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20 Things You Should Leave Before You Get Older

Written by Aochealth Team

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June 8, 2020

Coping with change is difficult. What more when life requires you to leave some things before you get older? They are now growing up so fast, but some of them still take things for granted since they think they can still have it when they get older.

However, not everything you have now can be brought in the future. If you do so, you are just showing them the signs of a toxic person you are.

It is natural to gain and lose something over time. Maybe you gain more friends now, but you will lose some of them in the future in order to grow. You need to have a balanced formula to stay healthy as you age.

Yes, you should never take things for granted, including your health. But sometimes, you overlook some of your traits, which causes you to have a deteriorated physical and emotional health, which is not right no matter what excuse you have. 

In order to age well, here are 20 things you should leave so you can set up a positive environment for yourself when you grow older.


  1. Abusing Your Body
  2. Bad Debt
  3. Blaming Other People
  4. Feeling Too Old
  5. Gossiping
  6. Grudges
  7. Lack of Planning
  8. Not Believing In Yourself
  9. Not Having Expectations
  10. Not Knowing When To Say No
  11. Not Standing For Yourself
  12. Not Trusting Yourself
  13. Procrastinating
  14. Reckless Spending
  15. Saying “Yes” to Everything
  16. Saying Sorry Too Much
  17. Selfishness
  18. Taking Things For Granted
  19. Toxic Relationships
  20. Unintended Actions

Abusing Your Body

Abusing Your Body

Reminding yourself not to take things for granted, most especially your health, is essential since it is your greatest asset ever since you came into this world.

Stress, relationship, and trauma are some of the destructive things that prevent you from having a smooth life cycle.

If you have been abusing your body now in order to “improve yourself,” then you are doing it the wrong way. Ditch that kind of logic already and avoid the development of the signs of a toxic person.

Bad Debt

Never take things for granted, but it does not mean you should recklessly spend your money over the things that you think “a once in a lifetime jackpot.”

Saving instead of having bad debts will make your aging process worse. In 2014, American consumers had $884.8 billion in credit card debt, which amounts to $15,609 per household. Debt should not pull you down.

And in order to attain this, you should know that the principle of liability is to borrow money now and pay it back in the future with interest. Debt should not borrow now and never pay it back. That way, you are just pushing yourself into a pit without any investments.

Blaming Other People

Blaming other people is one of the signs of a toxic person. They are growing up so fast that they forget how something happened because of them.

Grow up and stop making other people responsible for everything difficult that is happening to you. Maybe, blaming other people is of the signs of a toxic person who refuses to be vulnerable.

Sure, it may unload some of your backed up feelings, but like you, they are growing up so fast but do not use other people as their stepping stone for that. Stop romanticizing your ego and trying to get other people’s attention.

Feeling Too Old

When you feel like you are too old to pursue your dreams, it is just your way to take things for granted. You are an adult now, and it is reasonable to feel that way when they are growing up so fast around you, as well.

To think that you are already old is to allow yourself to be matured enough to have happy and healthy aging not only for other people but for yourself, too.

Maybe you are just afraid of what the future holds for you, but as long as you believe in yourself, you will find the career path that you want and your purpose in life.


One of the signs of a toxic person is having malicious and hurtful gossips. As you age, you should know that gossip can cause you to trouble most, especially when it becomes too big to handle.

People still do not consider themselves gossip addicts when they are creating so many stories about people around them.

Now, if you have been making a lot of issues about the people around you, you should stop being so problematic and just do somethings that will contribute to human delight.



Holding your grudges when you are growing older will only make you take things for granted that it can even lead you to develop chronic health problems.

Many people hold grudges that can last a lifetime, most especially toward those who did something terrible to them in the past. The mere question here is, why do people tend to do so when it is, in fact, quite painful to hold on to?

The problem with this negative feeling is that it can drag you down, and we are sure that you do not want that to happen. Maybe you should have some anger or stress management to help yourself heal. That way, you will become a better person as you finally let it go.

Lack of Planning

You always tell other people to never take things for granted. However, you have no idea that you take things for granted as well when you do things without a plan.

Being an adult is intimidating and confusing sometimes, so instead of lacking it, you should consider having plans that can help you survive your adulting phase.

Not Believing In Yourself

If you can notice, they are growing up so fast since they believe that they can do anything when they become old enough to deal with things.

Well, that is true since having enough self-esteem can push them to achieve that. You must remember that fear and self-doubt will not do something good in you, so you should step up and leave that behind.

Not Having Expectations

You must have heard that you should not expect anything, so you will never get hurt.

That is wrong in so many ways since not having them is one of the signs of a toxic person who is up to have a happy-go-lucky life.

Disappointment should not be your fear. Instead, you should turn them into your light so you can be a better adult.

Not Knowing When To Say No

Learning to say know means that you never take things for granted since you are true to yourself.

Maybe you are now a sucker for saying yes, but you should learn that saying “no” should not be a difficult task to do most especially when you are doing it for yourself.

It is not a challenge you should take, but like how they are growing up so fast, you must not allow yourself to carry a heavy burden of saying yes to people when you need to say no in order for you to boost your confidence and self-value.

Not Standing For Yourself

Not Standing For Yourself

As you grow older, you will realize that you only have a little number of people who can be with you until the end.

However, you should also know that it is essential to stand up for yourself since you only have yourself as your companion, no matter what happens.

Not Trusting Yourself

Trust can surely bring you closer to people, and it is the same as trusting yourself. When you fail to do this, you are only breaking your confidence and increase your stress levels.

There are no other important things to do than to trust yourself even when someone criticizes us constantly. You know who you are and your capabilities, you should bear that in mind as you grow up.


Procrastinating should no longer have a place in your life when you are growing older. If you are wondering how they are growing up so fast, that is because they are continuously doing their jobs as an adult, and they never make an excuse not to do something that they should.

A poll of young and middle-aged adults found that 20% described themselves as chronic procrastinators. With that high percentage, that explains why a particular person still has the signs of a toxic person. Never join that percentage, so grow up.

Reckless Spending

As an adult, you have more responsibilities now, and one of which is paying bills. Unlike before, you are responsible for having a monthly breakdown of your savings and expenses so you will not have a bad debt.

If you were so used to reckless spending before, you will realize the importance of money when you are already the one who is working hard to earn it.

Saying “Yes” to Everything

Just like how you refuse to say “no” to everything, saying “yes” also brings you the same problems.

When you say “yes” to everything, you are only refusing to give yourself what you deserve since you are too busy giving away everything to other people. This time, make yourself a priority.

Saying Sorry Too Much

Saying Sorry Too Much

Not everything you do is your fault, and there are a lot of words you should say instead of repeatedly saying sorry though you do not do anything that compromises other people.

According to sociologist Maja Jovavonic, when we needlessly say sorry, we end up making ourselves small as we diminish the thing we are trying to express. When you grow older, you should be the bigger version of yourself and stop making yourself look smaller and timider.


There are a lot of people living around you, so you should not only focus on yourself. You will recognize that selfishness is one of the signs of a toxic person since it is gauging how you view things.

Do not think that the world revolves around you since it will never stop for you once you feel like they are growing up so fast, and you cannot keep up anymore.

Do Not Take Things For Granted

One of the things you should finally leave is to take things for granted, especially now that you are getting older. What you have now — be it a person or something precious — may no longer be there in the future.

Once you notice that they are no longer there, you will realize that you did everything and convince that you never take things for granted when in fact, you did. You have more than enough now, but you should not be complacent that it will stay until the end of time.

Toxic Relationships

Getting rid of toxic relationships allow you to grow as soon as you notice the signs of a toxic person in this particular person. When you choose not to have toxic relationships anymore, it will make everything in your life easier since you are not burdened anymore.

You can do whatever you want, you can finally trust yourself again and believe that you can do things even without them. Supporting yourself must be your priority, and if they cannot give you a chance to do that, then maybe they should be the ones to get out of your life now.

Unintended Actions

Sometimes, they are growing up so fast that they do not know that they are doing actions that they do not intend to do in the first place. That is, definitely, one of the signs of a toxic person.

Maybe you have recklessly did something before that you thought was okay, but it definitely harmed other people. You might have been doing your best that you do not know what you are doing in the first place.

You should know that for every action, you will always face the unintended consequence and you should prepare yourself for that. If you do not want to, then you should act your age and do the things that will benefit everyone.

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