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Top 8 Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

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April 19, 2020

The most fulfilling journey of being a woman is to get pregnant and raise a child of her own. However, when pregnancy happens at an early age, it becomes the worst nightmare of some young women of this generation.

Most of the time, they are not ready physically, emotionally, and mentally with the responsibilities of becoming a mom. It will turn out to be a burden not just to the girl but will also become one of the family issues that the whole family will also take part, most especially in the responsibilities she has to do to in child-rearing.

It is no question that teenage pregnancies are unplanned and unwanted. It will not only be unfair to the planned future and better opportunities for the girl but will also affect the growth of the child. Thus, engaging in any sexual activity at a very young age should be avoided.

However, in order to reduce the growing number of teenage pregnancies, one home must be able to recognize its main causes. No worries! We’ve got you covered! We have compiled below the top 8 causes of teenage pregnancy. Check them out!


1. The Use of Drugs or Alcohol

The Use of Drugs or Alcohol

Children from 13-18 years old are prone to use drugs and alcohol because it is the time where socializing is very fun. During special gatherings, drinking alcohol couldn’t be avoided because of curiosity and peer pressure too.

Teens love to experiment with things that lead them to experience drugs and other things that are too harmful to their health. So, how can alcohol and drugs cause teenage pregnancy?

Well, when you drink too much or when you take drugs, it takes you to a certain kind of euphoria, which disables you from thinking correctly.

All they can feel is the hype and the feeling of never-ending happiness to temptations such as having sex with their partners or worst to people they don’t even know personally. Most of the sexual activities they are engaged in are not planned to result in unprotected sex.

Studies show that teenagers are well aware of drinking alcohol and taking drugs but are not aware of what happens next, not until they are sober the next day. Sometimes these teenagers follow what their parents do, so if they have abused fathers, they would often copy what they do.

The use of drugs and alcohol impacts the way these teenagers think, misleading them to do what is right and wrong, causing them to make choices they are not prepared.

So, the use of drugs and alcohol in teenagers must be prohibited or at least monitored, to stop teenage pregnancy that affects everyone around the involved person.

2. Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is no longer new when we talk about the influences a teenager can receive around her. They are more exposed to their friends, spending a lot of time together, which leads to a lot of weight, whether good or bad.

Teenagers often think that what their friends do is healthy and could also be done by them.

For example, peer pressure will engage them in relationships even at a very young age.

Of course, they don’t know everything about love because what they are into is the feeling of having someone that makes them feel appreciated. With this being said, they are prone to experience sexual activities because they would often think that love incorporates physical intimacy.

When they see their friends having relationships and doing things not suitable to their age, whether they like it or not, they need to do the same to fit in. Teenagers love it very much when they are labeled as “cool.”

Thus, they get involved in things that make them cool to their friends, which include unprotected sex that leads to teenage pregnancy.

They don’t like to do it, but because their friends are pressuring them, they chose to get involved for them not to lose their friends. So, the girl must be in the right squad. It will not only save the girl from being pregnant but also from other things that can ruin her whole life.

3. Lack of Family Support

Lack of Family Support

Family is essential in taking part in their children’s life. You can’t expect your child to grow and to have critical thinking that knows what is right and wrong. They must grow together with their family’s love and guidance. Without it, they will be prone to do things that they are not ready to take responsibility for.

For example, in today’s generation, most parents are very busy with their hectic work schedules.

Thus they will not be able to attend to the concern of their children. Mostly, these children who lack family support and with a lot of family issues such as abused father or mother will turn to their friends and colleagues who can give them advice that isn’t good enough for their future.

The family must be involved in guiding their children about sex education to stop them from engaging in it.

Teenagers love it when their parents are open to any discussion, which is also an advantage for them to avoid being misguided about sexual relationships and child-rearing.

4. Poverty


The government has always been vocal about its fight against poverty. Truly poverty affects many aspects of people’s lives. Studies show that teenage pregnancy often happens when the girl comes from a low-income family.

You might be wondering how it leads to teenage pregnancy. When the girl is exposed to family issues such as poverty that can’t provide her the necessities she needs, she would often try to avoid the problem by running away from it.

It’s either they would build their own family to escape her own family’s financial problem or would rebel and be with people who can give her everything in a way her parents can’t.

They are mostly exposed to an environment where dreaming of better income and life is impossible. So, instead of going to school and achieve their goals, they end up doing the things that mature people do, such as child-rearing.

Another thing is that the environment she’s used to is too negative, without anyone that can help her ease every burden she has in her life. There are many things connected to poverty, and it includes happenings that are not conducive for her to learn the right and wrong.

For example, if she sees her mother getting pregnant every year, she would think that it is normal. She needs to grow up with the necessities provided for her to understand the importance of family and home finally. But due to her environment, she will just settle for less and follow what she sees around her.

Furthermore, poverty causes them to stop attending classes, which deprives them of knowing about the reproductive system and sex education.

Without much knowledge about it, they engage in sexual activities that lead to unprotected sex and later on unplanned pregnancy. They don’t think of the consequences ahead, such as the raising of their child and the opportunities they can miss since what they only know is the pleasure they get during intercourse.

5. Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is rampant among teens. With this being said, there are a lot of teens that became pregnant undergoing persecution. These children are sexually abused by older males, such as neighbors, colleagues, and even family members or abused fathers. They are blackmailed of getting harmed once they would ask for help from their loved ones.

And because they are still young, their innocent minds don’t have the power to speak for the truth and get away with the abuse they are experiencing. Only then it can be found out by their family once the teen gets pregnant.

Unlike any other causes of teenage pregnancy, the sexual activities performed in rape are very unintentional by the child involved. They don’t like it to happen, but they don’t have a choice because they are being blackmailed.

Therefore, we must keep watch of the activities, the places, and the people that are around these teens to avoid sexual abuse.

6. Unguided Use of Media

Unguided Use of Media

In a world where media is almost everywhere, it is essential to monitor what these media are trying to teach to the mind of teenagers. May it be watching TV or using cellphones and computers, it would be best if the effect of what they are watching is good for their minds, body, and soul.

Some media shows content that is not suitable for very young audiences, such as teenagers. So, if they keep on watching these things, they will get curious about how these things are done if they do it themselves.

For example, if the child watching a movie that romanticizes the idea of love through kissing or having sex, they would surely remember and try it out of curiosity. At a young age, they would seek deeper commitments that involved sexual attraction, which is very wrong.

These kids must be reminded that not everything they see in media should be tolerated and followed.

7. Traditional Factors and Influence

Traditional Factors and Influence

There are some places in the world who follows their tradition when it comes to marriage. It has become their culture to marry at an early age, which results in teenage pregnancy. Oftentimes, the government has nothing to do with it because they respect each and everyone’s culture and tradition.

Although it may be unfair for these young girls to marry and be a mother right away, they don’t have a choice too but to follow the norm.

This type of tradition is present in developing countries in Asia and Africa. Furthermore, these young ladies don’t have the right to choose who to marry since the tying of knot is only discussed and agreed between their parents and the other parties.

8. Lack of Knowledge about Pregnancy or Sex Education

Lack of Knowledge about Pregnancy or Sex Education

Most teenagers who are prone to early pregnancy are the ones who don’t have any idea about sex education. For this reason, the government is open to orient their students about the responsibilities they should face once they engage in unsafe sex.

They need to be equipped with enough knowledge about this matter to avoid consequences and missed opportunities in the future.

Furthermore, there are a lot of things incorporated into sexual intercourse. It includes different sexual diseases that can be transmitted if they are exposed to unsafe sex. They need to understand that sex would not make them cool in a way that they risk the things that are more important for them to experience.

With enough tools, orienting the teens about the use of condoms is essential too to avoid the growing rate of teenage pregnancy.



Teenage pregnancy has always been a rampant issue to the world that still needs to be eradicated for the better lives of these children. However, with proper planning and avoidance of the causes of teenage pregnancy, it would be easy to stop the growing rate of teenage pregnancy.

Everything is possible if you pinpoint the wrong in each situation. It is now time to stop the burden of raising an innocent child from an innocent mother to get the best out of people.

Make sure to check the list mentioned above and thoroughly monitor your child to save her and your family from this critical issue of the world.

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