10 Fun Things to Do at Home During Quarantine Period

10 Fun Things to Do at Home During Quarantine Period

Staying at home could be one of the best times for family time.

You will have a lot of time for your family to spend some conversation and some family date ideas you have in mind.

However, because the whole world is undergoing a COVID-19 pandemic, it made us stop from running our errands in life.

The authorities have implemented laws for everyone to have home quarantine until further notice.

So, it has been months since the start of the home quarantine.

And after all the things you’ve done inside your house, you probably run out of ideas for you not to get the boring whole you are stuck in the house.

Family time is the best time. However, you must have noticed that some of your family members are no longer interested in the fun things you do at home. Well, it is time for you to get creative!

Being at home for the next few days will never be as dull as it has been in the past.

It doesn’t mean that you stop being productive with your life.

Try to do spontaneous things every day for you to stop the boredom and get crafty with your kids.

If you are still worried about what to do, we have compiled all the top 10 ideas or fun things to do at home! You can check them out below!


1. Learn to cook and bake

2. Decorate your garden

3. Read books

4. Decorate your furniture

5. Have a karaoke session

6. Watch movies

7. Learn new languages

8. Exercise or meditate

9. Organize your wardrobe

10. Make a scrapbook

1. Learn to cook and bake

Learn to cook and bake


It is hard to access your favorite fast-food chains during the pandemic. Some are closed and can’t attend your delivery orders.

That is something that you should not stress about! You can do the cooking and baking for your family time instead!

If you have not tried cooking or baking before, you must start with the ones who have simple procedures.

You can either use cookbooks or online since everything can now be accessed through the use of the internet.

Your family will surely appreciate it if they eat new foods most, especially if you let them help you do the procedures.

Utilize your kitchen while you are in a home quarantine with your family.

Stock all the ingredients so that you’ll be ready to cook or bake at any time of the day.

There’s no limit with the foods you can make during this pandemic.

Whether it is your family’s favorite or something you have never tried before, cook it!

You should not worry about the number of carbs and fats it gives you because there are alternatives for that which you can read below.

2. Decorate your garden

Decorate your garden


Garden is one of the most low key parts of the house. Although it is where you usually chill with your kids during family time, it has not given enough care not unless you have a gardener.

So it is one of the fun things to do at home we have listed because we are sure that you will have enough time to cater to your garden.

You can start planting flowers, herbs, and even spices for you to use when you have a simple cooking show at home.

You can first visualize the type of garden that you’d like to have and then decide on the colors you’d like to see there.

Before you start planting, make sure that you check online about the best time for planting the plants and the cases of them growing. Well, not all plants can survive in different conditions.

In gardening, you can let your kids help you plant the seeds and water them every day.

It will be such a fulfilling feeling once they start to see the flowers sprouting. It is also one way of teaching your kids about gardening, which could be beneficial not just in school but also for their future homes.

Additionally, you can have a space for a kiddie pool if you have kids who love to swim but can’t go to the beach and resorts during community lockdown.

3. Read books

Read books


Reading books is not just educational. It is also one way of engaging your students to be studious and to learn how to have fun at school.

Since family time is the best time, you should accompany them and read the books that they are into.

In this way, you can let them feel that you support their interests in reading.

Reading time should not only be limited to your children but also yourself.

Since you don’t have to focus much on your career, you can go back to the things that you once want to know about.

It includes your passion that you want to practice. You surely have a lot of unread books in your bookshelves, so make sure to go over them and learn more things.

Furthermore, there are also online books you can access for free on the internet, which gives you a wide range of options for you to read.

It is not the same as before where you have to go to the library and go inline with a queue to get the book you want.

Right now, you are just one click away from everything that you want to start or finish reading.

4. Decorate your furniture

Decorate your furniture


When you still have to go to work, you don’t have enough time to decorate the things in your house.

This includes rearranging your furniture and giving you a new look at your sala. Now, you will have a lot of time to repaint the old ones to give them a new life.

Moreover, you can rearrange your furniture so you will have a lot of space where you can do family time with your kids.

If there is furniture that can no longer be used, you can replace them by buying new furniture that is high-quality and right for your budget.

5. Have a karaoke session

Have a karaoke session


Having a karaoke session on KTV bars is no longer possible since these establishments are temporarily closed.

However, you can still have karaoke with your family at home.

You can just set a mini theatre that has complete sets including karaoke songs which are now being offered free online.

Drinking alcohol is strongly prohibited in some areas of the world, and if you’re one of them, you can just prepare snacks that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Everyone loves to sing so this idea will surely be a hit to everyone around to let out their emotions and hidden talents.

6. Watch movies

Organize your wardrobe


The usual thing we do at home is watching movies.

It has been too mainstream since the start of Netflix, where movies and series can be accessed once paid or subscribed.

So, during night time before going to bed, you can watch movies for family time!

You should first take a look at the reviews of the film so you can see to it that it is right for underage like your kids. You can watch adult movies alone or with your partner after.

7. Learn new languages

Learn new languages


Surely you have a favorite country that you’d like to visit very soon.

So, while everyone’s on community quarantine, you can take some time to learn the languages of your favorite place.

You don’t have to spend money on this since some online classes are being offered for free!

If it’s not free, there are sites and apps that you can use as resources for you to learn a foreign language.

8. Exercise or meditate

Exercise or meditate


Exercising and meditation are very important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It will not only make you healthy so that you won’t get the virus quickly but also remove the fats from the foods you eat.

It is impossible to book fitness classes now, but there are exercises online that can be done at home.

Make sure to engage your family in doing it so that every one of you will stay fit and healthy. You can learn more exercise at home during the Coronavirus outbreak here.

Sample Cardio Circuit Workout (No Equipment)

1 min: March in place — Lift the knees high and swing the arms

1 min: Jog in place, pushing the arms overhead

1 min: High knees

1 min: Slow, controlled Plyo-jacks

1 min: Regular jumping jacks

1 min: March in place

1 min: Skaters

1 min: Mountain climbers

1 min: High knees

1 min: March in place


Sample Strength Circuit Training (No equipment)

1 min: March in place to warm up

Squats — 20 reps

Reverse lunges — 12 reps on each leg

Pushups (on the knees or toes) — 10-12 reps

Dips — 10-12 reps

Walking lunge with arms overhead — 10-12 reps

Lateral leg lifts


Glute bridge

Back extensions

9. Organize your wardrobe

Watch movies


It is also an excellent time for you to rearrange your clothes and make sure they are labeled correctly in your wardrobe.

If you see some clothes that are too small or too big for you, you can donate them to anyone who is in need of clothes.

You can also use them as a giveaway or auction that can make them beneficial for others too.

10. Make a scrapbook

Make a scrapbook


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded of the importance of lives and family.

You can start creating your family scrapbook consisting of your family photos.

This is one way of reminding your kids about the importance of family time and how much you should cherish it. You can go over your previous photos and let them explain what happened there.



Family time is the best time during the pandemic outbreak.

Now that you have read all the fun things to do at home that we have listed above, we hope that we can try them all with your family.

Make sure to utilize this time of pandemic well by making sure you stay productive in making more memories that will forever be cherished by your family in years to come!

How to Solve Family Issues Successfully

How to Solve Family Issues Successfully

Family life has never been easy for many. There are a lot of bumps on the road causing family issues that could get worse when not mended immediately.

Life is painful. You will start to question what family means and how solid the foundation you’ve built together.

However, you should bear in mind that everything can be fixed if you just allow love and understanding to flow in the veins of one another.

Remember that no family in this world has no problems.

No matter how much money your family makes every day, no matter how positive and happy your way of thinking is, problems will still arise.

Problems are part of our life. You can’t stop them from coming that will create chaos in your family life.

As time goes by, you will experience how small problems like your kids getting spoiled or being disrespectful to you will go big and uncontrollable.

The demands of every family member get harder to achieve as they grow older.

And sometimes, they do have their own beliefs that are way too different from yours.

It is the starting point of how family issues arise over time. With this being said, you have to act now and do something if you badly want to solve family issues successfully.

We’ve compiled them all for you so that you come handy in making your family life better than before!


1. Cooldown before discussing things

2. Learn to listen

3. Figure out the issue

4. Talk about your side of the story.

5. Stop bringing up past issues.

6. Focus on reconciliation than winning your side

7. Forgive

8. Decide together on what to do to solve the problem

9. Preventive measures

1. Cooldown before discussing things

Not Standing For Yourself

None of you must be angry when you try to tackle things to fix it.

During a heated argument, it is expected that emotions are high.

That’s why the exchanging of hurtful words are present.

That’s the reason why it is important to discuss things right after a day or two.

Emotions are believed to subside once they are calm.

In this way, you are saving the whole family from arguing more and throwing words that aren’t meant.

Time heals all wounds, or so they say. It doesn’t have to take long.

Wait for everyone to calm down then start discussing things in the best situation.

There is a family with problems that weren’t able to successfully fix it because they have not to step back and wait for things to cool down.

If you insist on talking about it while the other party is still upset, then you are not saving your family from the chaos that life throws at you.

2. Learn to listen

Learn to listen

It is totally okay to vent out how you feel. However, you should learn to listen to the other side of the story.

You won’t be able to understand what the problem is if you remain one-sided to what you already know.

It may be hard to believe what they are about to say to you because you have taken your stand already about the issue, but it is through listening where you can genuinely acknowledge who’s right or wrong.

Since emotions are high in every argument, you might be missing some parts where you misunderstood things.

Listening to each other without any interruptions is a big step you can take on if you want to fix the family issue you’re involved in.

3. Figure out the issue

Figure out the issue

Once every member of the family is calm, you can now start figuring out what could go wrong.

Make sure to trace everything that’s been said in the argument so you would be able to pinpoint the root cause of the problem.

Maybe one of you is stressed out with her personal problems in life, that’s why she was not able to hold back all her emotions.

The second step mentioned above is a vital key for you not to assume things.

Before you end up with a conclusion, make sure you have listened to the parties involved.

For example, the other party is the financial provider of the family. Just because she is successful in life, it doesn’t mean that she is happy and content with what she has.

Maybe she is struggling with her career too, or she is sacrificing her wants just to provide you with your needs.

It takes a lot of analysis to work things out for the betterment of each member involved.

Once you know the two sides of the story, you should go in between. One may be right, and the other is not, but the real enemy here is the problem that you should solve together.

4. Talk about your side of the story.

Talk about your side of the story

When it is your time to talk, lay down all the reasons why you feel upset.

Family issues can only be resolved if you are also willing to share the things that are bothering you.

Take part because that is what family means. Everyone must be involved in the conversation so that no one will be left out.

It worsens things if you only plan with some members because the other party might think you are only fixing the problem without considering their side.

Acknowledge the things that you did and own it by so that everything you say is stated with pure honesty.

However, you should bear in mind not to raise your voice so the same argument won’t happen again. Even if it is not your fault, you should stay humble and avoid accusing other people.

For example, you can start by apologizing for the things you’ve done or said before you finally tell them why you execute such actions.

If you are going to address a message, keep your cool so that you won’t be able to say hurtful words that will only ruin everything.

It doesn’t matter if the other person involved doesn’t want to acknowledge his faults.

As long as you are ready to fix things, he will automatically admit his wrongdoings once you confess yours.

5. Stop bringing up past issues.

How To Deal With Them 2

This is the main reason why a lot of family issues worsen over time.

Instead of fixing it, you bring up past issues that will add more fuel to fire. Focus on the issue.

Leave the past behind and see what you can do to resolve the current problem.

Bringing up past issues will only mislead you to the root cause of the problem, making it impossible to end it finally.

You should be careful with the choices of words you share with them.

Instead of accusing, speak of a language that will remind your family about how much you truly love them.

Let the negativity stay where it ended so that you can avoid hurting others more.

If you accept the fact that you have your fair share of mistakes, it just means that you value your family more than the issue that you are facing.

6. Focus on reconciliation than winning your side

  Focus on reconciliation than winning your side

For you to fix the family issue, no one should win. The main goal here is to reconcile and not to win your side over others.

  • You should stop your mindset of waiting for people to say sorry to you before you can finally forgive them.
  • You should aim to win together by making sure that everyone is in one motion for a better relationship in the future.
  • You should be competitive enough to win a conversation but rather put yourself as a puzzle who can never be complete without the other.
  • You are a team, and you don’t compete with your teammates, right?
  • You need to accept the fact that it’s not your nor her who’s going to say sorry at the end.

Both parties must learn to see the point of why accepting mistakes is a beautiful plan for everyone to be happy at the end of the day.

You can plan some family date ideas that will break the ice or the awkwardness you feel towards each other.

In this way, you are making a stronger bond that is better than before. Just be careful not to choose the activities that can ignite another problem inside your home.

7. Forgive


It may be difficult to forgive once you have received the most painful words from the people you loved the most, but remember that your family is the most deserving person to forgive.

Whatever happens to your life, your family will always be the one you can run to anytime and anywhere.

So, make sure you won’t lose the foundation you once built just because of an issue you think you can’t fix.

You have to let go of the pain and not think of anything less but the promise of a better relationship in the future. No one is perfect, and that includes you.

So, making mistakes is everyone’s human nature. Furthermore, forgiveness is one of the most important things in life that you should learn.

8. Decide together on what to do to solve the problem

Decide together on what to do to solve the problem

Once you have talked about how each member feels, you will no longer be labeled as a family with problems.

Because your next step would be how to adjust things in order for everyone to heal.

You should choose the option suggested which can benefit everybody.

However, if you can’t seem to fix things since the problem is too deep to resolve, you can always ask for help from a professional that will do family counseling.

9. Preventive measures

Preventive measures

Think of the things that will help you avoid family issues from happening again.

Now that you have learned to communicate your feelings, it is also important to be sensitive. Aging is a hard process for everyone, and there is no right way to settle your affairs.

Be sure to be patient and kind when discussing matters such as housing, diet, exercise, or driving. This way, elderly family members are more likely to come to compromises with their children or other relatives.



It may be hard to belong to a family with problems, but that is always part of the deal that you have to undergo as a family.

Make sure that you only count the happy things instead of the ugly ones so that you can have a life well-lived.

You will only have one family in this lifetime. So, make sure you don’t neglect to love them because that is what family means and should be for all of us!

How to Transform Your Life

How to Transform Your Life

Life can be harrowing. It is not easy to get up every day trying to become better.

Many people have said that as they grow older, they also get sadder. It seems like everything is weighing them down.

If you’re undergoing some life problems such as addiction, failures in your love life or career, sickness, or mental illness, it is time for you to begin a fresh start.

So, how to transform your life? Do you have to forget the things you used to do before? Do you need to implement a 360° shift in your life?

Well, you are the only person who knew exactly the things that need to be eradicated in your life. It doesn’t mean that you have neglected all the things that are part of your life.

Somehow, no matter how chaotic your life has been, there will be beautiful parts that you should bring with you as you start a new.

It may be hard to start over, but that is something that you should look forward to if you want to find true happiness in life.

Nothing comes easy in the beginning, but it gets lighter once you get used to it. Think of it as a process of your life lessons that should be understood right away.

If you’re still having a hard time figuring out what to do next, we have compiled below all the ways that will help you start anew.

Check them out!


1. Get rid of your bad habits.

2. Set new goals

3. Visualize your goals

4. Be healthy

5. Plan your finances well

6. Enjoy life

7. Acquire confidence

8. Help other people

9. Practice meditation regularly

1. Get rid of your bad habits.

Get rid of your bad habits

Anything that’s bad for you is not beneficial to your life. You can not fully start over if you keep bringing exes baggage that won’t do you any good.

If you want your life to get better as it has been before, make sure to let go of anything toxic, and learn how to attract happiness.

You can either use a planner and write every negative habit you have in your life.

These types of habits include addiction, alcoholic, smoking, cursing, bullying, being pessimist, overthinking, and more.

The only way you can let go of these things is by slowly taking them out of your whole system.

For example, if you tend to smoke a lot when you are stress with your life, then you can avoid it by taking a lot more relaxing time.

If you are an alcoholic, try to find an alternative by drinking other drinks with low or less alcohol.

Furthermore, you can create a plan in your notebook as to how you slowly reduce, making your bad habits up until you’ve reached the endpoint.

However, if your problems can’t seem to go away, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional for better guidance.

2. Set new goals

Set new goals

You have set new goals but bring with you those life lessons that you have learned already.

It is very effective because you will be able to think of your life in a different perspective.

So, how to transform your life by setting goals?

Well, you have to think positive as if you are given another chance to start over your life.

It doesn’t matter how old you have become. Set the goals you want to achieve in life without any doubts. It doesn’t matter what you have to lose in the process.

The most important thing is the satisfaction that awaits you in the next days.

Make sure to make attainable goals. Surely, nothing is impossible in life.

But you will not be truly happy if you keep on dreaming the things that aren’t beyond your reach.

You don’t have to reach your goals right away. As long as you are doing something to make it happen, it doesn’t matter if your improvement is small or big.

3. Visualize your goals

Visualize your goals

You must be the very first person to believe in your goals.

Visualize it as if it’s already happening in front of you.

In this way, you will be motivated to do more and get closer and closer to reaching your success.

Always put yourself in a situation where you wish to be in the future.

Before you sleep at night, you can have some precious time with yourself thinking about the beautiful future ahead.

Vision your success in life and make sure you are making it happen the next day.

It will come to you fast if you embrace the whole idea of starting over a new career or lifestyle.

As we have mentioned above, transforming your life is not easy.

It is the same with reaching your goals in life. There are some skills that you need to master and some qualities that you need to possess to turn the vision into reality.

4. Be healthy

Be healthy

Your health is very important when we talk about life transformation.

Of course, how will you be able to do better in life if you feel so weak all the time?

So, make sure to cut out in your diet the unhealthy foods and beverages.

It will be easy for you to become the person you wished to be if your body and mind go in one motion.

You can’t just execute your goals when your body is not ready for the change you’ve envisioned.

Make sure to have a healthy diet by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables instead of fatty, salty, and sugary foods.

It is also important to drink eight glasses of water a day to keep hydrated.

A good sleep during night time is also a vital tool for your mind to rest and function well.

Taking dietary supplements and vitamins is a good option too.

5. Plan your finances well

Plan your finances well

If you tend to always run out of money, no matter how hardworking you are, it is time to change the way you manage your finances.

Don’t spend too much on things that you don’t need in your life.

Make sure that you have enough balance in your bank account for your basic necessities in the next 10 years.

That’s how you should plan your finances for you to save more of your income.

6. Enjoy life

Enjoy life

Don’t cut out the fun in your life!

No matter how much you want to focus on your career, make sure that you don’t forget the things that will make you laugh and enjoy.

Have you ever wondered why kids are always joyful?

That’s because they are embracing more fun than stress in their lives.

Always set a time or a day where you don’t have to be productive.

All you have to do is to have fun. You can just play your favorite games, meet your family, watch a movie, or spend time with your friends.

Fun times should not be neglected, no matter how old you get.

7. Acquire confidence

Acquire confidence

You have to be confident about the things you about to take in order to transform your life.

There’s nothing you should worry about.

Your life lessons are everything you need for you to be ready and confident to become the person you want to be.

You can right away control things if you start the positives within you and how you feel.

You can either show appreciation to yourself by noticing the good things you did every day.

Make sure that you also compliment yourself concerning how you look like after and before you wear your makeup.

8. Help other people

Help other people

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to live a life that is worthy of others.

Spend some time to help others because that is the only way you can make the life of other people easier.

It doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money in order to help the poor.

You can just do the little things, and everything will fall in to place after that.

You can just help someone helpless with their current situation, such as beggars and street children.

You can also help your family with their chores or some stranger you just met around.

Moreover, you can also find an organization that is looking for volunteers so that you are surrounded by generous people that can inspire you to do better in life.

9. Practice meditation regularly

Practice meditation regularly

Meditation is very important so that you can relax your mind after a long day at work.

You should not just take care of your physical health but also your mental health. Here you can check out below the meditation techniques.

Meditation is simpler (and harder) than most people think. Read these steps, make sure you’re somewhere where you can relax into this process, set a timer, and give it a shot:


1) Take a seat

Find a place to sit that feels calm and quiet to you.

2) Set a time limit

If you’re just beginning, it can help to choose a short time, such as five or 10 minutes.

3) Notice your body

You can sit in a chair with your feet on the floor, you can sit loosely cross-legged, you can kneel—all are fine. Just make sure you are stable and in a position, you can stay in for a while.

4) Feel your breath

Follow the sensation of your breath as it goes in and as it goes out.

5) Notice when your mind has wandered

Inevitably, your attention will leave the breath and wander to other places.

When you get around to noticing that your mind has wandered—in a few seconds, a minute, five minutes—simply return your attention to the breath.

6) Be kind to your wandering mind

Don’t judge yourself or obsess over the content of the thoughts you find yourself lost in. Just come back.

7) Close with kindness

When you’re ready, gently lift your gaze (if your eyes are closed, open them).

Take a moment and notice any sounds in the environment. Notice how your body feels right now.

Notice your thoughts and emotions.



Transforming your life doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put too much energy into achieving it.

All you need is to cut out some bad habits and stop doing things that you are not happy doing.

Don’t get stuck on a road where you don’t feel enough satisfaction.

Follow the ways we have presented above, and you will surely get the best out of your life transformation! Good luck with your fresh start!

What You Should Do When You Have A Toxic Family

What You Should Do When You Have A Toxic Family

Growing up, everyone only wants to have a happy family, but some people are unfortunate enough to become part of a family wherein the family members all have a toxic behavior. Too bad, we can always choose and get rid of a friend whenever they get too toxic. But you cannot do the same when you have toxic family members as you cannot definitely change your family.

Neither you can leave them when you are still a minor or you do not have anyone else to support you other than your toxic family members. So in the end, you stay and you tolerate their toxic behavior until it exhausts you.

As much as you want to get rid of that toxic behavior from them so you will no longer have to experience having a toxic relationship, it is not something like a miracle that can be fixed overnight. You also cannot

There are some ways to temporarily deal with the emotions your toxic family members cause you like looking for self-care tips or learning stress management. But aside from those things, you should have at least life lessons learned in your family to help yourself more.


  1. Signs of a Toxic Family
    • They Are Too Controlling
    • They Have Constant Conflict
    • They Are Being Dominant
    • Everything is Violent
    • They Only Love You When They Need You
    • They Always Punish You
    • They Criticize You
  2. How To Deal With Them
    • Identify Your Role
    • Take a Time-Out From Them
    • You Do Not Have To Help Them Always
    • Do Not Expect Them To Change
  3. When You Should Cut Ties

1. Signs of a Toxic Family

Signs of a Toxic Family

A family whose toxic family members are causing too much commotion is truly a challenge for all of us, most especially when we learned that families should always be supporting each other through good times and in bad times no matter what happens.

However, not everyone is blessed with healthy families, and the following are signs of a toxic family.


They Are Too Controlling

There is a big difference between ideal parenting and controlling parenting. When their toxic behavior and your toxic relationship with them are already frightening you, it means that they are controlling you and preventing you from doing what you really want. Sometimes, their toxic behavior prevents us from growing healthy, and we might not even realize that in the beginning. These toxic family members try to make you do something you are not comfortable with just to satisfy their own.

Clinical psychologist Sherrie Campbell once explained that “The family dynamic functions around the needs, wants, desires, and dramas of the parent. Children are not viewed as people, but rather as things to be controlled, used, and manipulated.”

This only means that toxic family members see you as a thing, rather than a person. And these life lessons learned can make you feel like you are being neglected due to their toxic behavior.


They Have Constant Conflict

Toxic family members can be toxic to one another, too. And their toxic relationship can cause them to fight more than being caring and affectionate with each other.

Due to their toxic behavior, their relationship can be full of conflicts. Since they also choose to resolve the conflicts, they tend to develop resentment afterward. This is because they are not trained nor used to fixing things in a healthy manner.

Corrupt parenting style can also contribute to this, and their toxic behavior can eventually cause a psychological effect on their child’s developing years.

Whenever the toxic family members show their toxic behavior, they develop anti-social behavior that can lead to depression.


They Are Being Dominant

They say that most toxic family members are “dominant-submissive”. This means that someone in the family always unleashes the dominant side and refuses to consider the other member’s feelings or opinions.

If this continues, the other members then will feel voiceless and powerless, causing their children to have lower self-esteem as they grow up. Aside from parents, siblings can also express this toxic behavior, with the older sibling being the most dominant.


Everything is Violent

Clearly, when a toxic relationship already involves abuse, it is truly a sign that a family is toxic.

However, this is not just about physical abuse. This can also include, emotional, legal, sexual, mental, and psychological abuse. The saddest thing about this is that it can be the root of deep-seated mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic syndrome.


They Only Love You When They Need You

Another sign that you have toxic family members is when you are only recognized when you satisfy their financial, physical, and emotional needs.

This kind of toxic behavior is not as noticeable as physical abuse, but this is a warning sign that you are falling on their toxic behavior. If your siblings of parents force you to provide something for them constantly even when you have nothing left for yourself, then there is a manipulation that is currently happening.

If they are already causing too much distress, you must remember that it is not your responsibility to provide their wants when you cannot even give yourself the things that you need.

Family is a support system, but exploitation like this is not supported at all most especially when loving and giving should be given either unconditionally or freely.


They Always Punish You

There is a big difference between discipline and punishment, and you should be aware of that.

Discipline is a way to teach you things in a healthy way while punishing is an act wherein they are already affecting your morality. After all, punishment is just the toxic family members’ excuse to have control over you.


They Criticize You

Your toxic relationship with your family can bring you a heartbreaking result most of the time — you also tend to develop inner critic. Their constant criticisms toward you and your effort can literally make you feel incompetent and unsuccessful even when you are already trying too hard to please them. Such life lessons learned should make you feel better and remember your self-worth.

2. How To Deal With Them

How To Deal With Them 2

When you have been living with your toxic family members for so long and if you have been enduring their toxic behavior, you might be thinking like there is no other way to deal with them anymore. You might even think of becoming like them to take an act of revenge or something, but sharing the same toxic behavior with them is not in line with the life lessons learned that you want to live on in the future.

Moreover, if you plan to act like them, too, this will only complicate the toxic relationship even more as it will make everything even worse. To help you prevent any of the aforementioned scenarios from happening, here are some tips you can follow to successfully deal with toxic family members.


Identify Your Role

Identifying what you really want to be in the family can make you finally stand for yourself and not let anyone show you toxic behavior anymore. If you have been trying to enlighten them with your life lessons learned list but they are too toxic to understand them, then it is their problem now. Sometimes, not showing that you care can help you divert their attention to something or someone that can see them clearly.


Take a Time-Out From Them

Spending some time away from your toxic family members can help yourself breathe again and let go of the things that are currently inside your head. You have been dealing with them for so long now, and reserving some time for yourself should not be a big deal to anyone. You cannot please anyone, but you should please yourself by listening to the voice.


You Do Not Have To Help Them Always

The reason why toxic family members have toxic behavior is that they are creating them. And they might call you for help but you do not always have to sympathize with them and condone their behavior. Always remember that siding them will never be the solution, and it is not part of the life lessons learned that you are always proud of. Instead of validating what they feel and do that harm other people, teach them how to be responsible for the crisis they created and lead them to the best and right way to resolve it.


Do Not Expect Them To Change

You cannot easily change a toxic relationship and toxic behavior, and that is proven.

According to Brown University, “Like most people, parents in dysfunctional families often feel threatened by changes in their children. As a result, they may thwart your efforts to change and insist that you “change back.” That’s why it’s so important for you to trust your own perceptions and feelings. Change begins with you.”

It only means that only the toxic family members can change themselves for the better if they want to be better at all.

Instead of trying so hard to change their toxic behavior, you can help them to do the following that can help them in the transition:

  • They should be able to identify if they have painful and difficult experiences in the past that led them to become a toxic person. As we mentioned, toxicity has a root, and sometimes, it comes from their dark past.
  • Ask them to write a list of the toxic behavior they want to change desperately. This can help them be on track always as the list can also keep them motivated throughout the process.
  • They shall also jot down the traits they want to have instead. This will be the beginning of the practice session toward the betterment of their life.
  • Make sure that they are not trying hard to be perfect. No one, even those without a toxic behavior, can ever be perfect in this world.
  • They should realize that they are not in control of other people’s lives, most especially their other family members.
  • Make them imagine the positive effect that will occur once they changed.

3. When You Should Cut Ties

When You Should Cut Ties

When the tips are no longer working and they can no longer love you and themselves, maybe it is time for you to do the move instead and cut the ties. It is hard not to talk to your family, but sometimes, going far from them means saving your mental and physical health from their toxic behavior and poor treatments.

Sherrie Campbell, a licensed California psychologist and author of the book “Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Own Person“, said that “Cutting ties with family members is one of the hardest decisions we may face in life.

The facts are that family members are just people and not always healthy people, and if these people weren’t family, we would never choose them to be a part of our lives due to their poor treatment of us.”

So if you want to finally be free from the toxic relationship and only waiting for a sign, you should read the following reasons to consider before cutting off your ties from your toxic family members.

  • When your relationship with your family is already turning into any kind of abuse, you should already free yourself from them. This time, you should be brave and love yourself enough to let them go.
  • If they keep on making you feel like you are not good enough, or you have never done something good in them, stop them from degrading you by walking away. You deserve all the love in this world. If they cannot give you that, be the one to give it to you instead.
  • If you have been so stressed by their toxic behavior that they are already causing distress in your work, school, or personal life, it is time to let go.
  • A family should be the one to support you. If you think like you are already exhausting yourself to satisfy their own needs but still end up getting called a failure, then you should set aside such a one-sided relationship and focus on your healing now.
  • When it became a blaming game and you are the one to fix their messes, teach them to fix it all by leaving them.