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What To Do When You Don't Know What You Want To Be When You Get Older

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May 30, 2020

Sometimes in our life, we find ourselves somewhere unknown, somewhere like a dead end where you do not know what to do with our lives. This often happens right after graduation, or when we feel like we are already approaching the adulting stage.

But no matter what stage you are already in, it is essential to know that you can start discovering what you really want to be when you grow up by finding your dream job.

Maybe you tried plotting your future when you were still a kid that you used to say that you want to be a doctor, or an engineer, a teacher, and so on. But as years went by, everything became blurry, and you do not know what to do now.

You cannot know what path you can take that can surely make you happy years from now. But you can discover what makes you happy now, which can help you plan what you want to do in the future. Looking back, you could have contemplated about the jobs that are in line with your college career.

But sometimes, the list becomes full of crosses. When that day came, you realized that trying to think about the answer to what is your dream job question while doing a job you do not like will make you know that your current career is not for you, and you will go through the process once again.

Maybe you can offer your current job another chance and stay there for another year while finding your dream job. You can possibly do this only if you have stress management that can help you deal with work burnouts.

But if you really want to start finding your dream job now, you should list down the following and follow them to finally know what is your dream job.


  1. Tell Yourself That It’s Okay Not To Know About Future
  2. Find Comfort In Discomfort
  3. Realize That Life Will Never Be Certain
  4. Stop Procrastinating
  5. Consult Yourself

1. Tell Yourself That It’s Okay Not To Know About Future

Tell Yourself That It's Okay Not To Know About Future

Yes, you do not know what is coming to you: whether you will stay in our current job for another couple of years or if you will finally stand up to free yourself and shift to the thing you truly love the most. Your life now as an adult is full of twists and turns, but it will be more fun if you do the things you enjoy doing.

If you have been a corporate slave for years now, but you really have a passion for writing, maybe it is time to take your pen out and let the ink bleed on your paper again.

You might not know what the future holds for you, but you know what you loved doing in the past and still love doing now — but you do not have time to do it anymore. If writing does not work for you, then find another hobby that will bring you a step closer to finding your dream job again.

You can even make mock job interview questions to discover what you really want to be. You can also apply for jobs you think you can do, but make sure you know how to decline a job offer when you feel like it is not really for you.

Not knowing your future removes the challenges on your path that can actually make you a better and stronger person. If you already know the future, then you might not want to keep on living anymore.

You should do something to find the answer whenever they ask you what is your dream job, but it is somehow better to remain clueless about how you can achieve it since if you find out that there will be a rocky road ahead, then you may no longer dare to take that step anymore.

Remember that you need to go through those things in order to grow, and you should embrace it while finding your dream job.

2. Find Comfort In Discomfort

Find Comfort In Discomfort

The secret to success lies in everything you refuse to accept and face, for example, whenever you find a way on how to decline a job offer, you might be missing the biggest lesson that that job might offer you. If you do not know what to do in the future, seek out for discomfort since it is what will help you to grow.

For example, there are a set of job interview questions you find hard. Know that the harder the questions are, the more challenging it is for you to enter a particular company. If you successfully answered all of those, then you are not only impressing them but yourself, too.

So stop pushing yourself to improve since it will just make you uncomfortable. Instead, create new perspectives and learn new skills that can lead you to where the answer to what is your dream job lies.

Remember, if you think that everything around you is good, then it is not good at all since you are not letting yourself improve. Pamela Madsen, author of “Shameless” explains: “I don’t think that staying with discomfort comes naturally.

And finding ways to be with your discomfort is an essential skill for staying in the race. Any personal growth usually involves some kind of ability to stay with feelings of discomfort.”

You should set these discomforts as your guide in finding your dream job, and know that it is not just about job interview questions but your skills, too.

3. Realize That Life Will Never Be Certain

Realize That Life Will Never Be Certain

Stuff happens, especially when you are in the process of finding your dream job. Something also happens when you plan ways on how to decline a job offer because you are too focus on knowing what is your dream job. But accepting that some things can make you unstable will teach you to learn to live with uncertainties.

People do something to minimize uncertainty, with some keeps on repeating “what is your dream job?” or “how to decline a job offer when you do not like the job?” Worry, sometimes, can be useful if it can help you adapt to the changes. But it can also elevate harmful stress that can affect your health.

Finding your dream job, or answering job interview questions, should never stress you out most especially when it is all you want all along. If uncertainty affects you, still, then it is not your dream job at all. However, whenever you face uncertainties, you should know that it can also make positive events more exciting.

For example, before you land to whoever you really want to be when you grow up, you will go through a lot of circumstances that will challenge you even more.

Yes, difficulties arise, and this can make you find out what you really want to do in the future. But having experiences on more things can build your self-confidence. Still, you can manage uncertainty while finding your dream job by doing these things:

  • Study if your issue is truly important
  • If you did something that triggers your uncertainty reaction, stop for a while, and do some short meditation. This will keep your body be mindful whenever it is reacting to uncertainties.
  • Do not exaggerate things and think that everything can go wrong.
  • Allow yourself to feel negative feelings as it also allows you to grow.

Uncertainty is part of your life, and nothing is truly uncertain unless you finally have what you want.

4. Stop Procrastinating

Stop Procrastinating

You are not getting younger, and you must realize that procrastinating will take you a few steps backward from finding our dream job.

Imagine this: you have got all your time in knowing what is your dream job, but instead, you lurk around and take all your time on the things that do not really matter. In the end, you find it hard to know what you really want to be, and that proves that the problem lies in you.

That is what procrastinating is doing in your body. You know you should be finding your dream job but you just do not feel like doing anything.

We have all went through that. You know, wasting our free time and putting aside all the necessary tasks we should be doing in our lives.

But you should try breaking it and stop looking for ways on how to decline a job offer just because you are not into it, yet. Today is the right time, so read the following in order for you to stop procrastinating.


  • Break Your Schedule – By breaking your task down until you do not procrastinate anymore. When you see that what you are doing while finding your dream job is now manageable, you can focus and move on to the next.
  • Change Your Environment – Your current work environment might be contributing to make you have a blurry future. You must find a place wherein you will feel inspired.
  • Stay Connected With Your Inspirations – When you know that there are people who are rooting for you, you will push yourself until you know what is your dream job.

5. Consult Yourself

Consult Yourself

You are the only one who knows who and what you really want to be. Maybe you have no idea what you want in life now, and perhaps you are doubting the vision for yourself. But have you ever imagined how fun it would be to have dreams to work toward?

Maybe you can start by finding out your childhood dreams, or thinking about the skills you have. Sometimes, your interest will point the path to finding your dream job.

You are sometimes all about saying no for things that do not impress you, for example, whenever you ask yourself how to decline a job offer.

Sometimes, accepting that job and saying yes to it is the best way to discover who you really want to be. If you do not like it, you can try again and do other things. Remember that you will never see your potential if you are not getting out of the box to try new things.

Maybe you need some visuals. Imagine what your inner self is telling you, then you can create a vision board and hang it inside your room. It will surely keep your vision straight while finding your dream job.

Sometimes, it is easier to start with what you do not want so you should focus on your feelings and let it lead you to something else.

Aside from making aboard, you can also have a journaling activity and have yourself write what do you want to be in five or 10 years. By completing your journal, you will see where do you need to start to find what is your dream job.

You will see where you need to shift your attention so you can finally visualize your future, maybe you can even find something within you that you do not have any idea that you have it.

You can also try answering these three questions as if you are responding to job interview questions to finally know what you really want.


  • What is that one activity or hobby that makes you happy? Finding out something that can make you happy while making you grow healthily is one way to know what your future self will look like. Maybe, that is the one thing you need to focus on to discover more about yourself.
  • What stops you from removing people or things that make you unhappy? Answering this will give you balance, and this is something you need to solve. There are a lot of obstacles that stand behind you and blinding you from seeing your future. It is important to the things that make you happy because that is what will lead you to success.
  • How would you like others to see you? Including other people in your dreams will make you mold yourself into the person you want to become. You will be an amazing person once it happens.

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