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The Best Things About Adulting You Should Always Remember 2

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July 1, 2020

They say the best thing in life is free. But the best things actually can be gained when you are already on the process of adulting most especially when you know how to take a break.

We might now have a never-ending list of responsibilities, but it will just allow us to grow better so we can see the best things to do as we grow older.

We always endure that we should end up as functional adults in society, and we sometimes want everything to be easy.

But mind you, the pursuit of happiness should be your number one priority in order for you to see the best things about adulting.

Some people whine or look for shortcuts whenever they see adulting as a difficult task to do, but life is all about that — doing your best so you can have the freedom that you want.

Adulthood is a chance you should take to reinvent yourself and rewrite the story of your life. Maybe some of you are still thinking about how to get a job so you can finally transition.

But you must look further and realize that adulting offers you a list of the best things to do while growing up, and you should appreciate that.


1. You Have Your Dream Job

2. Money Does Not Stress You Anymore

3. Setting Up Your Own Place

4. You Discover That You Are Not a Failure

5. You Are Becoming Who You Want To Be

1. You Have Your Dream Job

You Have Your Dream Job 2

You have a lifetime to find your dream job, and yet you are lucky to find it now. The pursuit of happiness while finding your dream job is truly one of the best things to do when you are already an adult.

What made you more fortunate is the fact that though you are already busy with the process of adulting, you still realized that the best thing in life is free — and that is your social life.

Some people who landed on their dream job still stay up late and wake up early just to work for longer hours. They tend to sacrifice their time and end up having no social life at all.

They are always up to the idea of how to get a job that they forget how to create the life they have been dreaming.

For you, who made it better than anyone else, you need to be an inspiration to other people. Show them how you never had to stress yourself out in the process just to get the job.

Show them how you always take a break when you need to since it is better to take a step back than to deal with burn out. You are one of the luckiest people who found the best things about adulting already.

You have a social life. You can go out with your family and friends. You can enjoy yourself at the moment since you do not pressure yourself to get things done.

By having your dream job, you are also allowing yourself to create a list of the best things to do and to have — whether it is a nice apartment or luxurious car.

You also realize that your dream job is the right thing that happens more effortlessly than not. That is the best thing about pursuing what you really love to do.

You do not need to always have toxic positivity like “if it is meant to be, it will be” since you dictate what you want for your life. You recognize that this one is the best for you, and you never had to break yourself just to let this happen.

2. Money Does Not Stress You Anymore

Money Does Not Stress You Anymore 2

When you got a stable job, of course, the money will not stress you out anymore as it will allow you to have the best things to do in your bucket list as many as you can since the price will not matter anymore.

As long as you are in the pursuit of happiness, you will know that money is just a small part of your life, but it will help you go through adulthood.

Maybe, before you found out that the best thing in life is free, you must have been stressing yourself too much that your mind used to veer to the topic of money.

You might also have stressed yourself with the bills you needed to pay since your former job did not cover all the expenses that you became problematic on how you could climb out of debt or stretch your budget for another month.

As an adult, you learned that in every question of how to get a job, one should also focus on the good aspects of their finances since it can calm the fears.

You have taught yourself how to recognize your financial strengths, which resolved all your problems.

To guide you even more, here are some tips that can guide you to be financially stable.

  • Have a roadmap – creating a money plan will let you understand the flow of your money and giving yourself a chance to control that flow. If you have extra money each month, you can count and do the math until you can discover how you should manage your finances.
  • Put Your Credit Under Control – use your credit wisely. Sometimes, when people overlook their savings, they tend to spend more than they should, so they end up having imbalance finance, which can lead to inconsistent credit usage.
  • Save more – The thought of investing seems to be far-fetched before. But you should learn to live on less so you can have more savings in the future. You can try finding a bank with a decent interest rate that can help you grow your money over time.

3. Setting Up Your Own Place

Setting Up Your Own Place 2

Moving out on your own is truly one of the best things to do when you already reached the adulting phase.

According to Charlotte Cowles of The Cut New York, “The point is, cobbling together one’s financial independence is a messy, inconvenient process, and never happens in a vacuum.

What’s more, launching yourself out of the nest and hoping you land on your feet is not the wisest strategy — take it from me.”

So when you are sure that you are already financially independent, then you can finally opt for the best things to do as an adult, and that is to set up your own place.

It does not matter what age you are when you welcomed such a phase, but everyone will always reach the time in their lives wherein they make the decision to move away already, and that is truly one step closer if you are in the pursuit of happiness.

Just like in the second number, you should have saved enough to cover the load and unload process as well as the renting fees.

Before you move out on your own, you should have a concrete financial plan so you can get a good rating for yourself in terms of financial aspects.

Aside from your present life’s expenses, you should also consider your future needs most especially when you are already planning to get married or expand your family soon.

Negotiation should also be your top priority, as this can save your money while getting your dream home.

The best things to do with your place are decorating and arranging everything according to your taste. You can choose your own furniture to create your ideal livable space for yourself. You can also finally have your own room, own dresser, and everything you did not have before.

4. You Discover That You Are Not a Failure

You Discover That You Are Not a Failure 2

Most adults are stressing themselves on how to get a job since they are having a quarter-life crisis. But there are tons of people who are successfully adulting when we finally land a job.

Though you are not there yet and everything seems to be not enough yet, you should remind yourself that you are not a failure. You might sometimes feel that you are lost.

But you should realize that these bleak moments might shake your foundations but it will lead you to a successful road. You should remember that though people’s milestones differ, everyone will be successful in their own ways in the end.

“We are taught to learn from failure, to celebrate failure, to fail forward,” said Prof. Ayelet Fishbach, a renowned expert on motivation and decision making. “

Graduation speeches often talk about how much you should dare to fail and learn from your failures. And managers talk about the lessons that they personally had from failures.

If you just listen to public speaking, you would think that we are pretty tuned in to failures. However, this is not the case.”

It only means that if we always say that we are a failure, then we are not giving ourselves the chance to get the best things to do in order to learn more.

To help yourself more, here are some tips when you feel like you are getting lost.

  • Stop comparing – comparing yourself with how the others are doing in the pursuit of happiness of their own. When you let your perspective to be dominated by your insecurities, you are just pushing away your chance to have the best things to do in your life as an adult. Embrace the beauty of your own life since you are lucky enough to be here.
  • Find your inner peace – getting to know more about yourself will let you create the strongest version of you which can be your best opponent while growing up. You should be mindful of your own thoughts and remember to tell yourself that you are not a failure. This is important since you will learn more about the negative thoughts that are preventing you in the pursuit of happiness. This way, you can finally stop them from staying inside your mind.
  • Learn how to thank yourself – You know you are doing well, and in exchange for that, you should learn how to say thank you to yourself and be grateful of the blessings that your efforts are making you receive. Practicing gratitude will not only save you from overthinking, but this can also help you have negative thoughts when adulting somehow does not work out as planned.

5. You Are Becoming Who You Want To Be

You Are Becoming Who You Want To Be 2

When you finally found the answer on how to get a job that you always wanted, you are already giving yourself the chance to become who you want to be as part of the adulting process.

When you reach this phase, you can finally reinvent yourself and change your connection in the world. You will find the best things to do to make a difference but the best choice for yourself.

While we are continuously growing up, we always encounter things that will make us a person. Some events are traumatic, while some of them are still in the line in the pursuit of happiness that we always wanted.

You heal on your own, and you can compare yourself to the cells that make up your body. You see, most of the cells you have now will die and will be replaced by new ones in the future. With that said, you will know that you, too, can be a different person.

Deciding who you want to matter since it will help you in the pursuit of happiness as you grow older. If you want to become a better and fulfilled person, you need to take action to get that.

Your decisions are also important since it serves as the building block before you can see the best things to do to continue creating yourself in the best way possible.

Sometimes, it can be intimidating to think that your decision can have a great impact on our lives. But this kind of responsibility will make you learn how to react to the negative things that adulting might throw to you.

You are the only one who can create and determine your future, so the quality of your life is ultimately in your hands. Being an adult might be hard, but realizing that you can have all these things is a great way to push yourself to become a better person.

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