How Emotional Intelligence Plays HUGE Role In Healthy Relationships

How Emotional Intelligence Plays HUGE Role In Healthy Relationships

Relationships nowadays always lack something, and most of the problems root from misunderstandings and emotional abuse. Aside from romantic relationships, low emotional intelligence can affect your healthy relationships as well as your other social relationships.

Some experts even claim that EQ is more important than IQ, as EQ can push us into success or failure in life.

There are times that your family, friends, and colleagues might cause tensions if they have poor emotional skills that could have helped them in establishing healthy relationships. At this point, taking a break can help you have time to work on your emotional intelligence so you can help others fix theirs, as well.

Emotional intelligence plays a huge part in establishing healthy relationships. It is considered as the “driver to success,” and it does not do something contrasting against IQ. As Theodore Roosevelt said: “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” In that case, EQ is, in many ways, is the essence and soul of being human.

Also, the higher our emotional capacity, the higher the chance that we can guard our relationships snd make them last for a longer time. You should watch yourself if you can quickly know whether you can understand everything about yourself — including your behavior and emotions.

That way, you will be able to practice self-management and regulation to have full control of your feelings. Once you did all of these, you will feel more motivated to act and do all the tasks so you can attain your goals.

While this is just a little background of the broad EQ discussion, we will elaborate everything in this article so you can have more knowledge of how your emotions can prevent you from always saying goodbye when you can still save previous healthy relationships.

1. Signs That You Have Low Emotional Intelligence

  • You are getting involved in a lot of arguments.
  • You belittle other people and their feelings.
  • You tend to blame other people.
  • You are not trying to understand other people.
  • You are always running away from problems.
  • You suddenly feel a shift in mood.
  • You cannot keep relationships for a long time.

2. Why You Should Be Emotionally Intelligent

  • So you can recognize your emotions.
  • So you can have self-control.
  • So you can acknowledge other people’s emotions.

Signs That You Have Low Emotional Intelligence

Signs That You Have Low Emotional Intelligence

Just like other emotional problems, low EQ also shows apparent signs and symptoms that you should never overlook. Often, ignoring the red flags can only cause you more troubles, and it might even cause you to lose some of the most important relationships that you have. So for you to prevent that, you should be familiar with the following that can help you realize that you currently have low EQ.


You are getting involved in a lot of arguments.

Those people whose emotional intelligence is too low to know when to fight and when you should not have a higher tendency to involve themselves in a lot of arguments. This is mainly because they have closed their minds on listening to other’s concerns since they get too overwhelmed with theirs. They are also more likely to focus on their own that they forget whose fault something is.


You belittle other people and their feelings.

Since a person has a limited understanding of other people’s struggles, they are spewing out words that they do mot know can break healthy relationships. Sometimes, saying goodbye to them before they can even utter something terrible can be of help. But they are learning how to expand their understanding and accept the fact that everyone has their flaws can help them get over it.


You tend to blame other people.

Instead of understanding other people, people who have weak emotional intelligence do not consider taking a break as an option. Instead, they continuously blame other people for their actions and move on as if nothing happened. In the end, they might say that they never had a choice but to take it into someone else. But not taking responsibility can only lessen the EQ and make them feel like they are the victim all along.


You are not trying to understand other people.

There are tips for healthy relationships, and listening is always included in them. But with this kind of people, expect that those who have lower EQ become overly critical of other people’s feelings and thoughts. One should not only be listening to establish healthy relationships, but they should also understand them to widen their capacity in knowing what is going on in other people’s heads.


You are always running away from problems.

Since these people want to feel like they are always right, and they have always been the victims, they also tend to run away since they do not know how to respond anymore other than blaming others. This happens when no one is on their side anymore, and the thoughts became too much for the little minds. However, running away from problems never helped anyone, and never it will.


You suddenly feel a shift in mood.

Low EQ does not always mean sudden outbursts, but it can also cause a person to shift its mood until they lash out and upset. These shifts can also push people to be overwhelmed, which can lead to them being uncontrollable.


You cannot keep relationships for a long time.

Since people with low EQ have these negative traits, they cannot keep relationships for too long since they eventually turn into toxic people to whom others are ended up saying goodbye to. In this period, whatever tips for healthy relationships they have learned, they can no longer use it most, especially when their capacity to understand people’s emotions — which is very vital in establishing healthy relationships — no longer work.

Why You Should Be Emotionally Intelligent

Why You Should Be Emotionally Intelligent

Life is something that you should build with healthy relationships. Managing our EQ can also affect our work. In fact, according to the Center for Creative Leadership, 75 percent of careers are “derailed for reasons related to emotional competencies, including the inability to handle interpersonal problems, unsatisfactory team leadership during times of difficulty or conflict, or inability to adapt to change or elicit trust.”

If that is the case, then EQ is the indicator of success. But other than that, there are three reasons why emotional intelligence is essential.


So you can recognize your emotions.

Taking a break sometimes can help, of course. But expanding your limitations when it comes to emotions can help you know more about yourself. Instead of getting angry over little things, you will know that there are still other emotions that you can feel if you can only allow yourself to express what you want other people to know.

That way, whenever an argument comes in your form, getting angry and running away will never be your options anymore.

Being an emotionally intelligent person will finally allow you to know the best ways to respond in a situation. You will no longer choose to be a burden and a nuisance since you will be more open now.

You will try to consult yourself in every problem that will occur in your current healthy relationships so you can immediately safeguard it using the correct and best way possible.

Once you learn how to identify what you are feeling, then you finally got over your past self as you become a better person now. Your reactions will also be quicker far as you will no longer ask for a time you can spend while thinking and taking a break. But that does not mean your response is still incorrect, because this time, you have finally learned to consult your innermost thoughts.


So you can have self-control.

Competency and self-control always need to be together in a sentence. A person can never be called competent if he does not have self-control. A person who has control over himself cannot always be called fair. That is because releasing your emotions should be done in a mindful way rather than being tackless and heartless.

The ability to control and manage disturbing thoughts and feelings cannot only save your healthy relationships, but it can teach you how to remain active, too.

But you must keep in mind that managing is different from suppressing. Suppressing everything can only unleash your difficult emotions, and that is super toxic if you will apply it to your relationships.

We need our positive feelings to overcome that, but we also need to take some time as taking a break can release all the negative emotions in you. You can opt to have a heartfelt conversation with a friend or a family member, or you can write it down so you can feel better.

In the book, The Brain and Emotional Intelligence, they scientifically explained, “The amygdala is the brain’s radar for threat. Our brain was designed as a tool for survival. In the brain’s blueprint, the amygdala holds a privileged position. If the amygdala detects a threat, in an instant, it can take over the rest of the brain—particularly the prefrontal cortex—and we have what’s called an amygdala hijack.”

To put it into a more understandable context, one should adopt in their lives by accepting that they make mistakes, but we should do something we will not regret later. This is because emotional hijacks lessen our emotional intelligence competency, and it causes our destructive and unhealthy emotions to build up.

It is easier to stop your emotions and have self-control if you can check it as soon as it feels like it is coming already. Aside from controlling it within yourself, you can speak it all out and talk about those events with yourself while doing breathing exercises. That way, you can surely start having more control over your emotions so you can start saying goodbye to your negative traits.


So you can acknowledge other people’s emotions

Understanding others, just like what we have mentioned, is crucial for establishing healthy relationships. This creates an empathy that lets you sense other people’s feelings and emotions, so you will not hurt them in any way. To understand them, you must learn how to listen, and emotional intelligence can help you do that.

Aside from listening, showing yourself to others, and putting yourself in their shoes can help you understand their perspective. That way, you cannot give offensive comments anymore if they did something wrong.

Pretending you know them will not cause them or you any good. They can also notice whether you are sincere in acknowledging their emotions; you must do it with empathy and sincerity. After all, false compassion will only give them an invalid response, too, as if you do not trust them.

Understanding that not everyone is soft enough to accept all the criticisms can also give you tips for healthy relationships. Recognizing that everyone is different is a good stepping stone to do all the difficult things more efficiently, and that includes understanding everyone’s differences.

If you ever disagree with someone again, you will learn how to remain calm and understand the situation more before speaking. Once you suddenly find yourself to feel upset because of a seem-to-be never-ending quarrel, you will find ways to calm yourself again, even if it means taking a break. After all, it is better to take some time alone other than saying goodbye to the healthy relationships you have built for years.

Once you reach this point, there is no way you cannot feel empathetic to them anymore. Instead, you will find yourself finding ways for you to prevent yourself from taking something personally and hit it to others once again. That is emotional intelligence is all about — having broader understanding more than ever.

3. Detecting Major Depressive Disorder Symptoms


Your physician or a psychological wellness specialist can make an MDD medical diagnosis based upon your signs, sensations, as well as action patterns. They will undoubtedly ask you particular inquiries or offer you a survey so they can much better figure out whether you have MDD.

To be identified with MDD, you require to fulfill the signs and symptom standards detailed in the Diagnostic and also Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). This guidebook aids physicians in identifying psychological wellness problems.

According to its requirements, you should have five or even more of the complying with signs and symptoms, and also experience them at the very least daily for a duration of greater than two weeks:

  • You feel short-tempered or depressing the majority of the day, almost every day.
  • When appreciated, you are much less interested in a lot of tasks.
  • You all of a sudden shed or put on weight or have a modification in cravings.
  • You have a problem sleeping or intend to rest higher than typical.
  • You experience sensations of uneasiness.
  • You feel abnormally exhausted and also have an absence of power.
  • You feel guilty or pointless, frequently regarding points that would not generally make you feel this way.
  • You have a problem focusing, assuming, or choosing.
  • You consider hurting on your own or dedicating self-destruction. 

The signs of depression can be knowledgeable in different ways amongst ladies, youngsters, and also guys in different ways.

Symptoms of depression in men that they might experience:

  • state of mind, such as rage, aggression, irritation, nervousness, uneasiness
  • psychological wellness, such as sensation vacant, depressing, helpless
  • habits, such as loss of passion, no more searching for satisfaction in favorite activities, really feeling worn out quickly, ideas of self-destruction, alcohol consumption exceedingly, making use of medications, participating in risky tasks
  • sex-related passion, such as lowered libido, absence of sex-related efficiency
  • cognitive capabilities, such as lack of ability to focus, problem finishing jobs, postponed reactions throughout discussions
  • rest patterns, such as sleeplessness, uneasy rest, extreme drowsiness, not resting with the evening
  • physical wellness, such as tiredness, discomforts, frustration, digestive system issues

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Signs of depression in women that they might experience:

  • state of mind, such as irritation
  • psychological health, such as feeling vacant or unfortunate, distressed or helpless
  • habits, such as loss of rate of interest in tasks, taking out from social interactions, ideas of self-destruction
  • cognitive capabilities, such as believing or chatting a lot more gradually
  • rest patterns, such as trouble resting via the evening, waking early, sleeping way too much
  • physical wellness, such as reduced power, better tiredness, modifications in hunger, weight modifications, pains, discomfort, migraines, enhanced pains

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4. 3 Fundamental Ways to Prevent Depression


It was previously pointed out how depression can profoundly influence our lives. Only how are we meant to stay clear of depression? Sometimes, it’s possible to avoid depression, even if you’ve currently had a previous episode. 

There are numerous way of life modifications as well as anxiety administration strategies you can utilize to stay clear of or protect against depression. Particular triggers can create us to experience depressive episodes.

While triggers might be various for everybody, these are several of the very best strategies you can utilize to prevent or avoid depression regression.

1. Stay clear of anxiety

There is thought about to be a connection between anxiety in an individual’s life as well as depression or stress and anxiety. The Medical News Today indicated that a 2012 research performed with vet trainees discovered tension harmed psychological health and wellness, complete life satisfaction, as well as essential health and wellness.

A range of elements, consisting of job, education and learning, domesticity, or connections, can create tension. When they develop, it is vital to attempt handling and also to resolve these demanding scenarios.

Persistent stress is just one of the most preventable usual sources of depression. Discovering just how to deal as well as take care of with anxiety is crucial for ideal psychological health and wellness.

To take care of tension, you can:

  • Stay clear of overcommitting to points.
  • Technique mindfulness or reflection.
  • Find out to allow points that you can not manage.

2. Workout regularly

The workout provides a series of wellness advantages consisting of assisting avoid depression. Both low-intensity and also high-intensity exercise is useful in this regard. High-intensity workout launches the feel-good chemicals, called endorphins, right into the body.

Low-intensity rehearsal endured over prolonged duration aid begins healthy proteins called neurotrophic elements, which enhance mind feature and also make an individual that is working out feel far better.

Lots of people that are dispirited have reduced inspiration for the workout, so it is an excellent concept, to begin with, 5 mins of strolling or doing a satisfying task, and also progressively raise the size of time over the coming days, weeks, as well as months.

All sorts of exercise can aid deal with depression. However, it’s finest to work out frequently. To obtain even more workout, you can:

  • Sign up with a sporting activities group or workshop (like yoga exercise or kickboxing), where you’ll become part of an area along with being energetic.
  • Take the stairways rather than the lift.
  • Make it a behavior: This is the most effective means to preserve the physical fitness degree that is most reliable in protecting against depression.


3. Stay clear of typical triggers

As long as feasible, an individual ought to stay clear of triggers related to the start of their depression signs. This, indeed, is not continuously necessary, as well as in many cases, it can be difficult.

If a particular individual or team of individuals is a trigger, the person will certainly have to consider the benefits as well as negative aspects of preventing them. Work could be a trigger; however, leaving a job is not always feasible.

Any life-altering choices, such as these, require to be extensively considered. There are some depression sets off. However, if you understand about them, you can prepare for them, which can aid you to deal preemptively.

Instances of inescapable depression could be the wedding anniversary of a separation or a fatality, or understanding that you’ll see your ex-lover and also their brand-new companion at your kid’s college feature.

To prepare for these triggers, you can:

  • recognize that it’s turning up, as well as understand what it will undoubtedly require to
  • have strategies with a pal, or ask somebody to sign in with you
  • advise on your own that you will undoubtedly make it through it

The most crucial point is that the private recognize what causes their depression as well as functions towards a means of handling as well as preventing them as a lot as feasible. 


Sometimes, you might require additional outside assistance. The indication might turn up extremely instantly, or you might feel that your self-management technique isn’t sufficient. Looking for free aid does not imply that you’ve done anything incorrect, and also, it isn’t an indicator of weak points.

Asking for assistance when you require it is an indicator that you comprehend how depression impacts you and even the desire to take activity. You are not the only one in this fight. You are still worthwhile despite having depression. 

If you want to know how to extend your help to people experiencing depressive symptoms, understand and check out our article “Helping Someone with Depression.” Support could go a long way! Curious about how depression is being treated? Check out our article about Depression Treatment.