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Top 8 Lesbian Dating Advice

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May 25, 2020

Imagine there’s a girl that you like to ask for a date. However, you don’t even have any idea about what your date should be like. Whether it is your first time dating her or not, you should perfectly execute what you have to do to impress her.

Instead of thinking about the things that will fail during your date that will only ruin whatever plan you have in mind, be smart enough to learn some lesbian dating advice.

We understand that there’s a lot of things running in your mind. However, everything will turn out well once you identify the reason and the goals you are about to execute to get her sweet yes. Stop thinking of the disadvantages of your date just because you are a lesbian. You are worth it, and you can do more than you expect!

Did you have any dating story before where you turn her off? You should always go back to finding the girlfriend’s definition somewhere inside of you. You should first check if her qualities and strings in life are the things you are willing to embrace and value.

What if she is not over with her ex or she’s hooking up with some other boys? Oh-oh. Here below, we have compiled the top 8 lesbian dating advice that will never leave you hanging and broken!


1. Be clear about your intentions.

2. Don’t run out of topics to share.

3. Surprise her with gifts

4. Think of different date ideas

5. Be a good listener

6. Be confident

7. Cut your nails

8. Make sure to pay the bills.

1. Be clear about your intentions.

Be clear about your intentions.

The first thing that you have to clarify is the reason why you ask her for a date. Girls no longer want to assume. They have been broken many times by giving meaning to things that have no label at all.

Of course, you don’t want to confuse her whether it’s a romantic date or a friendly date only, right? So have the initiative to speak up about your feelings for her. It will not be easy to decipher at first, especially if it’s the first time a lesbian confessed to her.

You just have to be patient and let her realize that lesbian dating is something she should consider.

Girls don’t like it when they are given misleading signs. So, communicate and be upfront with what you want. It can be your edge against other competitors knowing that you are not giving her the half type of love and attention.

Make sure that you practice your confession before your date to make sure you are about to tell her the exact things. You don’t have to be afraid of getting rejected. The most important key is you keep it straight and simple so that she won’t get lost with whatever you want her to feel about you.

2. Don’t run out of topics to share.

Don't run out of topics to share.

Girls do normally love to talk. No matter what time of the day or wherever they are, as long as there’s something they want to talk about, they won’t stop. Make sure to come handy with regards to topics you are about to share, too, so that the conversation will not go boring.

If there’s something she is interested in, like photography, music, or more, make sure to review some information so that you could share the same interests. That’s a plus point if you are knowledgeable about anything that she’s passionate about.

Don’t talk about your ex. That’s a no-no for lesbian dating. No matter how much you want to save the conversation, talking about exes won’t do you any good. You can talk about LGBT rights instead. LGBT rights could be an interesting topic since it is commonly discussed in society.

If your girlfriend’s definition is not talkative, then you are not looking for a girlfriend. Dating a girl could only mean that you must be ready to talk about anything under the sun.

But you have to be careful with the things you say so that you won’t overshare personal information. Remember that you are still dating, so keep your secrets as secrets.

3. Surprise her with gifts Surprise her with gifts

Just because you are a lesbian doesn’t mean that you are cheap when it comes to giving her gifts. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy her gifts worth thousands of dollars. As long as it is something that will remind her that she is special to you, you are good to go.

You can just set up a simple picnic date, which will save you from spending more. But make sure that you are the one who’s going to pay for her cab. Additionally, you can just give her flowers and chocolates. It’s the thought that counts anyway. You can check out 60 thoughtful gift ideas for your girlfriend here.

4. Think of different date ideas Think of different date ideas

It is one of the few things that you should not forget. Your first date must be different the next time you will date her. Yes, you can just repeat the same pattern, but that won’t surely impress her.

So, make sure that you are creative enough for your dates. Try something that involves romantic and physical activities that will make your bond stronger than before. You can check more date ideas here.

We understand that you want to save money for your dates. However, sometimes you have to let her luxurious experience dates than the usual dates she has already experienced.

Make sure to switch to different date ideas so that it won’t get boring for both of you. If, for example, you’d like to bring her to a seminar about LGBT rights, that will also do. As long as you are both learning and experiencing new things, everything will be interesting.

5. Be a good listener Be a good listener

The main quality that girls would look for in a partner nowadays is someone who can listen to her rants about life. Of course, you would not want to have a partner that gets mad whenever you open up about your frustrations in life, right?

Listening to her attentively during dates is one way of telling her how much you want to be with her.

Don’t forget to make eye contact and other gestures that will give signals to her that you do understand everything she said to you. You surely would not want to mislead her, so make sure that you also ask her clear questions for both of you.

It is better to ask when they aren’t clear about making conclusions about things that are not true at all. There are a lot of things you can do to impress a girl.

6. Be confident

Be confident

You should work on self-confidence if you want to win a girl’s heart. Before you have your list of girlfriend definitions, make sure that you are ready yourself. Remember that you are both girls, so it is unlikely that you will break the ice right away.

You have to take control of the situation by ensuring that you know what you want and what you need. Most especially, if you met her in an online dating app, you would take a lot of confidence to break the ice during meetups.

It is different talking online and in-person, so make sure you’ve got enough confidence to let it flow smoothly.

You can start this by making sure that your outfits look good on you. Remember that when you feel good and look good, it will be easy to boost your confidence and change your perspective perfectly.

7. Cut your nails

  Cut your nails

This is a must for lesbian dating. You should learn that cutting your nails is vital for successful dating. Of course, you wouldn’t know when the time would come for any heated feelings and getting laid.

Girls don’t like to be paid by a lesbian who has long nails. It is equivalent to boys not bringing condoms with them. It will hurt like hell to get dug by long nails, most especially in the vagina.

This is no longer new for every lesbian because keeping their nail short means easy access to anything that involves love and sexy time or anything in between.

8. Make sure to pay the bills.

Make sure to pay the bills.

Just because you are a lesbian doesn’t mean that it is not your responsibility to pay the bills for your date. You are both girls, so it may be hard for her to decide whether she will pay. Always have the initiative to pay the bills no matter how much she would insist on taking it.

Most especially if you are the one who invited her for a date, so you should take responsibility for the bills. Once you are both comfortable with each other, that’s the time that you can take turns in paying the bills. So, what is really your girlfriend’s definition? Is she someone who pays the bill too?



No matter how many obstacles or fears you face in dating a girl, you should always learn to fight for what you feel and make her feel your love. It is normal to get friend-zoned.

But as long as you remember the things we have listed above, you will never have dating regrets until you find the one right for you! Good luck!

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