again and bringing back yourself before transforming into a better person.

5. Embrace The Present

Embrace The Present

In Steve Maraboli’s “Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and The Human Experience“, he says that, “The truth is unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”

The last step of letting go of the past and letting go of people is to learn how to live in the present, and to do that, you must deal with neglect — the one that plays a vital role when you can’t let go of someone. You should stop giving more fuel to the past since it will just burn down your present and future. If that happens, you will only be giving away your supposed happiness for something that is already gone.

Take your time to embrace your present by going on a hike, traveling with your friends, reading a book, treating yourself to your favorite coffee shop, or having a full makeover. It is essential to remind yourself about the present by doing these things since these activities can shift your mind from barging back and recalling the past.

Retracing the steps you have successfully taken will only freshen up those heartbreaks once again, and no one wants you to go back to zero when you already progressed after letting go of someone you loved. You just need to practice taking baby steps every day until you can no longer notice that you are bravely and naturally moving forward already.

20 Things You Should Do Make The Most Out Of Adulthood Stage

20 Things You Should Do Make The Most Out Of Adulthood Stage

Adulting scares people as much as how a quarter-life crisis does. Sure, adulting is hard, but you will feel fulfilled once you did it most accurately and beneficially. Sometimes, this happens when you let go of toxic people and toxic relationships because that way, you are allowing more space for self-growth and self-love.

But no pressure! People have their own ways and desired time frame in growing healthy. When someone learns adulting so easily, there is someone who is still learning the process of it, and that is okay. To help you make the most out of your current stage, we have prepared 20 things you should help yourself out when you think like adulting is hard.

You can read our “19 Important Things You Should Learn in Life As A Teen” so you can have a refresher of the things you have done in the past that can serve as inspiration as you grow older.


  1. Imagine your ideal future, and make a plan to achieve it
  2. Take risks and do the things that scare you
  3. Do what you love in public
  4. Learn how to invest.
  5. Have an everyday exercise plan
  6. Opt to eat healthy foods
  7. Be curious
  8. Offer yourself a good rest
  9. Learn when to speak and when to listen
  10. Never stop learning
  11. Know more about yourself
  12. Make yourself happy
  13. Believe in yourself
  14. Practice how to be a leader and a follower
  15. Learn how to fix your own issues
  16. Learn how to cook
  17. Draw or write the things you love the most
  18. Share moments with someone you love
  19. Marry the person you love
  20. Create a diary or journal

Imagine your ideal future, and make a plan to achieve it

Imagine your ideal future, and make a plan to achieve it 2

Yes, adulting is hard, but facing your future without a plan is even harder. You see, growing healthy while learning the correct ways on how to be an adult can be more comfortable when you have a concrete plan to achieve your dreams.

You can start by removing a toxic relationship in your life so you can make room for your own wants and needs since you might have been preventing yourself from doing something that can make you happy just to satisfy that one toxic relationship. This time, focus on yourself and do everything to attain a happy and peaceful future that you truly deserve.

Take risks and do the things that scare you

There are a lot of things in this world that truly scares you no matter how brave you think you are. It is the same as having second thoughts about removing toxic people from our lives since we choose to hold on to the happier moments that happened in the past. But adulting does not work that way.

Adulting is hard when you do not get out of your comfort zone or safety zone. But let me tell you, you and your life is safe now, and growing healthy will not be a problem anymore most especially when you train yourself to face your fears.

Do what you love in public

There are times when you want to keep everything you are passionate about to yourself because you are too afraid that the outcome of your efforts might not bring the same excitement to other people. But letting yourself be visible to the critics will help you turn their criticisms into inspirations, and that is what can make you even better about your passion.

For example, J.K Rowling, the author of best-selling Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series who opened her doors to hate and let them turned her into the best-selling author she is now. You can do that do, you only need to be brave enough to face those kinds of words and be matured enough not to take it in your heart negatively.

Learn how to invest.

Investing includes money and relationships. No one wants to grow old still having a toxic relationship and toxic people around them. Learn how to invest your time with more deserving people who plan to stay longer with you in your life.

As for investment to stabilize your finance, you can find the best bank in town that can help you grow your money as you prepare for your future. Though adulting is hard when it comes to finances, being smart enough in handling your earnings can be the best way to secure your life.

Have an everyday exercise plan

Have an everyday exercise plan 2

Growing healthy while learning adulting tips is more achievable once you prepared an exercise plan for yourself. As you grow older, you should make some time strengthening your body since that is the most significant investment you need to take care of, most especially when your work relies so much on your body’s capacity to move.

You can simply go for walks or do yoga at home for at least 10-15 minutes a day if you are a busy person. As long so you are consistent about it, then you can still achieve visible results.

Opt to eat healthy foods

Growing healthy means consuming healthy food. As an adult, you should enjoy a lovely meal that can boost your energy so you can be strong enough to continue your plans and works as part of your adulting life.

Some people notice that they tend to get more cups of coffee as they grow older. Some specialists proved that eating a large meal will cause drowsiness, most especially when you are at work. It is solely because the more you eat, the more insulin is released in the body, which also means your body will accept more serotonin and melatonin (two chemicals that make you sleepy).

So in order to keep yourself up, you can grab a cup of coffee but you must remember to consume it lightly.

You also need to make sure that you eat a well-balanced meal. You can seek your doctor’s advice to find the best diet that is ideal for your body.

Be curious

Adulting is hard when you stop getting curious about things. You should know that the first step to learning effectively is to allow yourself to be curious about something. That is like a natural motivation that can push you to do the things you are afraid of doing before. With curiosity, you will feel more determined to learn something, and that is the push that can be effective enough to make you get up your bed and start growing healthy.

Offer yourself a good rest

Everything inside and outside your body is connected, and one part cannot do its function if you feel too tired to make it work. Rest is a vital step you should always be offering to yourself since it removes serious limitations from the things that should be making you productive and creative.

If you have been into a toxic relationship and experienced spending sleepless nights only to feel exhausted in the morning, that is the opposite of growing healthy.

Learn when to speak and when to listen

To be an adult is to be matured, and while toxic people and toxic relationships cannot be prevented, you should train yourself not to be part of that toxicity so you should learn when to speak and when to listen. Establishing good relationships starts when you know how to connect with people and strengthen your relationship with them.

Never stop learning

Never stop learnin

Adulting is hard when you stop learning. There are a lot of things in this world that you are yet to discover, and you will not be able to do that if you will prevent yourself from learning things. Maybe you never learned how to do something that once caught your interest but let me tell you, this is the right time to step up and finally do it.

Know more about yourself

The only way to start your growing healthy journey is to know more about yourself. As you grow older, you should learn how to check on your own feelings as this can help you bring out the best version of you.

Maybe you have been overlooking your own talents and potentials because you are too busy taking care of those toxic people and toxic relationships in your life for the past years now.

But now, you should focus more on loving yourself so you will never think and feel like you are not good enough because you are.

Make yourself happy

As we have mentioned, once you know more about yourself, you will learn about the things you have restricted yourself from doing. You can try to roller skate and laugh at yourself whenever you commit mistakes.

You can try riding a bike and get your first wound since you start trying to an adult. You see, nit being hard on yourself can simply make you happy. Continue doing that.

Believe in yourself

It is not about how much you do, but it is about how you do it. Believing that you can do something boosts your capacity to do things that will help you in growing healthy. There are times you will lose hope, or you feel like you are giving up. But the most important thing here is how you can take a step back and step forward twice.

Practice how to be a leader and a follower

Your future is unpredictable, but your character is. Training yourself to become a leader and a follower can also help you to be more considerate of others and their feelings.

When you find out that the world sometimes can be hard on someone, you will also realize that the world already has enough of unkind people in it. Do not be an addition to that and empathize with them by knowing how it feels like to be a follower as well.

Learn how to fix your own issues

There are issues which were caused by toxic people and toxic relationship in your life. When you finally let them go, there are problems that will be occurring, and you should learn how to fix them all and not to stay dependent on anyone else. After all, adulting means learning how to be independent while growing healthy.

Learn how to cook

Learn how to cook

Soon, you will leave your parents’ house and you will live on your own. In order to survive, of course, you need to cook your own food, and that is only possible if you will learn how to cook. If you are a beginner, you can purchase a cookbook or just browse the internet to learn some recipes.

Draw or write the things you love the most

Forget about the toxic people and toxic relationships. This time, you can focus on the things you love the most by writing something about it or doing a sketch. There are also a lot of applications online that you can use to achieve this.

Share moments with someone you love

Once you get rid of toxic people and toxic relationships in your life, you can now finally enjoy your days with someone you love and someone who truly loves you. You may opt to have a road trip or watch movies together. You can do anything that you want as long as those things can make you happy.

Marry the person you love

When you are ready to commit, you can finally start your married life with that someone. Adulting means being independent, but adulting is hard when you have no one on your side to spend the rest of your life with.

Make sure that you have got someone who cherishes you and loves you, and I am sure that adulting can never feel so fulfilling as it will be.

Create a diary or journal

In order to happily look back in the past, you should have a diary or journal where you share your stories while growing up. This is not an account exclusively for you as you can also share it with your future kids to help them out in adulting, too.

How Relationships Contribute To Happy and Healthy Aging

How Relationships Contribute To Happy and Healthy Aging

One of the most usual things we do as we grow is establishing a relationship with other people. That is already a given, to have a happy relationship to help you get through your bad days. But aside from being support, relationships also contribute to your aging process — whether you will grow healthily or not.

A rewarding and happy relationship does not only grow inside your house, but you can also build a strong one with your friends, colleagues, and your loved ones even when they are miles away. Just like how the saying “no man is an island” goes, you, as an individual, need other people who can support you and bring out the best in you.

As we grow older, we realize that life is not just about collecting the things we want, but it is also about the intangible things that we gain whenever we let other people know us and be with us as we explore the most profound mysteries we can face in this lifetime. Be it your family, your friends, or your loved one, each one of them plays a vital role in providing you happy and healthy aging. Life is not just about living and surviving alone.

Just like what Louis Cozolino, a professor of psychology at Pepperdine University, said in “Timeless: Nature’s Formula for Health and Longevity” that, “Of all the experiences we need to survive and thrive, it is the experience of relating to others that is the most meaningful and important.”

Before you continue to scan this article, we advise you to read our article “Stressful life? Why It Is Important To Take A Break” to know more about the negative impacts you can encounter and the ways you can do to deal with it to be contented in life.


1. How Relationships Contribute EMOTIONALLY
– Know your partner
– Choose The People Who Can Benefit You
– You Are Imperfect, Others, Too
2. How Relationships Contribute MENTALLY
3. How Relationships Contribute PHYSICALLY

1. How Relationships Contribute EMOTIONALLY

How Relationships Contribute EMOTIONALLY

Out of all the things your relationship can contribute, emotional aspects remain the number one whether you are in a happy relationship or not.

As we age, a part of the aging process involves being more selective in who we share our lives with as well as strengthening our ties with them. By doing so, we can get rid of the unnecessary connections that are not making us feel satisfied in life and allow us to focus more on high-quality relationships with the other people who deserve us.

When we enter or establish, a relationship, you can expect that it has a significant impact on our values and culture whomever we are investing our times with. If we become part of a happy relationship, we can quickly strengthen our emotional status while having contact with other people.

Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, everything you do in that specific relationship can affect you emotionally in so many ways. For instance, a happy relationship is not always happy at all. There will always be ups and downs, and it is up to you in what way you want to handle them. But you should never forget that whatever struggle you might encounter, everything should make you stronger in the end.

To be specific, here are some of the ways you can do to make a happy relationship bring impact to a healthy aging process:


A. Know your partner

Aside from your family, you are also establishing relationships with someone special, your friends, and colleagues. You need to know them more so you can learn how to love and cherish them better. When you do, they will be doing the same, and you will all benefit from that happy relationship.

Knowing each other is one of the keys to a happy relationship. If you fail to do so, it will show that you are not happy with the relationship as everything will be lifeless, cold, and without much value to either of you.


B. Choose The People Who Can Benefit You

Out of billions of people around the world, there are only a few of them who can benefit you, and you should attract those people who are contented in life so you can be contented, too. Harvard University once had a 20-year study that involved over 4,739 individuals, and they found out that there is a division between happy and happy people.

They added if you have a friend who lives near you, you will be more likely to have a 25% happy relationship with them. As with the other effects of social networks, these findings were consistent over time and effective to up to three degrees of separation. So, your friend and your friend’s friend and your friend’s friend’s friend could influence your happiness.


C. You Are Imperfect So Others, Too

There are people whom you share a happy relationship with. Though they are showing a happy face, they might have been facing struggles in a different connection with other people, too. Opening your door to them is like giving them a chance to open up to you so you can understand them.

Like you, they are facing some difficulties in life, and you should be grateful to be one of the people who they can rely on. Once you have accepted that they are not perfect, too, that is when the aging process with them gets healthy.

2. How Relationships Contribute MENTALLY

How Relationships Contribute MENTALLY

Part of the aging process is to do everything to be contented in life if you are not happy with the relationship you have right now since, throughout your life, your relationships will affect your overall mental health.

There are a lot of benefits that your happy relationship will bring to your mental health. A lot of people who once dealt with anxiety, depression, and other mental health problem eventually became delighted and lively again due to their current relationships.

This is because a healthy, happy relationship becomes a stepping stone for them to have higher self-esteem compared to the feelings they had before they established one. It can also help you strengthen your immune system and help you recover from any disease. Thus, it ends up improving your aging process may even lengthen your life.

However, in contrast, if you are not happy with the relationship, you are more likely to have dramatic consequences involving your health. This is because negative feelings can cause unstable sleeping patterns, high blood pressure, and a feeling like you are not contented in life anymore.

For you who want to grow older healthily, you are likely to feel the following once you have a happy relationship:

  • a better quality of life, you will feel more satisfied and contented in life
  • you will have a lower risk of dementia and other mental-related diseases
  • you will not rely on domestic support.


If you are still young and wild, there is a high percentage that you will feel more isolated since you are still growing up, and you need more time with yourself. But not having a happy relationship at all can have a direct impact which you may carry for the rest of your adulthood, and it is not as healthy as you think if you aim to improve your aging process. This may also lead to long-term health problems like heart disease or mental health problems.

However, there are ways you can do that can improve your connections.

Express your interest in them

one way to keep one person interested in you is to show that you are interested in them, too. Acknowledging the best in them is one way to let them know that you are thinking about them. Simply say something beautiful about their outfit, or complement their food can ultimately make them feel loved and important.

Avoid rumors and gossips

This is the number one relationship-wrecker of all time. Starting rumors does not only damage the person, but it can also become the cause of why they do not trust you anymore. Avoiding rumors and gossips do not only save your relationship, but it can also save your whole being since it eliminates toxicity out of your system, and preventing it from even approaching your life.

Do not criticize others

Just like how you should avoid rumors, you should also prevent yourself from finding faults in them. Like you, they are not perfect, but those imperfections will make your relationship work even better. We are sure that you, yourself, do not also want to hear negative comments when you know that you already did your best. Uttering kind words is natural that you can do it every day instead of letting out statements that will hurt other people. The world already has enough of ungrateful people, and we should not be addends to that.

Acknowledge their wins

Appreciating their efforts is one way to keep your happy relationship long-lasting. Let them know that through ups and downs, you are with them because they also stay by your side when you had nothing and now that you have got everything.

Admit when you are wrong

 As we have mentioned, the key to making your relationship last longer is to know when to say you are sorry. The mistakes you do can build your connection with them if you look at them positively and turn them into life lessons.

3. How Relationships Contribute PHYSICALLY

How Relationships Contribute PHYSICALLY

When it comes to the physical benefits of having a happy relationship, your health is always the number one that is on the line. It is the same as when you are not satisfied with a relationship with anyone.

If you do your best to shoo away toxicity away from your happy relationship, there is a huge tendency that you are saving yourself from the lousy aging process, too. It is because whenever you choose to stay in a toxic connection, you are also allowing negative impact to come to you and bring negative things to your health.

Sometimes, it makes you feel insecure and inadequate about yourself. For example, when your weight becomes the main issue, it is either you eat more or not so that you can look perfect in their eyes.

Putting pressure on yourself while feeling drained and unhappy are some signs that you are not happy with a relationship with that particular person. Not only it has mental health implications, but it can also attack you physically.

One study found if you are not happy with the relationship, you are at a high risk of developing heart problems than those who are in a happy relationship. In another study, researchers found out that women who have an imperfect aging process tend to have high blood sugar levels and high blood pressure. They are also possible to be obese in no time.

Of course, this also stemmed from the stress that these relationships have been causing you.

There may be other physical repercussions, too, but your immune system is the primary victim if you let this imperfect aging process conquer your life and supposed happy relationship.

Psychologist Maryann Troiani, the co-author of Spontaneous Optimism, once said, “A happy couple can motivate each other to stay healthy—they’ll go to the gym together, set goals, and feel responsible for each other. Dissatisfaction in the relationship can lead to passive-aggressive eating behaviors and sleep problems, which will lead to weight gain.”


Once you become a part of a happy relationship, you will feel more satisfied in life as you will do better not only for yourself but for other people, too. While you improve your happy relationship with other people, you start improving the quality of it, also, making you finally contented with life.

But you always bear in mind that to achieve that, you should ever think about your partners, too. After all, relationships are not just about one person, but it is about establishing your connection with other people and doing your best to make everything worthwhile.