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Teen Issues How to Stop Cyberbullying

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April 29, 2020

One of the most rampant issues in today’s generation is cyberbullying. Since the world is being introduced with various technologies, bullying has gone viral up to the cyber world. So, how to stop cyberbullying?

Can there be a way to get away with it? As you have noticed, almost everyone has access to social media sites, creating profiles to reach out to anyone anytime and anywhere in the world. Information can now be disseminated rapidly in seconds. And because everyone is entitled to give different opinions about any topic, this is where arguments start.

It is where one starts to humiliate someone, calling them names, or even giving them death threats. That’s the harsh side of the social media world.  

Cyberbullying has no age limit. It can happen to anyone no matter how young or old. However, it has been identified that the most cases of cyberbullying records are teenagers. People at this age are very interested in engaging in forums or media sites where they can vent out their feelings or look for someone they can talk to.

They are very open to the idea of meeting new people without even realizing how they overshared personal information such as nude pictures. Cyberbullying affects the victim and causes a lot of damage to his or her personality.

When not attended right away, some worse things could happen. It’s time for you to be informed of the things to do to prevent cyberbullying. You can check them out below!


Do not respond or retaliate.

Do not respond or retaliate

When you are involved in a heated argument on social media, you must control yourself and stop retaliating what the bully says about you. In this way, you are not provoking him or her to humiliate you more. Sadly, these bullies won’t stop until they see you winning over a conversation.

Disengage right away so that the problem won’t get worse. If you keep talking and actively engage in getting back at the bully, he may use it against you, and of course, you don’t want that to happen because you are the victim in this situation and not him.

They will surely feel powerful once you start to respond to their messages. These bullies are very good when it comes to bringing people down. They don’t accept defeat from everything.

Also, you mustn’t let them encourage you to retaliate because you might suddenly adapt to their bad behaviors. If they don’t stop bullying you after disengaging from the argument, it’s better to proceed to the next step below.

Screenshot pieces of evidence

  Screenshot pieces of evidence

Once the bully continues his ways of humiliating you, you have to learn how to take screenshots of his posts or messages about you. You can use these as your record of the evidence that he is trying to give you threats and harsh comments about your personal life. You can save it for future use once everything gets serious between the two of you.

Unlike any other bullying schemes, in cyberbullying, you can right away record things that are thrown against you. It is one of the advantages of why online bullies are easily caught.

They won’t have the chance to defend themselves once you filed up all the series of information and screenshots that he is the one bullying you.

Block the bully on all your social media sites

Block the bully on all your social media sites

These bullies love to know that you are reading what they are saying about you. They will not stop harassing you, not unless they are blocked. Of course, what’s the point of ranting if the person they want to bully no longer has direct communication with them, right?

Blocking someone in social media is easy. You can just go to the settings of the site and look for the block button.

Social media sites are created with profile protection to prevent cyberbullying. You can stop communicating with people you no longer want to be in contact with. Yes! You’ve read that right. In case you don’t know privacy settings is for you to ensure that you are safe and protected upon using the platform.

So do yourself a favor to delete and block the bullies from messaging your phone or social media profiles. Furthermore, if you can’t seem to get away from the bully, you can right away contact the service provider to ban the bully permanently.

Tell your parents about your situation.

Tell your parents about your situation

You should not keep it to yourself if you are being bullied online. You should talk and ask for advice from your parents since bullies won’t get the chance to harm or harassing you more. It will not go away on its own because bullies will always find a way to contact you again.

The cyberbullying effects on you might get worse, wherein you start to feel anxious and afraid to go out alone. If you don’t tell your parents about your situation, bullies will have enough confidence to keep going because no one is warning them about what they are doing to you.

Your parents can give you 24hour protection against these bullies and could even settle things by reporting it to higher authorities.

If you can’t reach out to your parents because of personal reasons, the other hands are willing to help you. Don’t let lack of communication hinders you from doing what’s right. You can talk to your guidance counselor at school or any adult that can take control of your problem. Don’t be afraid to speak out.

If the bully threatens to harm you once you tell other people, that is a sign that you should call for help from others. Some of the victims would worry about not getting enough support from their parents, but that’s not the case!

The moment you tell your parents about it, you will be able to take control of the situation and stop your suicidal thoughts. If you are given severe threats, the immediate actions of an adult are significant.

Take a break from social media.

Take a break from social media

As much as your friends encourage you to stay connected through social media, you should also learn when to pause when everything is no longer suitable for you. You must be ready to distance yourself from anything that you no longer enjoy doing.

Nevertheless, when the situation is calmer than before, you can always go back to your regular social media life.

Technology is very beneficial to teenagers helping them with their school projects. So, it is not possible to avoid them from using techniques. However, since they are just underaged, they need a guide that could monitor what they are into to prevent cyberbullying in the first place.

It has been advised that parents should enforce bullied teenagers to stop using social media sites to avoid further damage and heal for a while. This works for many victims.

Report to the authorities

Report to the authorities

When things are getting out of hand, you should report cyberbullying to the authorities. There has already been a law implemented where cyberbullying is considered as a crime in some cases. Death threats given are one of the elements why you should report your situation to the authorities such as police or any officers at your school.

Cyberbullying becomes a crime when one is being blackmailed about his or nude pictures or videos. This applies mostly to teens because they are underaged. Furthermore, harassment sent to the victim through messages about the personal aspects of her life is also considered illegal.

Learn from what you have experienced

After you have surpassed the storm, you must learn much from it. You should bear in mind the things you once did that lead to harassment so that you can avoid it next time. You should not blame yourself if you have flaws that are used against you. You are beautiful in your way, and no one has the right to oppress you.

You should also learn the value of privacy once you get back on track with your social media accounts. It is a reminder for you to only interact with people you know personally and to share personal information about yourself limitedly.

If you are going to be tactless again with what you share online, there is a big possibility that it will happen again to you.

For example, you should not share sensitive photos to anyone, neither your friends or your lover. Everything you post on your social media sites must be in private so that the cyberbullies can’t use any of your information against you. If you want to get a close connection with people, do it in person with your guardians.

Help a friend who is bullied too.

Help a friend who is bullied too

Once you went through the same situation before, you should know how to stop cyberbullying. When people are being bullied, help them. The victim must have someone he can lean on to avoid further cyberbullying effects on his physical and mental health.

Learn the ways of how you can help to prevent cyberbullying from happening again. Just make sure that you support the victim whether you should report it to the authorities to stop the bullies from harassing him even more.



Now that you have read the ways to prevent cyberbullying, we encourage you to share it with everyone so that no one will ever be lost in this issue teenagers are facing today. We have to make sure that everyone is fully equipped with knowing what they should do before cyberbullying effects consume the life of a beautiful person.

We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to share with us your ideas of preventing cyberbullying in the comment section below!

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