11 Things to Do With Friends During Bonding Time

11 Things to Do With Friends During Bonding Time

Friends are one of the essential parts of our lives. The way they influence things that make a significant impact on our lives is something that should be cherished. They are not only there during your past time but also the best moments of your life. They help you become the best version of yourself by influencing you with things that are vital to your life.

During bad times, they help you cope up with traumatic experiences by reminding you of the better days to come.

If you are feeling bored and want to have some bonding time with your friends, you can right away plan great activities that you will surely enjoy doing. Don’t wait around, neglecting the fun times you wish to experience.

No matter how many travels and fun nights you had, there are still a lot of things to do with friends that are cheap and easily accessible.

If you want your friendship to last, you should learn to spend extra time and effort in hanging out with friends more often. The foundation of your bond becomes more potent once you keep on doing things together.

However, if you are still wondering what to do next for your bonding time, you can check out the cheap yet fun activities we have compiled for you below.


1. Attend a fitness class

2. Visit a coffee shop

3. Watch movies together

4. Go shopping

5. Attend a concert

6. Have a karaoke night

7. Jog together

8. Make some snacks

9. Play games

10. Go to a festival

11. Go to a waterpark

Attend a fitness class

Attend a fitness class

As you grow older, your health will be one of your top priorities in life. The same goes for your friends who value their health more than ever. That’s the reason why attending a fitness class with your friends is a great option for your bonding time together. You are not only enjoying each other’s company but also keeping yourself fit and healthy.

It is challenging for you to try if you’ve never done it before, but everything will be worth it once you practice it with proper training and consistency. Just make sure that you are not attending a fitness class that is too heavy for your friend’s budget, or else you won’t be able to invite them.

Visit a coffee shop

 Visit a coffee shop

If you and your friends are already adults, you will be too busy with your career and other errands you ran in life. However, you can still find some time to catch up by visiting a coffee shop. There’s a certain vibe of privacy, and beautiful conversation shared in a coffee shop.

It’s like you are going to rent a house where you can both drink coffee and eat desserts while talking about anything under the sun. If you are enjoying the conversation, you can still stay a little longer with no one stopping you from doing it.

You can either invite your friends to a newly opened coffee shop or have a taste of what they offered. Or you can just go back to your old and favourite coffee shop that gives you calmness, reducing stress, promoting more laughs, and healthy conversation.

Watch movies together

Watch movies together

It may seem cliché to some of your friends, but watching movies together for your bonding time never goes out of style. You can either invite them to watch a new movie at the cinema or turn your room into a theatre. There are a lot of ways you can enjoy watching movies without going to cinemas. A Netflix subscription, home theatre, and some snacks like popcorns turn out your date night to be extremely wonderful.

Go shopping

Go shopping

One of the most loved activities of friends together is shopping. There are a lot of things you can see in a shopping mall, which is ideal for you to view and share your thoughts about random things you see. It is also great when you want to buy something, and your friends are with you because they can help get the right one that suits you best on you.

However, you need to remember that you don’t have to spend or buy things when you go shopping as long as you can spend some time with your friends that are the only thing that matters the most.

Attend a concert

Attend a concert

A night where you can go pour your hearts out, listening, and watching your favourite bands are an artist is needed when hanging out with friends. It doesn’t matter whether you have the same music taste or not. As long as it’s free, that calls for a celebration.

You can check out some parks near you because they usually hold free concerts during the summer. It is one way of chilling out as you indulge yourself in music and make more memories with your friends. Just make sure that you are availing free concerts because concert tickets are somehow pricey, which will stop your friends from going with you.

Have a karaoke night

Have a karaoke night

Plan a date night with your friends where you can have a karaoke night together. You can either rent a KTV bar or make your karaoke theatre at home. Choose the one that’s convenient for you and your friends.

Karaoke night is best spent with some drinks alongside. You can watch your friends pour out their emotions most, especially if they are going through something painful such as breakups. It will relieve them of the heavy feeling they feel inside as they are going through the process of moving on.

Jog together

Jog together

Aside from attending a physical fitness class for you and your friends to be healthy, there is a cheaper way of doing that. You just have to look for a place where you can walk or jog together. Choose an area with a greener environment so that you can take advantage of the warmth and clean air you breathe. You need to convince your friends that even though it is just a jog, it creates a significant impact on their health when done regularly.

Light exercises are beneficial for anyone who doesn’t have ample time to work out. Furthermore, it will be a lot more fun if you are going to spend it with all your friends as you can share a lot more conversation while jogging. It will also reduce boredom, making everything interesting as you reconnect with each other’s whereabouts.

Make some snacks

Make some snacks

One of the best things to do with friends is making some snacks. Of course, who in the world would not like some foods to eat during bonding time, right? So, invite your friends to your home and prepare the ingredients to cook or bake the food you have in mind quickly. Here is an example of some recipes to cook with friends.


Pizza Onion Rings


One medium onion

One pack sliced pepperoni

One ball mozzarella cheese, cut into cubes

One jar pizza sauce, this can be a basic pasta sauce or passata etc

1 cup grated parmesan cheese (100 g)

Three tablespoons dried oregano

oil, for deep frying

Three eggs

2 cups panko breadcrumbs (100 g)

Two tablespoons flour

Two teaspoons dried oregano

Two teaspoons paprika



  • Cut onion into 2 cm (1 inch) slices. Carefully separate the layers into individual rings.
  • On a tray lined with baking paper, lay out onion rings and place a slice of pepperoni in the centre, pushing the pepperoni slice down to take the shape of the onion and make a bowl.
  • Layer in a tablespoon of pizza sauce, mozzarella, some parmesan, and a sprinkle of oregano.
  • Place the tray in the freezer until solid (about two hours).
  • Add flour, beaten eggs, and panko breadcrumbs to three separate bowls. Stir paprika and oregano into the flour
  • Remove frozen pizza rings from the freezer.
  • Roll each first in seasoned flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs.
  • In a large saucepan, heat oil to 180˚C (350°F).
  • Fry pizza onion rings in batches until nicely browned on all sides, about 3 minutes.
  • Place on a paper towel-lined plate to drain off any excess oil. Sprinkle with more dried oregano.

Play games

Play games

You should not stop playing games with your friends no matter your age. It is one way of awakening one’s competitive aside. It is also a recreational activity for you. You can check out below the best online games to play with friends.



PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, helped kickstart the battle royale craze, popularizing some of its most foundational rules such as the shrinking safe zone, large map, and 100-player setup. While other battle royale games have gone for a cartoonish aesthetic, PUBG remains grounded in realism (or at least as realistic as a 100-person deathmatch with exploding cars and sometimes-wonky physics can be). Expect bullet drop and one-shot kills.



Bungie’s not-quite-an-MMO Destiny 2 has hit a few snags over the years, but ever since 2018’s Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion, things have been looking up, and 2019’s generous free-to-play offering Destiny 2: New Light brought in a bunch of new players. There’s so much you can do with friends in Destiny 2: farming for that next piece of awesome gear; mixing it up in the Crucible for some PvP, or learning the ins and outs of the latest uber-challenging Raid. At the core of all this is Bungie’s excellent gunplay, which just feels so. Damn. Satisfying.

Go to a festival

Go to a festival

Festivals are always available if you keep track of the activities of the nearby cities. Often festivals are loud and fun where you can interact with a lot of people together with your friends. You need to leave the city for this type of bonding time, but it is always worth it. If it’s your rest day at work, you must explore other places and enjoy everything without getting bored.

Festivals don’t need to be as grand as Coachella. There are a lot of small festivals that are fun to attend because they offer you and your friends never before seen experience. Food festivals are great for your friends if you’d like to try different foods to eat.

Go to a waterpark

Go to a waterpark

During summer, it would be best to go to the beach or any resort that could help you wash away all your stress in life. The waterpark is a great choice for this as they can offer you different water activities with a theme that’s cooling for your mind.

You can ask your friends if there’s a place they can recommend. Enjoy hanging out with friends by splashing around or diving to the sea. Just don’t forget to protect your skin from the scorching heat of the sun and bring sunscreen with you.



You should learn to balance your life by making time with your friends as it is necessary for you to hustle and enjoy life at the same time. That’s the reason why we have presented the activities above! It is now time for you to share it with your friends and listen to their suggestions as to what activities are they ready to take on next! We wish you to have the most wonderful bonding time in the next days to come! Enjoy!

How to Break up With Someone: 7 Proper Ways of Bidding Goodbye

How to Break up With Someone: 7 Proper Ways of Bidding Goodbye

Love is the only thing in the world that has total control over your emotions. It can make you feel delighted and sad. That’s the reason why it is beautiful to fall in love.

However, love moves in mysterious ways also. When things change, and you can no longer feel the intensity of love towards your partner, you have to make a painful decision that will hurt you both. You may now start to wonder how to break up with someone you once loved.

It is when you try to save the whole relationship, but you know to yourself that parting ways are the best option.

According to a famous song you often hear on the radio, there is no easy way to break somebody’s heart, and that’s very legit. You will get confused about whether you are making the right or decision or not because you value the time and countless experiences you had together. It is no wonder that you think of how your partner would feel the moment you tell him about the breakup.

Just by thinking about how hurt he will be will almost break you and stop you from doing it. 

Well, you don’t have to worry. We are going to help you ease the agony you are feeling in saying, “I don’t love you anymore” and “I’m letting you go.”

There is nothing you can do that can make him feel better about your breakup than giving him a proper goodbye. The conversation and how you say things must be planned well so that you won’t end up hurting him more. You can do this with the help of the ways we’ve listed about how to break up with someone.

Check them out below!


1. Think twice before you end things

Think twice before you end things

You must evaluate very well the feelings you have for your partner. Do you want to break up with him? Are you ready to end things without regretting it the next day?

Make sure that you keep in check your emotions. Because sometimes we make wrong choices when we are too mad or sad.

If you encounter problems, you must fix them before you decide. This is one way of avoiding regrets. What if the problem is fixable? What if the love faded because you weren’t able to fix your issues together?

Remember that there are two people in a relationship. You must be considerate to fix everything before you end things.

Again, you should not rush it when you want to break up with your partner. For example, if you are in the middle of arguments, you need to hold your horses and wait for both of you to cool down before talking about significant changes in your relationship.

A proper breakup is not surprisingly said. It must be something you both see coming so that it won’t be too devasting for the other person. If everything is right between the both of you and you demand a breakup, that is damaging and confusing.

So, make sure your breakup doesn’t suddenly come out of the blue.

2. Plan the date and location

Plan the date and location

If you have decided that you wanted out, the next thing that you have to plan is the date and location. Please know that breakups are not secure. Your partner might not be able to control how he reacts upon your revelation.

So choose a place where you have privacy. In this way, you can talk about anything and everything without minding the surrounding. However, if you have any physical abuse or nasty experiences with your partner, it is better to call it quits with a friend or a family member alongside.

He can’t harm you when you are accompanied. Always think about your safety.

Going to clubs or any place with loud music is not a good option. You must choose a serene place that can set the right mood for a serious talk. Others suggest that the right setting for breakups are in the homes of their partners. It is one way of saving them from driving with a broken heart and devastating emotions.

Ideally, they can let you leave, and they can have their emotional break down right away inside their homes.

3. Be clear with your reasons for breaking up

Be clear with your reasons for breaking up

Since you are the one who wanted out, you must be ready to lay all your goals for breaking up. You must not only focus on asking yourself how to break up with someone or how to say sorry but all that to say about the reasons for parting ways.

It will be stressful to weigh down the happy memories over the problems you had with your partner. Giving him the precise reasons why you want to end the relationship is the kindest thing you can do to make the breakup proper.

You must write your reasons down so you can practice it or remember everything once your partner is with you.

This is one way of making your message more concise and compelling. Try to write it in a direct yet non-blameful manner. Remember that you don’t want to add more sadness in his heart by how you say things because breaking up is already painful.

What more can it be if you let bad things slip out of your mouth, right? So to avoid it, you have to come prepared.

4. Be kind enough to apologize

Be kind enough to apologize

Compassion or empathy is essential if you wanted out of the relationship. The effective way to do this is to put yourself in your partner’s shoes. What if he is the one who broke up with you?

What are the exact words or things you want to hear from him to take the pain away? Surely you have experienced it before being the one who got left behind. So remember the feelings you had back then and reevaluate if your words are too painful to be utter.

The reason why your message should be direct to the point is that it should be clear. Beating around the bush will only add confusion on his part, making the conversation hard to control.

If you don’t come up with compelling reasons, he will be asking you a lot of follow up questions that would later result in an argument. Be kind enough to tell him about what went wrong so that he will understand your decision.

You must be compassionate, but you should not take responsibility for how he would feel. Yes, it feels like it is your fault, and you are the wrong person because you choose to leave, but you should also think of the benefit you both can get after this mess.

The moment you say the words, “I don’t love you anymore,” is also the moment you can expect things to end negatively. Not everyone is ever ready to accept pain and rejections right away, so I hope that the answers you have compiled in how to say sorry aren’t enough to mend him.

5. Accept their reactions

Accept their reactions

If they accept your decision negatively, well, you should expect that ahead. If they prefer to act normal, it doesn’t mean that they are okay with the breakup. It is not easy to accept that you are no longer making memories with the person you thought you’d marry.

So, if they yell at you and beg for you not to go, make sure you are ready to turn him down.

You can anticipate them to get too emotional, so be ready to hear hurtful words coming from them too. However, you need to stay true to yourself and avoid saving them from what they are currently feeling.

It doesn’t make you heartless or selfish because it will both lead you to wonderful opportunities and people in the future. So, don’t ever try to make it up to them after your break up. Doing this will only confuse him with your real feelings for him.

6. Stick to your decision no matter what

Stick to your decision no matter what

You should expect it that your partner will ask for forgiveness or a second chance. He will beg you not to leave him. And it will be confusing on your end too. Your mind and your heart will be battling against each other, whether to give him a chance or not. However, you should know when you truly love someone when you don’t have to choose between what your mind and your heart says. What’s the use of practicing how to say sorry if you don’t apply it to the situation?

Here are some of the breakup reactions that you have to prepare to stick to your decision no matter what happens:


The Optimist

“Nah, we are just taking a break.” These people don’t accept the fact they are now a newly single man or woman. No matter what their friends say, they are under the impression things will work out, and wedding bells will ring soon.


The Social Media Blab

For this individual, their feelings are so transparent it seeps into their social media accounts. A day after the breakup, everyone will know how much you hate the other sex and think they are all pitted with evil. They will know you are a strong independent person that will only need coffee and your dog to feel better. But it’s okay. You do you boo!


The Stalker

This person can’t help themself from surveying their ex’s social media profiles 24/7. You need to see if they are with anyone new, or are just as miserable as you are. While this may be a side effect of a pre-dopamine flooded brain, it’s a little creepy.


Sad Song Repeat

Sad songs and ice cream are their best friends. They will know all the words to NeYo’s song “So Sick,” and the people at the grocery store know your routine. The bottom line is they find comfort in drowning themselves in song, and that’s okay!

7. Be grateful as you part ways

Be grateful as you part ways

No matter how ugly the ending, you were once pleased with the beginning of your relationship. So, thank him. Be thankful for the beautiful memories you both have shared. Thank him for the times that he was strong enough to accept your flaws even though you weren’t too confident about it.

Once you see him in pain with your break up, remind him of the beautiful things he will have in the future that’s full of happiness and contentment. Tell him how he wonderfully contributed to your life to get better. Show a little bit of regret so that he won’t be blaming himself for all the things that happened in your relationship. If you are brave enough to say I don’t love you anymore, you must be brave enough to thank him for the love you once wanted very much. Regardless of where life takes you, you will always be bringing the memories and lessons that came from him.



Now that you have read the seven proper ways of how to break up with someone, we are confident that it will help you get the best of things to happen in what to do after the breakup also.

Remember that even if you are the one who calls it quits, it doesn’t mean that you are the one at fault. Well, love most in mysterious ways, and you have to forgive yourself too for wanting out of the relationship. Focus on a bright future ahead, but never forget to be kind enough as you leave the past behind.

What to Do After a Break Up: The Process of Moving On

What to Do After a Break Up: The Process of Moving On

At some point in our lives, we will experience painful goodbyes from the person we love dearly. No one could ever move on right away after a breakup. Nobody can do that. You have to go through that is devastating to your whole being.

When your heart is in pain, every organ you have seems not to function well too. The struggle is real, waking up every day after a breakup. The important thing here is to stop yourself from feeling helpless. Set on your mindset on what to do after a breakup.

Life doesn’t stop for anything or anybody. Even if you lose the person that you want to spend your future with. There will always be someone who can fill the gaps in your heart, someone you will never lose, no matter what the circumstances are.

It may be difficult to believe in love again, but the first step is to move on. 

Whether it’s you or your ex who call it quits, you deserve to move forward. You can ask for the guidance of your family or friends, or do it alone, whatever is beneficial for you, do it.

Time heals all wounds if you know how to equip it with a checklist that will help you with the process of moving on. Here are the six things you can check out for you to get out of the pain and seek happiness in life and love again. 


1. Cry it all out

  Cry it all out

It is painful to have your heart broken, so cry until you run out of tears to shed. You must grieve the love that you lost rather than keeping it all to yourself. Pretentious will only slow down the process of moving on. If you show the world that you’re okay, even if you are not, you will only grieve more when the lights are off, and you are all alone.

It is a process that you have to undergo, and this first step all goes with how you let your emotions out to keep it real for you. The more you let go of the pain, the more comfortable for you to move on. You shouldn’t hold back, just scream, yell, and cry until it no longer hurts.

However, there are times that no matter how much you’d like to cry, there are no tears to let out. In this way, you are already numb with all the pain. You might be wondering how to move on when you can’t even cry a single tear to ease the pain away.

Try to listen to the songs that remind you of your past relationship and other breakup songs to trigger negative emotions. In this way, it will be easy for you to cry and find relief afterward.

Grieving should not last long. Grieve, but don’t stay devastated throughout your life. A month or two will pass for all the miseries to go away. There may be times that you miss the person, but the important thing is you’re done crying over him. It is also not advisable that your grieving process is just for a short time.

You will not be able to take all the pain away if that’s the case. You will only end up crying every night for the next months if you skip embracing the pain for the first few weeks.

2. Accept that it’s over

Accept that it's over

Acceptance is your number 1 enemy when moving on. It takes some time before you can truly accept the end of a relationship. Of course, how can you receive in your bones that you are no longer part of somebody else’s future, right?

The memories and experiences you had with that person are irreplaceable. The future that you had planned together are all gone now. Most notably, for long term relationships where everything seemed to be surreal, acceptance is very hard. You will end up thinking about the “what-ifs” and “what could have” in life, which is normal after a breakup.

However, you should bear in mind that what’s gone can no longer be taken back. What you have now is yourself and the future of making it through your miseries.

No matter how much you want to be with that person, if the feelings are no longer mutual, accept it and let him go. You don’t matter in his life anymore, so stop thinking about him. You have your whole life to figure out now. You have to get back to the reality that fairytales have endings that are not beautiful too.

If you are having a hard time accepting things, you can vent out to your family and your friends because they have a lot of advice for you. They are the ones who can see the bigger picture, so listen to them.

You need to start over, so as much as possible, stop recalling your planned goals together. Everything is destined to happen if he’s not really for you.

3. Take good care of yourself

Take good care of yourself

When you can already wake up without thinking about him first thing in the morning, that is a sign that you should now include pampering yours to your what to do after a breakup list. You should start engaging yourself in things that you are passionate about.

When something gives you happiness, take advantage of it. Because little smiles will turn to huge laughter sooner than later, make sure that your heart is the only damage part of you, not your body, neither your peace of mind.

Get dressed gorgeously and start attending your gym workouts for a well-toned collection. Remember that it is a new start for you, so you got to achieve feeling good and looking fresh.

One of the few things to do if you want to start pampering yourself is by treating yourself to a facial spa. After all the crying, your face needs time off for it to glow like never before. You have to bring back the beauty that was once lost because of your heartbreak. So dry your tears and hydrate your face.

A beautiful body can also be achieved if you indulge yourself in a workout class. Attend regularly so that the result can be achievable in just weeks of going to the gym.

Furthermore, if you exercise, you can be more positive and happy because your brain is releasing chemicals beneficial for your mental health. Check out some post-breakup exercises like the one below.


Bear Crawl

Category: Upper Body

Muscles: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Core

  • Start in a push-up position
  • Keep the hips and shoulders in one line, BUTT DOWN!
  • Step forward with your hands and feet, alternating
  • Think of lengthening through the body


Squat Thrusts

Category: Cardio

Muscles: Core, Cardio

  • Start in a standing position
  • Place the hands on the floor
  • Jump the feet back, so you are in a full push up position
  • Shoulders and chest are directly above the hands
  • Jump the feet forward and stand

4. Delete all possible contacts

Delete all possible contacts

Don’t start asking yourself how to move on if you have not deleted all his contacts. If you keep on assuming that one day he will text or call you to make it up to you, nothing will happen.

Even on your social media accounts, you should learn to cut any source of messaging. It actually won’t make you bitter but rather better. Of course, who would not want to anticipate a reply if you text him, right? However, it won’t do you any good. It is one way of avoiding temptations. It will only cause you to long for him more or worse you’ll beg for him to come back.

Not deleting all possible contacts will only cause anxiety on your part, slowing down your moving on process.

You have to be kind enough to yourself to stop wanting people that are no longer yours. So, do yourself a favor and find new hobbies that will keep you busy or thinking about contacting him.

The thing here is that, after a breakup, your ex no longer wants to see your name on his phone. Why keep in contact with the person that is no longer happy with your presence? So, make it a healthy practice when you miss him, start diverting your attention to different things that are more valuable for your future.

5. Find yourself again

Find yourself again

Usually, you lose yourself when the love you wanted is no longer there. However, you need to get back on your feet and realize your worth as a person.

Break up is a blessing in disguise because it is the only time that you learn to get stronger no matter what kind of struggles life throws at you tomorrow.

Some people have only determined their real purpose in life after breakthroughs. So believe that you will find yours in time.

Always do something that can make you happy such as spending time with family and friends, going shopping, plan cute date ideas for a family vacation, exercise or anything that helps you grow as an individual. Whatever you may find in front of you while searching for answers is your answered prayer.

6. Embrace new beginning

Embrace new beginning

Beginnings are always beautiful. No matter how painful the past is, your happy ending awaits for you in the present. This is the last step of what to do after a breakup because you have let the person go.

The memories are too hard to erase because it is meant to stay there. They serve as lessons that you should never forget as you take on other challenges that await you.

Do things that you have never tried before. Ride a roller coaster, watch a horror movie, travel to other countries alone, or anything that will keep you going. Learn to embrace a new set of vibes for you to enjoy life. Anything spontaneous can help you reconnect with life again after enduring heartbreak.



So, there go the steps that you have to undertake to fully move on and completely accept defeats in relationships. Stop asking yourself how to move on. It is now time for you to thank the person for the heartbreak because it introduces you to a beginning way better than before. Of course, we’ll never know who you’ll cross lives with in the future!

Keep the love you have for yourself more glowing and radiant!

How to Get Your Ex Back: 7 Successful Tips to Follow

How to Get Your Ex Back: 7 Successful Tips to Follow

Sometimes relationships fail because of the uncertainties and insecurities of how love should be beneficial for each other.

However, after a breakup, you don’t only feel the aftermath of pain, but also the agony of losing someone you truly love. This is where you start planning about how to get your ex back.

Although it seems scary to get rejected since you have already hurt the person, if you persevere to win her heart and be together again, nothing is impossible.

Usually, some of your friends or loved ones would advise you to leave it all in the past. They may think that if it didn’t work out the first time, it would not be worth the second try. Don’t get discouraged by their words because everything that your heart is aching for is worth the chase. 

For your ex to come back, you don’t need a lot of money to buy her presents. You only need to be right with what you promised and the goals you have for the relationship.

It is more than just “Come back to me. I’ll make it up to you” because your intentions should be clear as water. Be patient enough to wait for her like a suitor for the first time. If you think you got these qualities, then it’s time for you to learn the seven successful tips to get back with your ex.

Check them out below!


1. Give them space

Give them space

    After the breakup, you must give your ex a breather. It is not advisable to text her with the words “come back to me.”

    Oh no! Not yet. Leave her alone and don’t ever make a move that will ruin her peace of mind and personal space. In this way, you are giving time to heal the wounds caused by the ending of your relationship.

    We understand that you would want to check on her from time to time since you do love her. But you need to hold back the urge to see her stop opening the wounds in her heart. The more she sees you, the higher the pain.

    You should at least stop contacting them for the first two months.

    Don’t text your ex, don’t call her, and stop sending her hints about how much you missed her. It is the time that you let her become the person that she wants to be without you.

    She could focus on the other aspects of her life, such as family, friends, and career, for her to become whole again. It is no question that you both shattered each other’s heart or worst, life after a breakup. Let the time do the healing so that she can also forget all the pain before you ask her to get back with you.

    2. Make yourself better

    Make yourself better

    Remember that when your relationship ended, it was not only your ex who was hurt with the breakup but also you.

    Grieve if you have to. We know that it is impossible to move on and stop thinking about the breakup so cry until you run out of tears to let out. The alone time you give to your ex must also be given to yourself. While your ex is healing, you have to do your part too.

    Make sure to focus on other things that will make your life more meaningful than yesterday. You should stop the negativities and the thought of how to get back with your ex for the first two months.

    Your goal should be on yourself first before you aim for both of you to be together again. Do the things that you weren’t able to do while you were in a relationship with your ex.

    Do things that will hype you up and remove the sadness away, such as jogging, going to the gym, or anything that you are passionate about. There are workouts you need to get over a breakup. You need to improve your self-esteem so that you will have enough confidence the moment you ask your ex to get back with you.

    You can seek a better appearance so you will look fresh to her eyes when she sees you in due time. You are responsible for how you can make yourself better than yesterday so that it won’t be hard for you to conquer the future with enough love to offer.

    3. Don’t make any negative comments about your breakup

    Don't make any negative comments about your breakup

    Breakups could be one of the most painful things you can experience in life. But it doesn’t mean that you should look desperate for attention, telling other people who to blame with your breakup.

    It will be a turn off for her if you keep on dragging her name to the mud. It is one way of preventing suicide when one is miserable. May it is your fault or hers, you should keep it a secret.

    This is one way of getting her back. If she sees how much you value her worth that you don’t talk any negativity about her, the more she will cherish you as an ex-lover. It will also give her hints that you are protecting her from anything that can destroy her more.

    Stop the negativity and focus on what you could both benefit after the breakup.

    4. Meet new people

    Meet new people

    It is part of your growth that you start meeting new people.

    Your ex wouldn’t want to see you head-over-heels with her. The more you show too much interest in getting back together again, the less she’ll be available to you. You can make her realize you have already moved on by meeting new acquaintances that you could have fun with. It will be a reminder to your ex that you are now open for dating, and she will start asking herself if she’s ready to see you with someone new. You don’t have to use other people to make her realize your worth.

    As long as the person involved knows that you are not ready for commitment and what you are up to is casual dating, that’s fine.

    You can go in groups so that it will be easy for you to have fun and forget the thought of getting fed up with her memories. The goal here is to make her jealous. If she sees you with somebody else and still wants you, she will do everything to keep you. It’s like reverse psychology that you stop giving attention for your ex to shower you hers.

    5. Hang out with your friends and ex

    Hang out with your friends and ex

    The moment you start hanging with other people is also the moment that you should join the events that your ex and your mutual friends are attending.

    It should be a group date so that it won’t be awkward for both of you to see each other for the first time after the breakup. You should not feel nervous but rather have fun with their company. It is time for you to build the friendship you once lost before turning it into a relationship. Avoid getting involved in serious talks when teased by your friends with what could go wrong.

    Recreate an experience with your friends and make sure to show a little care for your ex when she’s tipsy or drunk.

    Make sure to stay intimate when talking to her. Maintain eye contact when having a conversation so that you can build an impact of how much you still adore her eyes and the way she carries herself. You can use it to your advantage to ignite the fire inside her that has been asleep for weeks that you’re not around.

    6. Talk about your past issues

    Talk about your past issues

    Once you get comfortable with each other, that is the right time for you to open up about your recent problems.

    You should think twice what to say before you start the conversation about your painful break up because that’s the part where you’ll know if you can make it or break it.

    It’s a no-no to say, “come back to me,” right away. We advise you to find the right words in your heart and take it into a different type of truthful confession.

    For example, you can say, “You don’t know how much I’ve waited for us to be healed so that I can talk to you about the things that I regret doing in the past.” In this way, you are already accepting that it’s your entire fault why your relationship ended.

    The next thing that you could learn is how to apologize to your ex. Tell your ex everything you’d liked to apologize for. Stop mentioning the ones that she did wrong for your relationship to fail.

    A proper apology is all you have to do before you can confess to her about your interest in rekindling your relationship.

    7. Prepare for a better relationship

    Prepare for a better relationship

    If the odds are with you, then congratulations!

    The last thing that you have to do is to prepare for a better relationship. Remind yourself about everything that caused your relationship to fall apart so that you can avoid doing it again. The best thing that you can do is to deal with these issues.

    Fix them as soon as possible. Or else you will go back to the same cycle again. You are given another shot in love, so you should consider it as a new one. You can build better trust and intimacy that both of you can compromise. Make sure to rekindle everything, including your love-makings, so it won’t be annoying for both of you to try again.

    Furthermore, you should learn to know her better because the time you’ve spent far away from each other might help her to become better in all the fields she’s in.

    You can just make a little adjustment and pick where you last left off your relationship.



    The hardest part you could face when you ask about how to get your ex back is also the trust that you have to earn again.

    However, it will be easier for you if you follow the steps above to get the person that you always want to love and cherish for the rest of your life. It may take a lot of effort and time, but all these sacrifices won’t be hard for you when it’s the love we’re talking about.

    So, why don’t you try step #1 now and find out for yourself how these steps can successfully help you.

    Don’t forget to share it with your friends who are down with their exes too!

    How To Feel Loved: 8 Ways to Attract Happiness

    How To Feel Loved: 8 Ways to Attract Happiness

    Love is a wonderful feeling. It can give you a certain type of vibe or happiness that nothing can compare to. Everything seems easy when love is present in our life. It can make your well-being healthy that radiates your life’s success.

    However, we sometimes fail to receive it from the people around us. Love becomes a weakness when it is not enough.

    The rejection we received from other people seems to drive us from doing better and attracting happiness. When we feel unloved, we start to question everything that happens, including your strengths and talents.

    This is something that you should learn to eradicate in your life in order to avoid loneliness. You should be responsible and aware of the type of connection you need instead of putting yourself in a box of misery.

    So, are you feeling unloved today? What if that type of feeling can be eradicated if you think positively?

    Yes, it may be painful and hollow right now, but everything will fade away once you change your mindset.

    Have you ever wondered how to make it possible?

    Well, happiness begins when you are ready to attract the love that you deserve with these eight ways we’ve compiled below! Check it out now to save yourself from loneliness and others too.


    1. Love Yourself

    Love Yourself

    You should never skip the first step for you to feel loved at the end of this article successfully.

    Loving yourself is the key for you to finally open up your mind and know that you are valuable. You don’t need any validation from other people to prove your worth as a person. If someone makes you feel unloved, don’t think that you are flawed.

    Yes, you do have flaws, but if you learn to love yourself, your weaknesses will turn out amazing. No one on this planet is walking correctly. So, don’t unlove yourself because of your attributes that aren’t perfect. Embrace your strengths and weaknesses because no one can do it for you but yourself.

    So, what do you need to do for you to love yourself?

    Well, you should do things that make you feel alive and happy. For example, if you feel good when going shopping or going to salons, do it. Everything that makes you feel so glad is beneficial for you to feel loved in life.

    If you are committed to something that makes you feel tired and sad, it is time for you to reevaluate things and leave them behind as you move forward. The world is already massive, so you don’t have negativities to add to your burden. Please don’t ever hold on to something that is no longer helping you grow as a person, may it be your loved ones or your work, it’s not worth it.

    Remember that if you learn to love yourself, what other people think of you no longer matters.

    That’s when you can learn to enjoy alone without feeling lonely and sad. Stress can also make you feel unloved, so make sure to get enough rest. You should take some time to take a breather and forget about your responsibilities to freshen up your mind, body, and soul.

    No one can a man make you feel the love that you genuinely need except yourself. And if you learn to love yourself, it won’t be hard for you to share the love with other people that need it too.

    2. Appreciate the Little Things

    Appreciate the Little Things

    Even the little things matter if you’re still wondering how to feel loved. Instead of thinking about the big things that can make you happy, focus on the things that you neglect.

    If you learn to appreciate the little things, what more can you expect from the best things that will come to your life?

    For example, instead of thinking about your job promotion can be accepted or not, think of your position as a blessing already. So that you have nothing to expect that can either build you or reject you.

    You can get love from anything and anyone. When we talk about love, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we get it from romantic relationships. Think about your family and your real friends.

    The time that they invest talking to you is already proof that they love you. It is hard to find a partner that will make you so happy, that’s why you have to value other relationships such as friendship.

    Happiness begins in your heart. Even the strangers you met every day can contribute exhilaration to your life. If you share a smile with them while walking along the street, they will probably smile back, which will create happiness in your heart.

    If you love to commute from work to home, you can share a simple conversation with the passenger beside you. In this case, you are starting to appreciate the small things without asking for more. Remember that it is so vital that you are contented with the little things in your life for you to be truly loved and happy.

    3. Change Your Mindset

    Change Your Mindset

    Aside from loving yourself, you must start thinking about positive things to attract happiness. Stop creating negative scenarios in your mind that will kill the little hope inside you.

    If you believe that you are not loved, and you will never receive love, nothing will happen. You should focus on the things that will make you think that the love you need is already here.

    Because it is the truth, love is around you. And you are receiving it from the people that you think less about.

    We all deserve the love this world has, but sometimes it has something to do with how you visualize and accept it. You should recognize the love that your family, true friends, or colleagues are giving you before you can find romantic love for you.

    The love you received from these people may not be as much as you want to experience with a partner, but their love keeps you going every day.

    For example, if a true friend checks on you and how you are doing with your life, that’s an act of love. If your mother always makes sure that you eat before going to work, that, too, is an act of love that you should not neglect.

    So, as you start with loving yourself, make sure that your positive mindset comes next.

    Give each and everyone the chance of making you feel loved, don’t block them from doing it. If you keep on pushing yourself to believe that you are not loved enough, your mind has the power to make it turns these things into reality.

    Your mind should be your number 1 friend in supporting you for eternal love, and that’s where happiness begins.

    4. Be Compassionate

    Be Compassionate

    Sometimes, it falls to be generous and compassionate if you want to be happy. Finding love to happen to us is easy, but have you ever thought about giving love to others too? If you wish to receive the love you need, you better give the love you need.

    It is a process that everyone must be responsible for keeping the world smiling. You can be happy with providing even without receiving any. That’s the secret to happiness.

    For example, if you want people to be kind to you, are you treating them the same?

    If you want them to smile at you, aren’t you frowning as you see them?

    Maybe you want them to know you better, are you doing anything to know them too?

    If you’re going to be praised by the good things that are you applauding your hands when they achieve something also?

    You need to reflect and evaluate yourself and how you treat other people. It is a domino effect. If you do good, they follow you and do good things too. You can’t expect to receive the amount of love that you need if you are not giving any to them. You should start the change in a peaceful and generous environment to attract happiness.

    5. Always Communicate

    Always Communicate

    Most people felt that they are not loved because they fail to communicate with the person.

    Make sure to take some time to talk to someone and express how you feel towards each other, most notably with your family. Lack of communication often leads to teenage pregnancy, which is a big problem in the world right now.

    The conversation you share with the people must be authentic so that you won’t miss any feeling that you both deserve.

    A dull good morning to your parents can initiate a conversation that is healthy for your well-being. If other people don’t talk first, you have to start the conversation to make them feel valued.

    6. Get a Pet

    Get a Pet

    Little did everyone know that getting a pet is one of the most effective ways to feel loved. Yes! You’ve read that right. You can get love not just from people but from animals too.

    There is a specific type of love that only a dog or a cat can give you. Aside from their loyalty to you, you will surely have someone by your side no matter what the situation is.

    Studies show that there is a specific type of love hormone name oxytocin that you can get from adopting a dog.

    Of course, just by merely looking at their innocent faces, you can be happy and loved. The way they can alleviate the sadness in you is enough reason for getting one.

    7. Evaluate the Love You Need in a Committed Relationship

    Evaluate the Love You Need in a Committed Relationship

    It is no question that romantic love can make you feel loved like never before. It is the number one source of the love of other people. But before it develops into a committed relationship, make sure to evaluate what you want and what you need from your partner.

    You must have a specific idea of what love should be like with your partner.

    For example, you should examine if you want him or her to be always available for you, clingy, matured, workaholic, exerts a lot of effort in the relationship, and a lot more. You don’t an expensive gift from a partner. What you need is a person that’s ideal for you and don’t like to make your heart sad.

    8. Invest Time for Your Spiritual Being

    Invest Time for Your Spiritual Being

    You must value your relationship with God too. Don’t forget that your spiritual being is part of your life also.

    Make sure that it is not only your body and mind that is healthy but also your spirit. You can do this by joining worship groups or anything that will bring you closer to the creator of every humankind.

    The emptiness inside you can be filled with words that are worthy of your soul. It is one of the easiest ways to heal the wounds you’ve been dealing with for a long time. You should be the very first person that can beware of what went wrong and at which part should you heal and forget.

    Find your true purpose in life by accompanying it with a healthy spirit who is ready to take on any challenge to attract the love and happiness you deserve.



    Now that you have read the answer to your question, “How to feel loved?”, it will soon be easy for you to start over and realized your worth as a person who is very unusual and well-loved by the people around you.

    Remember that you must be the first person to proclaim the love you received every day for you to develop compassion and successfully fill whatever hollow feeling you felt inside you.